Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Big Three: Bad Girls, Elements, Arsheba

Search on "Escorts" and you will pull up a relatively simple list of names. At the top, presently, are three Bad Girls, Elements and Arsheba. Each club has taken a different road to success, and a different way of doing what it does. Each club works because it uses the defects of SL to create a particular place which makes it possible to persuade clients to part with their liden in return for the pleasures which sl affords.

Bad Girls

Bad Girls is the worst club imaginable, it is something close to hell. A very, very profitable hell. In fact, everything that makes Bad Girls an awful experience makes it a great machine for money. It is a festival of lag: they tell you to take your AOs off at the door, as well as scripted items. It's dancing is very little more than lewd gestures, and conversation is not much above "hey baby!" and "wooohoooo!" The music is irrelevant because of the constantly repeated sound "welcome to bad girls!"

"Welcome to Bad Girls"

This is probably by design, because no club on SL knows more about pushing male buttons and getting them to spend money. Bad Girls, like Phat Cats is a club apart from all of the others. Listen closely, because the management of Bad Girls understands that hell is strictly a cash and carry firm.

"Welcome to Bad Girls"

First the lag and noise. By stripping men down to nothing but their linden balance, they remove from the equation that bane of the working girl's existence, the guy so in love with his own cock that he is sure that you will instantly be so in love with it to that you will want it creaming your every orifice within seconds of seeing him. Only the most, excuse the expression, dickheaded, can believe that they can put across their special and unique qualities in a sea of audio, chat and visible goo.

More over the managers there, as you would expect from such a place, are suspicious, rude, dishonest and threatening. When I sent the link to this article as courtesy to the two managers on duty - one should tell people when they are being written about I got back an IM telling me not to spam and dishonestly accusing me of having sent out the link to others. This from Sinful Rossini the assistant manager. But then, Bad Girls doesn't need to be polite, they don't need to be nice.

And they aren't. (I am soooo gonna be banned from Bad Girls....) But that is OK, I'd never want to go there on my own time. But then, they have a staff that hasn't learned to ask "who are you?" "what is that link?" Or how to read a profile. Just an idea.

By reducing the dancers to empty barbies, they make the equation simple. More choices only lead to anxiety. Many, many, many men come to SL, they know, or find out, that there must be better sex out there than in orgy rooms. But they are embarassed, all of the rl moralizing about prostittuion hangs with them. They need permission to do what they want to do, and to pay for it. The repeated simple come ons, the obvious and overt slutitude of Bad Girls gives them that permission. It is a giant "Girls Gone Wild" commercial.

"Welcome to Bad Girls"

The aesethtic unpleasantness of the Bad Girls experience also means that another element is removed, namely the girl who is looking to get a guy and have sex... like for free. The lag and strip down means it is much harder as a girl to stand out. Reduced free comeptition funnels all the men down into the dancers in the end, and, as mentioned, they have only one instrument to get a dancer's attention and get her out of lagarama. Pay.

"Welcome to Bad Girls"

And the key to all of this? By creating a Mardi Gras in every month spelled with a vowel, Bad Girls draws people in who need the weight of what you can't say in rl out. It is almost always packed. It is almost always making money. It knows its clients very well, and if that is what you need, to just let go, but in a mainstream kind of safe way, then Bad Girls is it. Sophmoric is the word for it.

"Welcome to Bad Girls"

In short, in their deepest nocturnal emission fantasies, ambitious club owners dream of running "the next Bad Girls." And they have about as much chance of doing that as with getting Kate Winslet to give them a free blowjob, because Bad Girls is a world aparat. You almost never see Bad Girls tag wearers anywhere but Bad Girls. For the men who want to come in, get softened up of their need to spend some linden and have "a good time," there simply is no other place.

"Welcome to Bad Girls"

It also means that girls like working bad girls. Why not? It is the easiet job of any major club. Come in, hope on the pole, drip and scream a bit, negotiate a job, do the bare minimum of flirting. Get the date, do that date, come back to the pole if you want more money.

"Welcome to Bad Girls"

The essence is simple at Bad Girls, they take the stripped down to baser reflexes of an orgy room, and turn it into a product that men are willing to pay for. It's a machine for turning one handed typing into money, and is unique on sl. They take great pains to lead you by the nose: from the repeated warnings about lag, to the animated clouds that run from the tp in point to the club. In short, the genius of Bad Girls is that it churns people who are just barely out of the lowest level of sl knowledge, and turns them into a loud, proud and profitable crowd.

A crowd with a distinct, if dull, rhythm of "howlz!" "lookin' good!" "Heya!" "Show me your B( o )( o )BIES!!!!" and of course the ever present, "Welcome to Bad Girls"

Think on what that means to be number one at the thing that is the chinese restaurant of coming to SL.

Sensual Elements

On the surface, Elements and Bad Girls look alike, their traffic numbers are similar, both feature immensely ugly dance floors, the come ons are florid: Elements grinds out "the pimpenest pimps and the hoeyest hos." Crass, dum and ugly on the inside. The lead up is very different, and the experience is very different. If Bad Girls is the club that every ambitious club owner dreams he could run, Sensual Elements is the club that he or she actually might run. Where as the Bad Girl's experience is almost unduplicable, Sensual Elements is the "same old thing" that every other club is trying to get to: a packed floor, paying customers, and a festival atmosphere. Sensual Elements people go their first, and then move out through the club eco-system.

So why are they loyal? It really is simple: it is possible to be human in Sensual Elements. It is slowish, but not clogged. It is partyish, but not blitzed to over kill. They don't warn you about lag every few lines of their notecards, they don't have warnings about getting instantly booted. Elements may look gaudy on the inside, but it is carefully made with the same efficient eye as outside is.

It is possible to go into Sensual Elements, and show off the avatar that you have spent so much time creating, and look and act fine. If Bad Girls sells itself, Sensual Elements sells the possibility of living the phat fantasy of, at least for a night, being a playah among playahs. The bad backdrop helps, rather than hinders this. Go inside of Bad Girls, and everyone is reduced to grey goo. Go inside of Elements, and everyone stands out.

This is why the inside floor is as it is. The outside is very tasteful, very well done, and very smooth. It is a marvel of design and simplicity, out of Frank Lloyd Wright and classic early 20th century Modernism.

And again, a top club, even things which seem like defects, are, in fact, part of the goal and mission. Would be club builders who build beautiful clubs, but don't create an addictive experience, will wind up wasting their time and money. Sensual Elements is very different from Bad Girls, because Bad Girls is packed with boys who need permission to jump the fence into the willow world, where as Sensual Elements is packed with people who are, or imagine themselves here in sl, to be baaaaaaad, as the old time jazz culture use to call it. By giving people a taste, and it is a taste, of that sense and essence, Sensual elements draws its clientele more deeply into it's experience.

Arsheba is almost as laggy as Bad Girls on its bad nights, and was recently pushed off the list of top places by camping farms. But Arsheba is the reverse of Bad Girls. Where Bad Girls strips the equation down to its essentials, Arsheba is the reigning queen of dancing on SL. I have trouble standing in Bad Girls long enough to write about it, Sensual Elements is someplace where, after the fourth or fifth lame come on, I'm ready to go. Arsheba? I've left 1000L tips in a girl's jar at Arsheba because of the quality of performance.

Bad Girls is about the money, Elements about the club, Arsheba is about the girls, and the tight interaction between the dancer and the patron. This is why Arsheba attracts an artier crowd. I have been to Arsheba many times, I have never gotten a lame come on there, ever. I have had men approach me while there, but always with a certain sophistication and presentation. Arsheba takes ever step to underline this difference between their product and the two larger syblings - quality djs, quality shops, better decor, touches in every place and position. By being entertaining, Arsheba makes it safe to be attractive.

This extends to the security people, managers, djs and everyone else. They are unfailingly polite, even when enforcing the rules and dealing with patrons that are being difficult.

As a result, working Arsheba as a girl is harder, it requires being more "on," more alert, creative and vibrant. Arsheba is also the club that has the most new clubs gunning for it. This for the simple reason that both Bad Girls and Elements are products of their packed crowds, where as design and dancing are tow things that can be mimicked from the beginning. If Elements is "the same old thing" that people talk about, and try and do, Arsheba, by staking itself on skill invites competition, invites people going head to head with its formula.

But it isn't easy, not to train a good staff. Arsheba's dancing is not just emotes, but a certain style and pacing, a rhythm that meshes the green of object spam with the white hot of emotes that punctuate it. Arsheba is, in a sense, SL's largest boutique club, and as such, even on its bad nights, brings in people who would not stay in any other sex or escort club. It also means that Arsheba has to work harder, since what it has is staff and style, keeping on top of this is harder. Bad Girls runs itself, and Sensual Elements runs by the numbers. Arsheba sweats to make it look effortless. And there are more than a few club owners that know that.

All three of these clubs share a ruthlessness about playing the game. The landscape of sl is strewn with would be competitors, clubs that flare and die, or which despite great look and good people, don't ever get off the ground. I've worked in a few of them, and had friends work in others. On the same night that I wrote this, I visited half a dozen clubs from the next 17 slots on the the top 20. Cooter's land had people, but that was for solo, not girls. Many others were almost empty, even some well regarded names. The net work effect is very strong, the big three, were all packed. And that is what unifies them: people come there because other people come there, always. Each club has managed to deal with sl's limitations in different ways, and provide a place that attracts a specific clientele.


  1. this article is a verry nice view and i totaly agree on what u put down here

  2. I originally wrote a very coarse retort in response to the negative and untrue information this piece irresponsibly attempts to shove down the reader's throat. And deleted it all, sent some top the author in personal IM as I believe that informal web 2.0 or not, a certain level of journalistic integrity should be maintained by any blogger, especially if they are going to "critique" venues for their readers. Instead of all my observations of how far this piece stretches from reality, and arrogantly gives the finger to any idea of integrity to which a reviewer should hold true, I only wish to make one point... The author did not actually gather any facts what so ever in order to substantiate the incredibly offensive and possibly slanderous claims made in this piece. No questions were asked, no interviews given, no patrons surveyed... going so far as to actually name one of my managers for saying what anyone would say when hit with an unsolicited instant message containing nothing but url links in the body of the message and no introduction or explanation provided, as if he had done something wrong.... Nay this is not journalism, not even opinion, this is the most twisted, warped, slew of malarcky, concocted only to attempt to sully the reputations of three extremely high quality, professional , and unselfish entertainment organizations in Secondlife. It is a perfect example of exactly how badly journalistic integrity and an author/reader relationship can be abused and corrupted. Want to hear a few facts? listen to this : http://www.reznation.com/?p=89
    Let this be a lesson to everyone who reads blogs wishing to enhance their knowledge of various topics of interest, to always be aware of the ingredients of a good article, and therefore the lack therein of them when they are completely nonexistent.

    Sincerely disgusted and dismayed,
    Jesse Murdock - Owner: Bad Girls - Dance & Fetish Club

    guess even my second draft couldn't help but reflect on the extremely disturbing venom this "piece" represents... wow, some people have absolutely no shame whatsoever. :(

  3. i totally agree with this article on the clubs. visited bad girls and was treated very rudley, by a " manager" and after being propositioned by at least 6 men with comments like "how bout a fuck baby ?" i left , never to return. in short, bad girls is rude and arrogant, and i will never go there again, and i tell my friends that its not the place to be.

  4. I couldn't disagree more. I found Bad Girls pretty quickly upon discovering Bad Girls. While the lag can be bad, I have found it overall to be the best club. In contrast to the authors, I found the managers polite and fun. Not only have I never been propositioned to "give away my hard earned $L", i usually leave with more than I came with thanks to the free $L giveaways. The "Welcome to Badgirls" can be turned down by turning down sounds in prefrences. I also have met some of my best female (yes free, non escort) friends in Bad Girls. Maybe the author should have interviewed some of the frequent guests to Bad Girls to discuss why we like it. Next time, do some research before you try to kill someone's business. If you want to discuss this, you can look for me at Bad Girls.

  5. This Blog is nothing more then a poor thought out OP-Ed piece without merit. I would like to know how much time the author of this slanderous artical actually spent in Bad Girls, let alone the others mentioned. If the author would have any journalistic integrity, he/she would have interviewed the owners of the clubs listed. But no, the other chose to base this article on lies and opinion with little time spent in the club and no interaction with staff other then to break policy that would have them kick/banned in any other establishment in Second Life. I do wish that the author will rethink their opinion here and retract the filth that is in this article.

    --Tim Gagliano Assistant GM of Sexytalk Radio...Bad Girls Dance and Fetish Club.

  6. First of all I just want to say how uneducated, rediculous, and down right disgusting person can write such a thing? Sure every sim has lag, especially if they're popular.. If people didn't like bad girls.. why is it so big? I think the person(s) who wrote this have no life, not even a second one other then to put peoples hard work down. There is no facts to this statement whats so ever. Nor can the person spell or atleast use spell check before they post their "work" if that is what you'd call it. Honestly I call it a peice of garbage... just like the person who wrote it, you have the guys who hit on you in very immoral ways.. not just in clubs but everywhere! Try going to a sandbox! This story is COMPLETELY irrelevant and the person should fuck off.. And if you think for one second that all Jesse cares about is money your sooo wrong, Ive known him since wayyy before bad girls before anyone knew he existed.. almost 3 yrs now.

    I suggest everyone throw this article in the garbage along with the creator of it. It is sick, twisted, and sounds like a cry for attention. Get over yourself and dont be jealous because you dont own bad girls.. fuckers :)

  7. Hmmm, I think this "article" was probably written out of simple jealousy. I have been going to Badgirls since arriving in SL, and mostly, have a quite stimulating (intellectually) time there, further to this I have never lost money there and usually walk out with a tidy profit. I have never been approached by an escort and am welcomed by the managers that know me. As for not being able to see peoples clothes, WTF, you need a new computer or isp.
    Tor Swenson

  8. In my opinion, everyone is entitled to have his own opinion - and it is precisely because of that that dismissing opinions because they don't fit ours is arbitrary.

    Ronald - I think that you must take into account that she never actually implied that the views she portrayed in this post were part of the vox populi. In my opinion, she made it very clear that it was all based on her own experience. Dismissing things blog posts because they are not all done Reuters style is pointless in a world of user-generated content.

    Maybe the five times I have been in Bad Girls I had bad luck on me because all that she mentions in this post happened on my side, too - impossible lag, pointless sound spam and entire depersonalisation of the people behind the avatars. Yes - even if not directed towards me (as I did not even attempt to establish a conversation with the workers), pseudoelitist comments aimed at a not-so-small number of people. Is that bad? That's for each person to choose. Some like that (perhaps you do, it's your club) and some don't (as the author of the blogpost).

    Maybe, yes, my facts are wrong. The opposite things happen all the time, except for those minutes I spent in there. The possibility exists. Still, it is my image of your place as a customer - I did not go in there to hold an extensive research.

    I am not here to criticise your club (after all, I am abstaining from giving my SL name). All I want to say is that attacking a view by trying to diminish it to a baseless text is not moral, and definitely, in my opinion, something that any business owner should refrain from doing.

    In my opinion, having a business in such conditions is degrading. That is just my opinion, though. For what it's worth, I prefer spending lindens in clubs that have higher quality in other aspects. That's just me. As an entrepreneur (First or Second), you have to ponder the type of audience you're aiming at. If you don't want comments of this sort, then work to make things fit more tastes. If you simply could not care any less, then I cannot see why these comments would affect you.

    Best wishes.

  9. I am some friends are regulars at Bad Girls and have never found any of the claims made by the author to be true. All staff there could not be friendlier and the generousity of the owner is not equalled in Second Life. The reason for the "lag" and huge amount of chat and audible gestures is simply the number of people that are there 24/7, which of course is answer enough to the author, people go to Bad Girls because they like it.

  10. ^^^^^^^^^^^
    Shag Lane (oops)

  11. The difference between blog and journalism is that a blog is more like a diary opened to the world.. it IS opinion. People never like to be discussed in a negative way but if I was an owner of one of these clubs I think I would be glad to have read this article and would investigate some of the claims made to make sure my customers didnt walk away feeling the same as the writer of this blog. There are facts stated here...many..facts that this writer must have experienced first hand. So, why get mad about a blog? Why not find out why this person has this opinion and as Managers, do something to make sure others dont walk away feeling the same. Lets all just hope that LL comes to their senses and finds a way to reward the real popular places and allow other clubs to thrive. The Big Three are struggling day to day to stay on this current "buy your popularity" list because if they arent on the list... they will be empty of live participants. And .. this is just my opinion :) which I am free to give here like the writer... whereas the writer has intelligence some of those replying have none..lol...fuck off? maybe the writer has inspired some emotion.. bravo to the writer for expressing themself. Lets just hope that the owners willing to take the time to read and comment on this will also take as much time to look into the claims made rather than dismiss them. Because the customer is the key not ones own EGO.

  12. A blog is written word, and you should have some honor and integrity regarding what you write . period.

    GirL from SL - in response to your criticism that you hold to not be making, Bad Girls is not a business in the business of making money. I pay money... lots of it to provide the service to the residents of SL. You would perhaps know this if you had bothered asking... or observing , or socializing , in the wonderful community that Bad Girls provides. Ego? nay.... pain. These words hurt me. down to my soul. I give of myself, everday to provide the entertainment available at Bad Girls. I DO NOT DO IT FOR MOINEY. NOR DO I PROFIT FROM THE ESTABLISHMENT. It takes LOTS of my money to upkeep in fact. Food from my table! I give it gladly and happily, because of the joy it gives so many. To publicize , even in a blog, such VICIOUS and UNTRUE misrepresentations of the facts is a mockery of the whole point to publication. This blog is linked to many SL blogs, and will be viewed by many residentts, it is not a harmless outlet for personal opinion. If it were even that. LIES are not opinion. Purposeful misrepresentation of the facts in order to sway people from ever even trying the entertainment at Bad Girls is in fact WRONG and DISHONEST. No matter how you voice your ideas of freedom of speech, OUTRIGHT LIES ARE EVIL.

  13. Just as a point, anywhere popular is going to have lag. Just as a lot of places, especially in those that have anything remotely to do with sex, will have people going around propositioning you. I am a regular to bad girls and have found it to be a very nice place, with nice people, until someone starts being a pain.

    This is not limited to bad girl, nor to any other of the many many clubs running in SL.

    Anywhere popular is going to have lag issues. Anywhere that has anything to with sex is going to have it's fair share of undesirables, it's part of SL.

    I also work for an RP sim within SL, where we deal with far more, idiots, asshats and other general griefers that have nothing else on their mind except ruining other people's enjoyment of SL.

    As for it being somewhere that just wants to take money?, they have vendor spots, just like any mall in SL, just like anyone else renting out space, so, I fail to see how they are just there to take your money. If you don't want to spend any money, no-one is forcing you to.

    There are far to many places in SL, that do exactly the same thing as Bad Girl's and the other clubs you mention, yet you seem to have missed this point.

    Perhaps instead of deliberately trying to get a bad reaction out of people, and writing about places you clearly don't like before you have even gone to visit them, you should learn to be unbiased.

    Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one and they usually stink. So, as I think that my opinion will be passed over, just as anyone else's will be, who attempts to disagree with you, maybe you should unclick the mature button, and stick to reviewing places, that won't go against what you think SL should be.

    Also I wonder, in reference to those who have had bad experiances in Bad Girl's and other clubs, what you were doing in the first place, for a manager not to be nice to you. Also if you go to a nightclub, even in RL, do you expect there not to be at least one idiot in there?

    The fact that SL is virtual, makes a lot of people forget that there is real people behind the avatars. It's true, it's doubtful that someone in real life would walk up and say "Hi baby, fancy a f**k", however in SL, the reaction can hardly make a differance to them.

    So, instead of simply going in there and picking out every single little thing you don't like, maybe you should think about the thing's that make the place popular too, and at least make it fair.

    As in a) The events and music are top rate, as are the DJ's. I admit not every event and DJ style is to my taste. B) The people themselves are fun, there to have a good time, to flirt, and enjoy themselves. C) The staff I have seen, spoke to, have always been polite and helpful, and deal with any trouble, in the friendliest way possible.

    So, yes it lags as does any popular place in SL, that is not their fault. They have a mall, where people put the stuff they want to see, thats them making money, there is no requirement to spend any money. So, they have a full time radio broadcast, and their own welcome to say hi to visitors. I fail to see how this makes it a bad club?

    Nothing you have said, give a valid reason as to why it's a bad club, just that you went there for a few minute's, obviously didn't like it, and come back writing a blog, slamming clubs into the ground, because they didn't do things "your" way?

    I for one will be glad that you won't be at any of those clubs, since I would hate to be in the company of someone with such a small mind, and obvious inability to actually provide information to anyone reading this blog.

    I agree that a blog is a personal opinion, and you are entitled to it. As I am entitled to mine. So with that in mind, I hope one day that you will start a business in SL, so that I may come and spend a few minutes in it, and see what kind of reaction I get from you.

    I do hope however, that those who like these clubs continue to go. Those that don't like them, no-one is forcing you to be there, so have fun in SL. For those of you reading this, that have never been, I hope that you have the presence of mind, to visit the clubs yourself, and form you own opinion, before taking this blog as truth, for in this case, it most certainly isn't.

  14. Have you ever wondered why Bad Girls is so crowded? Well, clearly it is not for you, but some people LOVE it! I am neither a manager nor employed by them. I am a simply a regular visitor (daily) - female - not an escort, not a dancer.

    And I have to say, although respects everybody opinion, I got upset by reading this article, where opinions are presented as facts.

    The lag? That's what happens with all crowded landmarks. That's a problem with SL anyway.

    Management? I find everybody extremely polite and nice. I have been always thanked and replied to all my requests. If you find them rude, have you asked "politely"? They are *human* after all.

    Money? Maybe I am cheap, but I never tipped anybody, and I always got money from the exploder (randomly). Nobody has been less nice to me because of it :)

    People? That's the same people you can find on SL (good and bad). If you are prude, avoid adult sites though. Bad Girls is a dancing club with a sexual atmosphere. If you are annoyed by it, just don't go. I made many friends (also regular visitors) and they are all great people.

    I enjoy Bad Girls, because of the great music (live DJs), the great looking avatars, the sexual athmosphere :) and the crowdness (some people love it!)

    -- Kora Zenovka, regular avatar at Bad Girls

  15. I am all for opinions when they are derived from facts, but this article is so blatantly FALSE I feel the need to respond in defense for Jesse Murdock and our staff.

    First and foremost, I'm offended that you call our managers "suspicious, rude, dishonest and threatening" and portray our dancers to be strippers or escorts. Any journalist (aside from you that is) that has covered Bad Girls has always been professional enough to introduce themselves to US and even had the courtesy of taking time out to interview staff and patrons. Our dancers DANCE, they do NOT strip or offer sex for money. In fact, they are not allowed to. Funny how you keep referring to dance poles because our dancers don't even use them (I can even use your picture for reference, no one is even on them.) The staff at Bad Girls are the BEST, bar none. They're not working there because of the money (go ahead and ask any one of them), it's because of their love for the club. Imagine that.

    Secondly, I'd really love to know where this "profit" is that you speak of. Anyone who owns a club in SL knows that it is an expense... an expense that is gladly spent to be able to provide quality entertainment. We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Do the math. After paying tier fees and wages for 'round the clock staff, the money is coming out of whose pocket?

    And Finally...

    "Welcome to Bad Girls"

    Ridiculous that you would scatter the greeting, what you perceive to be a negative point, in your article. If you were so turned off by it, you could go to Preferences and turn your system sounds down. (A little tip for you since I notice you haven't even been in game 2 months yet *smiles*) Being annoyed by being greeted by name as you walk in the door - now that's a first.

    "They take great pains to lead you by the nose: from the repeated warnings about lag, to the animated clouds that run from the tp in point to the club."

    Maybe the only thing you're right about. We do try to draw them away from the landing point to the club. What you fail to mention is the path starts with applications for employment for those that need a job, a little further down are freebies for new residents, and finally to the club where they have the opportunity to actually talk to people, NOT walk into a room full of zombies in camping chairs.

    You know, Lillie, I really wish you had taken the time to make a fair assessment of Bad Girls. A lot of blood, sweat, and tears goes into keeping it open. The only profit we turn there is the wealth of GREAT patrons and employees we've had the chance to get to know. If you had stayed long enough to read between the lines of howls and growls, you would have seen that Bad Girls isn't about sex and money, it's about having the wonderful opportunity to meet some awesome people and making them feel welcome.

    Leila Carroll
    Bad Girls Senior General Manager

  16. Even the author's attempt at Gonzo English screams 'I'm not really good at this but please pay attention to me?'. After 15 years in entertainment, I can say but this: any publicity is good publicity. Thanks for the writeup flower, it will draw scores of people to see what the fuss is all about. I promise to tip you a few quid in game. And yes I agree with most people that read this article, boy does this bird need to get laid badly. Didn't work out for her that night in BG's apparently, but stick with it flower, it'll work out for the best some day.

  17. It reads to me like you have some kind of vendetta against Bad Girls. By looking at the picture you chose to post, you took that snapshot as soon as you walked in the door, without allowing time for everything to rez properly.

    Yes, the lag can be horrendous at times, just as it can be in countless other sims. But no other club in SL has made me feel as welcome as Bad Girls. When I began my SL life, Bad Girls was the first place I went to, looking like the noob I was. It was Jesse and Leila who took the time to help me. They gave me a shape, a skin, clothes, hair, and all the help and advice I needed.

    Leila has already said pretty much everything that I was thinking, although she did it much more eloquently and with no swearing, which is more than could be said for me if I was to write more.

    But to add one comment to Leila's post, "The staff at Bad Girls are the BEST, bar none. They're not working there because of the money (go ahead and ask any one of them), it's because of their love for the club. Imagine that."
    I can quite honestly say that I'm not there for the money. In fact, it's been a while since I've put my times in to Leila. I go down and do what I do because I love the place, I love the staff, and I believe in their vision. It's not a job, it's not just a club, it's a family.

  18. unfortunatly everyone is entitled to thier own opinion weither we like it or not. Excuse my spelling. I have never been to GOL ,I have been to bad girls, and in all honestly I am a designer here in SL and the Welcome to badgirls ever 5 sec is ridiculous and annoying.Which I have had the opportunity to rent a spot there for my products but cannot stand there long enough to set up without being annoyed, so I think in all reality that is a downfall to that club, other than it takes forever to rez and noobs run you over like any other place. Arsheba I have been there as well, takes just as long to rez. But I will agree I didnt get the "Wanna Fuck" ims which is refreshing, the girls paid attention enough to the guys to keep them off of new visitors. All 3 places are basically if you dont like them then dont go thats how I feel, i have nothing against any of them they work hard to stay on the popular list, So basically my only advice is if you dont want lag, dont want spam, then you might as well stay in your home on sl and never go out lol because you get it regardless of where you go

  19. LMFAO

    "I am normally very respective of other's opinions, but in this case, I believe the line has been crossed. Have a look & comment:
    Sometimes what is right must overcome what is wrong... care to give me a hand with that?"

    the good thing's he respects opinions. the bad thing is they never told him that he has to respect the ones he doesn't agree with too

    lmao so fuckin funny

  20. A few things I would like to point out:

    *The dancers at Bad Girls are "event facilitators" they are NOT STRIPPERS and NOT ESCORTS. They work very hard and it is a shame that you feel the need to insult them in the manner that you have.

    *Bad Girls does not use camping chairs, dance pads etc and Never has... therefore, the club is full -- with LIVE.TALKING,DANCING bodies. Yes, it does have lag. However, to complain and compare the Club with others that offer camping (in locations away from the club) to boost traffic is unfair.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion of course ... I would hope that you would be honest enough to admit when you have made an error in judgment. You seem to have based your comments regarding Bad Girls off of false views of the type of entertainment we provide and the limits of SL itself.

    Alex Lollipop
    Bad Girls General Manager

  21. Just to let everyone know that BAD Girlsis the best place to be for adult fun in secondlife.And if u did not have fun that ur falt i wish some one ask me about Bad Girls i would say it a lot of work. people that work at Bad Girls take there time out of there rl to play Sl and u wanna kick them we because did not have fun to your falt. u have no second life or a Rl if u knew how hard it is to have a radio station in sl or have enought brains to even run a station and be a dj and play request for people to have fun maybe you would have fun in Sl to take this as u may.I say this to the auther of this Blog KIS MY ASS
    becaused someone must have pissed in your corn flaked.
    Envy Millions Owner of SEXY TALK RADIO

  22. Don't worry Jesse your integrity is safe with those of us that actually know Bad Girls for what it is, a fun place to go, and yes we all appreciate the amouint of time and money you must spend on making it what it is.

    Shag Lane (just a BG VIP)

  23. Never been at Elements or Arsheba. but Bad Girls I have enjoyed much and I found the owners and most folks there fun and polite. And NO I haven´t had to spend all my $L there I always had more when I left due to all free give aways.

  24. Yes bad girls is laggy, why ?! because there are almost 80 or over avatars at any given time.

    Who said i cant use the gestures i have ?!?! if i have it i will use it just like YOU (owner of the blog) use yours.

    You can ALWAYS turn DOWN the sound effacts to hear the music.

    How exactly is Bad Girls Profiting ? its has vendors like every OTHER CLUB ! , and if you ever stayed over 2 second when you had a pissy day you would notice the amounts of money that the owner Jesse spends 24/7 ! and that there are people who are actually talking to each other.

    To the best of my knowledge Bad Girls NEVER had dance pads camping chairs or what ever of that kind to have people just to say WE HAVE PEOPLE AT OUR PLACE ! people come to dance ! to hear music ! to socialize ! to have F-U-N !

    I would like to know exactly how Bad Girls pushes the people coming in to spend their money ?!

    As a guy i take PERSONAL insult of the very suggestion i am in love with my cock, yes i am a guy yes i have a cock and NO i am not LOOKING for SEX not from YOU or ANYONE ELSE !

    I joined SL for the sheer experience it offers, to meet new people that i would have never in my real life meet, people that i met in Bad Girls and other place
    people that are my FRIENDS ! and some of them are even CLOSE one and i am proud to have adopted some as my SL FAMILY !

    How exactly are the managers suspicious, rude, dishonest and threatening ? the first thing in social behavior is be nice to other people how can they all of those and people keep coming back ?! the very SAME people that the managers were supposedly suspicious, rude, dishonest and threatening towards...

    If you were IMed by that particular assistant manager and he asked you not to do that than you have obviously DONE that or else for what reason would he IM you asking you not to do it ?

    One of the foundation rules in Bad Girls is BE NICE !

    Why should we read your profile ?

    Yes they should ask what is that URL,a URL that contains slendor bad mouthing lies.

    I have never seen a DANCER be it a female or male that were forced to do something. the dancers are thereto assist in the event not to just stand there look pretty and say look at my boobs or at my cock or how pretty i look. the dancers are treated appropriately as they should be as humans with real emotions and feelings.

    Not Only MEN come up with those stupid come on lines WOMEN like YOU do that too SURPRISE SURPRISE

    NO ONE is ENCOURAGED IN NO WAYto make stupid come on or to harass females or males in the club.

    The Dancers ARE IN NO WAY AN ESCORT. and that is surely not their job.

    In what way exactly are the club making money ! i want proves to that claim,
    knowing what the clients wants ?
    i didnt know that there are any surveies being taken and the people that come there forced to do those surveies


    Come in, hope on the pole, drip and scream a bit, negotiate a job, do the bare minimum of flirting. Get the date, do that date, come back to the pole if you want more money... THAT IS YOUR JOB you are the E S C O R T (i wonder if you are any good at it with the kind of attitude you have)

    You want an ORGY ROOM... open it ! bad girls does not in any way is or offers a service as an orgy room (unlike you)

    I wonder when and how many times there are warnings in bad girls about you being booted for something ...

    What QUALITY are you talking about i have been at Arsheba and can honestly say you must have been really high or on pain killers when you went there

    A female recently approached me about how to apply to Bad Girls...
    you know where she worked ? i guess you cant really guess since you need to be led by your nose ...
    she couldnt role play as another being (not looking like a human female) how exactly is that " about the girls " ?

    you have never gotten a lame come on at Arsheba ? ... please remember you are talking with people that can actually understand what you say and dont have pea sized brains.

    quality djs you say ... that is all a matter of taste i dont like all the songs that the djs plays i am not into electronic music yet i think that the djs that mix and play them LIVE do an awesome job ... i guess you have no clue about djing and only music you can listen too is the squealing of pigs or racing cars or some kind of that noise ...

    the staff at Bad Girls is and always was and always always always always always always
    be polite A L W A Y S ... why you ask ? because they are just like that... it is your problem that you get offended like a spoilled little child that is still self revolved and egotestic.

    Have you ever thought or gave what you wrote the slightest thought ?!

    you are slendoring with no merit or proves with no basis to you claims more over you are being RUDE
    you are trying to DESTROY the hard works of people that have taken alot of their RL time make those clubs

    you should be ashamed of your self,
    this blog is no better than a duplicat of a very very bad and offensive F grade gossip columnist at some tabloid.

    Dawide Talon
    Bad Girls Assistant General Manager

  25. Being an EX employee of Arsheba, man you are so wrong. That place is so much more about the money than Bad Girls. Yes people are polite, but that is because we were trained, threatened and yelled at to be nice, and to flirt without being crude, and OH what is that...yes that would be the hall way you have to walk through FULL of escorts pictures to get into Arsheba.

    As far as Bad Girls, yah I loathe the "Welcome To Bad Girls" but as far as your review of it you are completely off. Lets take a look...money making...hmmm does Arsheba or Elements constantly give out money because the owners enjoy doing that? HELL NO, Arsheba, she is all about the money, Elements I can't speak for because I don't know the person. Imagine that someone that actually isn't talking out there ass like you are with your blog.
    Back to Bad Girls, yup I have gotten the "hey babe want to fuck" but if you take a look you will see that is 1 day old noobs that have no idea of what manners are...inside the club is a different story. There are regulars people that enjoy the atmosphere. I go there because I enjoy the people, and I sure the hell am not there escorting or dancing...but as a guest just enjoying the people.

    Seems to me you have a bone to pick or a chip on your shoulder that you should deal with in your own way without slandering others. You article...is complete BULL SHIT.

  26. Interesting how many faculty of Bad Girls have shown up to respond to this.

    If it really is false.. then why the responses? Why do you even care to repsond to such a thing if there is no truth in it?

    I will agree with the original "Opinion" in this article. Remember that Opinions are very biased by first impressions. If this was the first impression someone got about a club I worked for.. I would be trying to help them see the better side instead of attacking them.

    But hey.. thank you all for taking your time to validate the concerns of this article. Its great to see how real opinions can be.

  27. Zoe from Naughty Designs,
    Hookers and Escorts,

    The big three.

    Although these type of girls spend countless hours on a street corner with major acts of interest.. they carry HIV, herpes and other types of diseases.

    If you take a hooker and combine a clean hooker you have an escort. They have the same goal and thats to make money hoooo! some of them are more attractive than a hooker but still they have the same goal, no cheese.

    out of the big three we have a Zoe,
    This type is crosses between a hooker and an escort, bad intention an ugly face, but the eyes make you feel more deeply.
    The top escort in SL they call her, she possesses all the quality's of a hooker and also that of some escort. with the goal also of making money. BTW this one will occasionally pass up sex if asked "You wanna fuck baby" to many times.

  28. err ... I am a DJ at one of the clubs mentioned and have to agree that the vast majority of this article is indeed the subjective opinion of the author. At the same time he/she is entitled to that opinion regardless of the factual reality. One thing she fails to mention (bar a small mention about Bad Girls and their annoying "Welcome to Bad Girls" sound) is the music.

    Many people come to listen to the music. Some DJ's play the same stuff every week to their "audience", some like to talk and have fun like a radio DJ, some like to mix dance music and others like to explore and vary what they play sometimes according to the requests of the audience. But all DJ's, whatever their style work very hard at what they do to provide an entertaining form of streaming media to the patrons of each club. This is not easy, considering that virtually everyone can open iTunes or WinAmp on their PC and listen to what the hell they like. My point is this ... people go to these clubs for many different reasons be it the music, the staff, the events or the girls be they dancers, strippers or escorts. The one unifying thing they all seek is to have fun and the staff of all these clubs work hard to be able to provide this pleasure to the clubs patrons. Why? Because that in itself can be hugely rewarding and great fun. But like every job there are downsides be that Lag, Crashes, Ssecurity hassles like griefers or simply rude peeople who choose to judge others on appearance, whatever. The same applies to the patrons themselves as the author of this article pretends to be ... yet! How can that be true since all of us who spend our SL lives at one or more of these clubs knows that it takes time and effort to get the best out of each individual club? Like RL it takes time to get to know people and what their boundaries are be they collegues or customers. It takes time to know what they like and dislike. It takes time to learn how to make the best of a public place. The author simply hasn't taken that time ... a mistake on his/her part.

    Other comments about this article I have read with great interest and I can only conclude that the one good thing to have come from this is that we have an active debate on the merits and failings of these clubs and the people within the organisations and how they interact on SL. It is easy to be offended by this article on first read, especially if you are involved in any of the clubs in any capacity and that point of view can easily be justified. However, this 'blog' could also be exactly the stimulus to spark a serious, profound and honest look at our respective clubs and how we go about competing and providing for our clients in the future.#

    Long live the discussion xD

  29. I have never read a story so badly written and reserached in my life...This writer cleanly has no clue how these club are run and how they work.

    I have worked for Bad Girls for a while now and before that had some of the worset pole dancing job's SL has to offer, these above mentioned job sound alot like the job description giving in this article when talking about Bad Girls.

    Let me give your readers some FACTS

    Bad Girls Dancers (or any other staff for that matter) DO not dance on poles and remove their clothes for Linden, nor do we hit on men and take them somewhere for SL sex, yes we have an escort wall which people can ask for an escorts time but so does every club in SL (and shops/stores to for that matter.

    Bad Girls staff are NOT dressed up barbies either again get your facts right for example my avvy is not even blond nor is alot of your staff, we are all really people with really lives and families.

    In all honesty the writter of this (well article) clearly misses the whole point of SL, so just to remind you. Second Life is a game where people come to have fun and forget really life trouble (the reason people play games) and I sincerly apologise that in Bad Girl we do not talk about the stock exchange and the state of the world, people come to Bad Girl because its a fun place to be.

    Bad Girls is not un-welcomming and the writter only thinks so because they walked in the club and did one of the three this we ask to keep the club running smoothly

    1) Please do not spam people with LM or URL's
    2) Please do not use particals
    3) No Weapons

    Thats it three rules, how many people reading this can honestly say they want IM after IM with spam and landarks dropping on their screens while having a dance and abit of fun.

    Before attempting to write a story about places in SL please in future do your reserch and vist the SL homepage to find out exactly what the game is about

    "Welcome to bad girls Zoe"

    Beth Nemeth

  30. Theremes LangdonJune 10, 2007 at 3:00 PM

    Seeker of the Truth:

    Maybe so many people from Bad Girls are showing up and replying because they don't like the fact that this post is completely false and it needs to be known. I don't work at Bad Girls and I found it rude that someone would pass judgement like that without getting the facts. I don't ever recall seeing a Bad Girls employee stripping for money. But this blog tries to say that that is all it is about...hell employees of Bad Girls correct me if I am wrong but are there even lap dance rooms?

  31. Meh. I was in Bad Girls once and enough time to realise that most people were there too either get money from the machines or to win some sort of award they give, so I totally second this post.

    Good luck with your business (as I see that most of the posts in here were written by people who visit the club, which makes sense now that I see someone posted something that Jesse Murdock said earlier? I don't know), and I think that you should be glad it's successful but at the same time admit that all she said is true.

    As if half of the lag weren't caused by your obnoxious 'Welcome to Bad Girls' (as if that were attention), your idiotic 'howlzzzzz' and spam.

    And saying it's envy is plain childish. I assume you left middle high far behind. I'm not even an entrepreneur IRL, so you're not gonna get me there. Grow up.

  32. This article bothered me so severely that I had to post a comment. I agree with the opinion of many that have commented in that you have gotten most of your facts wrong about Bad Girls. It makes me wonder really how much time you actually spent in the club. I disagree with you so much about the club catering to men only, trying to strip them of their Lindens. The club typically has the same number of women patrons as men. Jesse actually loses money on this club! The club runs 24/7 and has probably around 80 employees, all earning Linden wages. And any money the dancers earn in tips is theirs to keep. So as for Bad Girls being a big money maker, you are very very wrong.

    I can only speak from my personal experience here at Bad Girls. Immediately I found Bad Girls to be a welcoming atmosphere with a lot of highly intelligent adults looking to have some fun together chatting and dancing. The staff was always very helpful, always answering questions. It was very clear to me that the staff at Bad Girls was like a family. And I wanted to join that family. I got a job as a dancer at Bad Girls and have since become a manager there. So when you say that the managers are "suspicious, rude, dishonest and threatening" I really take offense to this. I have the found all of the employees to be very kind and fun and enjoyable to be around. I've never experienced rudeness or dishonesty of any kind.

    Honestly, your tone regarding Bad Girls and the other establishments mentioned sounds like some kind of personal attack or vendetta against these clubs. I almost feel as though you have written this article with an idea in mind and simply slapped the names of a couple clubs on it to get your preconceived notions across. Perhaps you simply have something against the adult entertainment industry in general. That's perfectly fine. Not everyone in RL or SL would want to visit an adult club. But if you decide to come to a club called Bad Girls Dance & Fetish club, I think the name alone gives an indication of the type of place this is going to be. But maybe this article was simply written in jealously. Maybe you've tried to start a club of your own with little success. I will never know your reasons for writing such a blatantly untrue and malicious article. What I can do is defend the integrity of the owner Jesse Murdock and all the staff at Bad Girls, and simply say that this is one of my favorite places in all of SL.

    Tigerlily Hyun
    manager at Bad Girls Dance & Fetish Club

  33. Theremes LangdonJune 10, 2007 at 5:22 PM

    Actually Tigerlily...what I noticed is the author is manager for another club...isn't that convienent that she didn't have anything bad to say about them. I guess the best way to just deal with someone like this is to consider the source and ignore it. Although I wonder if someone is bitter cause they couldn't get a job at said clubs?!

  34. I am a dancer and escort that works at Sensual Elements. When I looked for a job I went to Bad Girls and Arsheba. I like the Arsheba club but I agree with the writer of this article that the attitude and tacky display of Bad Girls is juvenile. I hated the constant welcome message, the constant howls and the moronic customers. I never spoke with any of the managers or employees of the club so I can't comment on whether they are rude or not, but as someone that was thinking of looking for work there what I saw turned me off totally. I haven't gone back and I don't want to. I very much enjoy working at Elements and I find that the owners and managers are decent people. So too are the customers. The atmosphere is also pleasant and no putdowns are allowed either to customers to to the staff.

    I also think it's very interesting that there are many Bad Girls senior staff members and the owner rushing on here to defend their club. I think that you are doing damage control. If you didn't like what you read then maybe you should think about changing your club rather than attacking the messenger.

  35. Theremes Langdon:

    This post is completely false and it should be known as such? If I am not mistaken.. it is nothing more than an observational piece based on opinion. I don't recall Zoe ever stating that this was indeed fact.

    Furthermore, you found it rude that someone would pass judgment based upon a first impression? Where do you live? Mars? As far as I can remember.. each human being exhibits constant fundamental attribution errors. This is very commonplace. From a "business" standpoint.. shouldn't the staff be trying to fix the bad first impression instead of blatantly attacking the one who had the experience?

    From what I have read here.. I see more and more how the staff of Bad Girls is very caught up in a "gang" mentality. The more of them that post.. the better they get their point across.

    If I were a manager at Bad Girls.. I would have told all the staff not to respond to this article.. it only makes them look worse.

    But what do I know.. apart from the blatant obvious facts that remain. What facts could there possibly be? That Bad Girls really is afraid of this article that is supposedly "SO" wrong.


    ---- Seeker of Truth

  36. It's very apparent that upon reading this blog Bad Girl's owner put out the call to circle the wagons and send all the employees to bash someone's opinion because it is not in their best interests.

    I have been to Bad Girls many times, Including when it was in Smokey and nothing has changed.

    Plain and simple, if you want to have a conversation you can not do it in vicinity in Bad Girls. The spam from all the childish nonsense spam (I guess they would call it people having fun) makes it impossible.

    The facts are that some people will like Bad Girls, some people will not. The owner has decided to have his staff come here and bash the blog because it doesn't show Bad Girls as they would like (of course as the best place in SL *rolls eyes*)and that's subject to interpretation of the individual who goes there.

    Someone Anonymous said...

    "unfortunatly everyone is entitled to thier own opinion weither we like it or not."

    Well, I'm thankful that everyone is entitled to their opinion and wouldn't want to live in a world where it were otherwise. People like this Anonymous person obviously thinks opinions are only relevant when they agree with them.

    Good Blog. I found it pretty accurate to the way I view the clubs spoken about.

  37. Theremes LangdonJune 11, 2007 at 9:26 AM

    Seeker of Truth,

    Just to set things straight I don't work for any of the clubs mentioned in this article, I could give a shit less, but I don't like seeing someone ranting about a club that she obviously has an issue with. The first time I went to Bad Girls I was a bit overwhelmed, but I never got the impression the place was all about selling sex...haha yeah the place is full of people flirting, dancing naked but yeah...how many other damn clubs are like that. Hell I remember the first time I went to a club when I started SL...I tped right into an orgy.

    It amazes me that she has such a beef with a club that doesn't even hire strippers but she is fine with a club that is all about selling sex.

  38. ( I was not going to lower my values to reply to such a piece of trash/blash/write But someone need to set the record straight)Ok I read this piece of shit blog now i have to say. The writer in ALL DO REPECT does not know the first thing about dance club escorts.

    1.)Bad Girls dance club is not only about escorts. Have you noticed the newbie freebies jesse murdock offers? Have you seen the newbies in that place?

    2.)To the writer of this blog, do you now the difference between Island Lag and Your Computer system Lag? Frankly YOU DON`T! Open up you CTRL-SHFT-1 and view your Basic and Sim statas bar. I spend over 50% of my play time monitoring the levels of scripts and other influxes of sim values to get a good reading on how bad or good levels become. Before you even do another a rating of location in terms of LAG in a club Go back to Help Island and learn, of better yet get a mentor to assist you.( i sure hope to god your not a mentor and sitting this blog ).

    3.) As for the little alt that is saying Jesse is telling all his little friends at BadGirls to post and go agaisted this blog topic. I say to you which of that bottom escort dance clus are you from? I bet i know which one. Now WHo ever you are Go away.

    I been part of Jesse`s Bad Girls since 2005 Sept. There is no other owner like him. Do you know how much money this guy throw in that club? ANd if you say "LOOK AT HIS MALL" Well LOOK AT IT! Its stocked with some of the best designers around! WHY because Jesse has a good rep for treating with repect the creators selling their objects and goods in that mall. I can`t say that for one to dance club ? money chair club. AND TALK ABOUT LAG! They can`t get more then 60 agents with out lagging up the place. WHen they push the agent levels higher say 70 to 80 OMG Badgirls can hold that that many and more but that other club i refering to lags to HELL( as it always did ).
    To end this mess you call a blog escort report
    please do a more complete report before do another one.


  39. The more capital letters you throw in your comments, the more you look like you need to get back on your meds.

    I will also note that if Jesse and the management cared so much for you, they would have told you about this post when it went up. They didn't but waited weeks.

    So please don't insult everyone's intelligence by talking about how wonderful you all are, it really is bore at this point.

  40. I only discovered this blog- it being mentioned on someone's SL profile.

    my experience at Bad girls was bad beyond whatever bad girls there may have been. Jesse is one of those weak-kneed egotists who always fails to refute criticism with delivery of excellence.

    I entered a "Bikers" costume contest. Being an iron lover in both SL & RL, Well, as is more than often the case, the contest winner was decided on rendering the costumes totally irrelevant.

    My immediate protest was met with a "put up. shut up or get out" response.
    In fact I challenged the bad girls management to put me side by side with their winner and assess the costumes even on a level of basic relevance to the theme.

    I have had this experience at just about every club where i entered contests, but only at BG did I feel compelled to take my protest to the extreme.

    I concede that my response got a bit overly emotional, but i stand by my argument that the situation should have been handled with a lot more integrity by the BG staff...

    In my chat log they actually admit that they would do nothing to ensure a themed contest be judged on merit.

    see for yourselves at my blog:
    my blog