Saturday, October 6, 2007

No Limits Brothel

Where you stand depends on where you lie, and whether your face is in the pillow or not.

While there are many ordinary clubs that come and go, the most interesting new addition to the galaxy of clubs is a new boutique club: No Limits Brothel. Now I will say up front that NLB, while I don't work there, has already been good to me. Three times I have had clients come to me from NLB, after looking at their offerings, and deciding that I was a better choice. The reasons for this I will get to later.

The business model of NLB is to tell patrons that their whores, and that is their consistent term, have a bond posted, and will lose that bond, and in addition, the girl is not paid until after the service is rendered, creating a kind of escrow. I worked one similar place early on, and the friends of the owner kept coming in for freebies, stiffing the girl on the rating, and then getting a refund from their friend the owner. It was dismal.

But where you stand depends on where you lie. In that the target markets for NLB are girls who are otherwise at the very very very bottom of the escorting ladder in second life: the girls who work red light districts. They have to contend with scam girls, who take the money and tp out, and with clients who offer 80L for :30 of the most degrading sex. If every serious abuse slut in sl started working a system like NLB it would be better for them.

The rates for sl sex at NLB are a trifle above ordinary, but hardly enough to justify carrying 5000L bond for their top whore level. Which is one reason I netted three people just coming from there: someone who has 5K on bond, doesn't have 5K on her face and body. A girl who is under the gun also doesn't do the surprising things. The clientele for NLB are men who are very unsure of themselves, who have been burned by the bottom end: girls who scam, girls who multi-play, girls whose idea of escorting is a few "ooooos" while a single pose ball runs.

The other key selling point of NLB is vox. While their sl sex rates are not particularly good, in line with other boutique clubs, their vox rate is high. And this makes sense: no limits vox is a great deal harder to come by than no limits sl sex. And it is on this that the deal really hangs in the long term for a girl who is working NLB: if they can establish themselves as the place for a premium no limits vox experience, then they break out of the market of guys who want to abuse women, and want the threat of violence to the girl's av as the way they keep it in place. At 3000L :20, a girl can easily begin to afford those premium touches that set her apart from the ordinary run of sl escorts.

On the down side the brutal punishments mean that the most successful escorts will not work the club: it would take hundreds of real dollars to duplicate what is on Lillie. I would not risk this for a ordinary revenue stream, nor would other top escorts with large no transfer investments. The risk is too high.

But for the girl who has spent dreary hours in red light districts and does not even have prim shoes to show for it... this is a completely different proposition. The card rates at NLB are 10 times red light district rates. The security offered patrons makes it likely the girl will get those rates. The longer term is whether the club cracks down on the "stiff and stiff" client. The client who pays, so the club is doing fine, but then votes the girl a negative rating. The club has an incentive to attract them, it keeps 100% of a somewhat unhappy customer, the girl has to reimburse, not the club. If girls start seeing the stiff and stiff, and I've been there, I know it happens, then NLB will find itself on the poison pen list very quickly.

It is a delicate balance: enough threat to the girls so that the nastiest men in SL will want to go there. But controlling their abuse, (and anyone searching for someone who does dolcett is among the nastiest and most abusive of men, let's not kid ourselves) so that there are girls willing to work...

(One person who has been there said he thought it didn't smell right, but he had no proof. Except that he knew of other similar set ups which seemed like they provided some level of verification, but were in fact run by three people who just rotated alts and pictures. I pressed for whether he had any proof in NLB's case, and he merely responded that he didn't think that too many girls with 5K floating around were going to want to put up a bond, when they could do just as well buying their own skybox to prove that they are for real. He has a point, but accusations or rumors of a scam require more, in my mind, than just suspicion. Though I don't doubt that the likelihood is that NLB is run by a tight group, one that trusts the management to wield the heavy punishments carefully.)

So there it is: NLB is the most interesting new business model in the Second Life escorting scene. For an sl sex girl, it is not a good deal for an established escort, because it is horrifically punitive and expensive to sign up for, and does not yet offer the traffic flow that justifies it. But, vox is the wedge, specifically no limits vox. If that catches fire, then NLB may be the first of a wave of clubs.

This is because the fierce penalties are what many men want, a way to reach through the screen and hurt a real person, make her feel rl discomfort and pain. And how ever it is done, touching rl is a fetish that people are willing to pay extra for. Pictures, vox, cam.

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