Monday, November 2, 2009

Another Adult Content Violator

Dirty Sex Yard hands out this notecard:


FREE SEX as well as FREELANCE ESCORTING are what this place is made for.
You can find here BOTH free and paid sex, the choice is yours, just try to not mix them up :) Have a careful look at all corners of the city and follow the arrows to the Dirty Sex Yard. You will find a lot of kinky places :)

ALL IS FREE TO USE! except the freelance escorts:) but INCLUDING the DSY sluts that sit on sex balls in AFK mode and the campers on GREEN BALLS! We have a very special kind of camping here: the "FUCK THE CAMPER" system :). All campers on GREEN BALLS are FREE TO FUCK! (see detailed rules below)

If you are new, have a look around, get the "Newbie FAQ" and READ IT, test the balls to see how they work. Wait for another newbie (or bring one with you :) to test them together.. There's also lots of FREEBIES for both men and women.. Find them and take as many as you wish.

If you are a freelance dancer or escort, you are WELCOME here, feel free to offer your services (you can get tips directly we charge no commissions, therefore tip jars are not needed) or call your available clients and use all the sex items with them for free. There are also 3 rooms in the main building, 2 of which have menu driven MLP balls. Just click the floor to get balls and menu. Then start fuckin dirty in the dirty rooms and dirty bathrooms :)

There is also a SKY VILLA, free to use, in case you need more privacy. Teleporters are allover the place.

It is pretty clear that LL does not care about it's own rules.

You should think about this if you want to do a serious business in Second Life.

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