Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Our Day in SL

Because of legal problems with HBO, VDay in SL is going to have to put on an original show. It will be structured the way the original show would have been, but will feature material by sl women about coming to awareness and embracing our sexuality. Here are the writer's guidelines.

Our Purpose:
• To celebrate the strength of our feminine sexuality
• To empower women by speaking out and sharing thoughts and experiences that transcend generations and borders
• To strengthen respect and understanding for all women
• To call attention to the issue of violence against women, and support organizations that help women who are survivors of violence and abuse

The various pieces in the play should use a combination of humor and drama to reflect experiences from different generations, cultural and ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientations. We want laughter, tears, pathos, drama, humor, heart, anger, wonder, awe, and joy.

Everyone is encouraged to submit work, but we may edit, condense or choose not to use every piece submitted.
Pieces should be between 2-5 minutes in length.

The structure of the play:

Introduction – choral piece that declares our strength as women, a strength that comes through the unique and wondrous qualities that constitute womanhood and female sexuality.

Part One – Becoming a Woman
The pieces in this section will be memoirs of girlhood – how we learned about our bodies and how they work, how they are different from men, our first period, our first encounters with masturbation, the ‘sex talk’ from our parent(s) – anything that has to do with our budding awareness of ourselves as women. Age range for memoirs could go all the way through high school.

Part Two – I Feel Pretty
Perceptions and misconceptions about female identity. What do you want others to know about what it means to be a woman? What have you learned about your own femininity/sexuality from your experiences in SL? And what of the issue of men who live their Second Lives as women.
How are women our own worst enemies when it comes to self-image and self-concept?
What experience in your life revealed a lesson about your perception of self as a woman, and how others treat you because you are a woman?

Part Three – Let’s Talk About Sex
Your first time, your worst time, your best time, your deepest shame or greatest triumph. From fooling around to fucking – what has sex meant to your life? How has it changed as your life has changed? We are looking for deeper meaning here, so go beyond the obvious. I’d love to see a monologue about parts – mention the vagina, but not just the vagina…what monologue would your breasts deliver? (Persephone has a beautiful poem about the C word)

Closure – The V-Day Spotlight Monologue and call to action

**Submit all entries on a notecard with your name clearly stated to Calliope Delgado by Sunday, January 27 at noon SL time**

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