Saturday, February 16, 2008

How to solve many of our data problems

Open the search browser, which is clearly capable of displaying web pages, to any URL. It already works... what does it hurt to have a browser window.

Make it resizeable. And copy and pasteable.

Make a URL object.

With the ability to read txt from wikis that wikiHUD gives u, we could more or less dispense with notecards. Text could then be edited. We'd have email. It doesn't need to be on a prim, we don't need flash or other things. Just what is already there.

It is maddening, what we need is inches away, through the bars of the cage. I mean, now we can go to a wiki page, edit that wiki page, type in the url we want, save, click and....

There we are...


  1. I wish I could understand why LL doesn't want to open an in-world browser when llLoadURL() is called... OnRez's viewer, as well as many other "alternative" browsers, already do that, and have been doing it for months... LL has added more and more webpages-inside-the-3D-viewport (on the Release Candidate, you get a web page when you jump to a Havok4-enabled sim...), but, so far, they seem to be unwilling to open a plain browser!


    I can't understand it, and nobody at LL has ever given a straight answer to that...

  2. Well they've left the door open. I think that the only thing to do is for me to write up how to exploit this in a step by step manner, and then see if there is a Linden out there willing to make a few changes.

    If not, then the next thing to do is figure out how to make them in the open source client (which is what I use, though I've tested this on the main client) and make it so that it is out there.

    Also, on my mac, music files are playable through this browser. Media parcel settings? What media parcel settings...

    It's time to admit that certain things were attempts to close the internet, and like other attempts to prevent people from getting information, only serve to hinder and distort.

    Really all this means is that users who get the client from LL are not being told how to use the browser that is already there.

  3. The browser is kinda already there for ages :-)

    In the standard LL viewer too...

    I've figured I'd post a step-by-step tutorial on this topic :-) So - no need to hack anything imho..