Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Vampire Spam

I got spammed by a vampire... it is a great deal les frequent now, but they are worse than ever...

[15:29] LotusEffect Darkwatch: hey cutie
[15:29] Lillie Yifu: hello
*spammed bite*
[15:32] Lillie Yifu: loser
[15:32] LotusEffect Darkwatch: i see
[15:32] Lillie Yifu: no you don't but then losers like you, never do
[15:33] Lillie Yifu: so play count spamula with some one else
[15:33] LotusEffect Darkwatch: haha your funny
[15:33] Lillie Yifu: that makes one of us
[15:33] LotusEffect Darkwatch: yeah funny looking MUTE dick head.

He's part of the management at Pixie's Paradise Club,and is a paying member, so he knows he can get away with this, since LL almost never bans permanent members for anything.


  1. haha your funny you are! who's the loser here? me for saying can I bite you on a "game" or you for making a 2ndSex Escort blog lmao! ding ding ding I believe the answer is you, you are a loser, I would never of mentioned anything again to you, you could of just said no am not into that but you called me a loser, I wasnt offensive to you, I wasn't nasty I basically asked if I could bite you, that vampire stuff I was new to and I dont even bother with it anymore because your right its not exactly very fun but...your the loser and am pretty sure most people would agree with me, no one cares about your 2ndlife sex you fool. Am done now, and yeah am sorry for being a bit of a child calling you a dick head but you shouldn't of started giving me shit for no reason, now go play your escort game have fun with it and good day. - LotusEffect