Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sky Fixes

Note that the moon is now in front of, not behind, the stars. Note that the stars now cluster along a "galactic equator" and have a more realistic scatter. None of this was hard to do... an art major pixel prostitute could figure it out.

Next step is larger: the moon moving relative to the sun, and having phases. This is harder than it looks because LL assumes the two are on opposite sides, and there are some lighting things to deal with. There is also the problem that old code hasn't been cleaned out, even though it is not actually used.

More later.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Poetry Year - End

There in black lace and robes of velvet the morners gather,
a rocky cove on the ocean of grief.
They are in pictures we have made, in color more fantastic,
in shapes more vivid, in edges more clean.
The mourn as we do not mourn,
cry as we do not cry,
feel loss as loss is denied us,
save in extremities of war or panicked ill fortune's grasp.

It has taken on a death of its own, these years,
a gulf that separates us from our pasts and present,
where, across the sea, and across the sands,
forgotten people mourn, in forgotten lands.

[Last one of the poetry project. It is time to put my fingers to other tasks... Though of course, more verse will visit these pages from time to time.]

Sunday, October 25, 2009

New York Times on the End of the Museum Boom

Museum boom ends.

With the end of easy money, comes the end of large donations in pursuit of "the edifice complex."

Which is why I am turning my thoughts to the idea that brought me to SL in the first place: museums. Specifically the display of art and other objects, which even if they are nominally 2D, have a 4D component. We do not grasp a painting instantaneously, nor as a flat object, but instead over time, from different vantage points. Looking at objects in 3D over time produces a different effect. It is time to have a boom in innovation and renovation, rather than excavation and self-glorification.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Poetry Year October 24

Words are a distant sun,
So frail to be, unseen even by sharpest eyes.
Words are a distant sun
a billion suns, a billion suns around a billion suns.
So far so frail, so weak,
but brought inexorable the tide,
the filaments of dark that curl clawed fingers,
and hold the fate of all in their hands.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Poetry Year October 23

So much Time is wasted
So many minutes chase each other down a spiral drain
And we hear them sucked away
Before they are tasted on our lips
Or are there to bring refreshing moment of inspiratio,
Even as idle pleasure that lights like fresh sun
Through old clouds.

Poetry Year October 22

What are you waiting for?
For what, for what?
For what calling scream in the middle of the night,
the crash of glass and metal in the soul,
that upends and flattens all delusions of a working life.

What are you looking for?
For someone you, even though, you do not know who?
For what is this longing,
to stand a top the city's highest tower,
and spread your arms to tip forward,
falling into flying,
as the stuff that fantasy is made of.

To where are you going, to where? And how?
What locations beyond the edges of faded maps,
in between the navigator's gaps,
where glowing white is not an empty space,
but a somewhere, with it's own sense of place.

Catch me, I am falling, free fall, free flight,
the windows racing by,
the wind rushing up to cushion this streak,
from high in the air,
towards a destiny below,
where all and everything
a moment, for a moment, only a moment,

Coiled in agony,
boiled in ecstasy,
shattered and flattened,
my body pulled to languid end.

I wake, and am warm in your arms,
and you are warm inside me,
and like a body that from tower tossed,
I lie here, looking, upward, at the your beautiful stars.

Poetry Year: October 23

Given Line:
"I cannot yet then have you, 'cept in portrait, shadow, dreams"

and what dreams may come will hold a lantern light
beside the only road we need to walk upon.
The shadows are not shadows, but reflections of the inner silence,
that holds the spaces between the fragments of noctural melody,
and thus,
in waking find that gift of gifts, sleep,
and sweet repose, where lives the lucid memoires
of our better mind.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Examples of Sexual Harassment in Second Life

In Egypt, the BBC reports, a sizable minority of women are victims of "phone stalking." Men call, often at random, and demand to know the woman's name, and then often demand sex or threaten for sex. Women do not report, because often these violations are not taken seriously. Egypt is passing tougher laws.

Linden Labs pro-sexual harassment policies place them behind Egypt on the scale of enlightenment. In Second Life women are expected to submit to sexual harassment constantly, by people who are knowingly violating the terms of service. One reason that no company in its right mind should do business with Linden Lab is that doing so indicates your support of sexual harassment and sexism. Having followed abuse reports of sexual harassment, I know what almost every sexual harasser on Second Life knows: that there is no penalty for doing it, so why not do it?

Consider this dialog from an illegal sex sim in a mature region:

[7:12] Olsin Skute: you look very pretty dear..are you taken?
[7:12] Lillie Yifu: Hello
[7:14] Olsin Skute: you are not interested?
[7:14] Lillie Yifu: in what?
[7:14] Olsin Skute: in getting to know me better..;)
[7:14] Olsin Skute: i stand behind you
[7:14] Lillie Yifu: it depends on what you mean.
[7:15] Olsin Skute: well....i mean that i find your av quite beautifull and i would like to talk more with you....maybe eventually ending up where we may become more intimate
[7:16] Lillie Yifu: No thank you, I am just here reporting the sim for ToS violations
[7:17] Olsin Skute chuckles.....
[7:17] Olsin Skute: andf you dressed that way...really now dear....
[7:18] Lillie Yifu: so?
[7:21] Olsin Skute: so.....this is a sim for adult fun...everyone knows that and that is why most come here.......if you want to simply look and observe then thats fine although plucking silly excuses out of the air only works with the youngsters here..not me....enjoy yourself dear however that may be..
[7:21] Lillie Yifu: thank you for coming out and violating the ToS , I will report you now.
[7:21] Lillie Yifu: beijos
[7:22] Olsin Skute: as you wish....says olsin with a soft smile on his face and a chuckle in his throat

Olsin knows there is no penalty. His RL is untouchable, he won't be so much as warned by Linden Labs, no matter how flagrantly he sexually harasses women.

Linden Labs is objectively pro-rape, objectively pro-sexual harassment, objectively sexist. They are a company that sells the ability to sexually harass women to men who want to do it.

From now on I am going to look up companies and politicians doing business with LL, and start publicizing, in a larger forum than this, their pro-sexist ties, and support for sexual harassment and violence against women.

One More Mature Orgy Room Down

Metal88 Carter's Free Sex rooms have been unplugged, and no surprises, he is not moving to Zindra.

For those who do not follow such things, let me explain that we are watching the death of an SL business model: the orgy mall. Now in the real world, I very much doubt people would go to a mall with naked guys with hard cocks running around propositioning anyone who might possibly be XX endowed, but in SL for a long time things worked this way: traffic pushed one up in the rankings, traffic is basically how long an agent is in an area, 1000 traffic points is roughly one avatar day. To generate traffic, parcel owners had to attract people, but generally the number of people with money to spend is lower than those who are just hanging out on SL. So to attract the hangers out, owners had to create reasons to be there. Now actual content is hard, but getting people to hang out is easy: give out something for free. This was called "camping."

One form of camping is giving out Linden Dollars: for sitting, by money trees or other games, and so on. Another form of camping is content camping: midnight mania, lucky chairs, and so on. The point of this is to give out something and make people wait for the chance to get it. However, even better is to give out something that costs you nothing. Hence "free sex." The point of free sex is to attract the chat room crowd. The people who log in, grease up, and ask every female handle their age, location, and measurements.

In a phrase, attract cunt campers.

As far as I know, I'm the only person who has admitted to doing any kind of survey or research on these in sl, and have blogged about them often. I still need to publish my survey of pick up lines, but that's for later I think. Anyway, to get to the heart of it. Mostly these places had newbie guys, many still shouting for how to find a free cock, and sex equipment lying around. There were a few female avatars who would play in such places, but mainly women who were there were there for another reason entirely. One was, of course, to laugh at the guys, another to fish out the very occasional guy worth having. But mainly, it was to spam something: vampire bites, advertisements for escort services, other sex clubs and so on. My count was that there were between 8 and 20 males looking for instant, no strings attached, sl sex for every female.

And in the main, women looking for no strings attached sex were seeking to try it out with someone who was not relationship material, and then move on. This led to the approach of men learning to ask women if they wanted to "try" the sex poseballs, because they assumed that their best chance was with a first time girl. Given how badly most of these men did SL sex there wasn't a second time.

Cunt camping had, at it's peak, a dozen major orgy sims. That's full sims. But for much of the last two years there were five main places: Neva Naughty, Free Sex Empire, Free Sex Land, Bukkake Bliss, Sexyland by Mixter Merlin. There were also a few other smaller ones, such as Sex4All. I'm half writing this list so that it is somewhere in the memory of the internet. There were also mainland orgy rooms, Bordeaux for example. I am leaving separate both freelance escort houses, and specialized places, such as BDSM rooms, even though there was some overlap. The reason is that specialized places sold specialized content, where as the orgy rooms had general purpose malls.

Now that is the key: the people who shop are the ones paying for the orgy room. Even if they buy at another location, because the rent at the orgy room is part of the overhead of the retailer or designer. There is no such thing, as free sex, but there was a system by which sex pollution could happen. I call it that because the costs were born by others, both in terms of providing the place, and in terms of other effects. There was almost no scam on sl that did not route people from the orgy rooms to the scam. Whether it was spamgames like SLBloodlines, or fishing expeditions.

It also has a long term social effect: men who pass through orgy rooms continue to ask women they saw there for sex. Harass in some cases. This is true whether or not the woman displayed the slightest interest.

An important reason for adult content rules is this: LL can only run at a certain level of concurrency on the main grid without major problems from various systems that are basically near their capacity. This means that LL's business goal is not more people, but to have more profitable people. Cunt campers, almost by definition, are among the least useful people on Second Life, in that they are relentlessly dedicated to neither paying for anything, nor contributing anything. They do not generally build, script or much of anything else. It is a big deal in an orgy room, and used as a pick up line, to have a place to go. Often this place is an LM to someone else's skybox. Adult content rules, by providing a very low filter, get rid of the people who make a free email, make a free sl account, search for "free sex" and then begin running around.

The cost in traffic of going adult is hard to measure, since many simply pulled the plug. Sex4All, Sexyland, and Free Sex Empire folded. Sexland dropped from around 60K to 21K, and most of those were looking for slesbian sex. I say this being fully aware that many are men irl, but be that as it may, that makes it a specialized, rather than general, desire.

However, for special purpose orgy rooms, there was no final drop off in traffic. The BDSM rooms, such as Bondage Ranch, saw no final drop off in traffic. Basically, people who want something specific, will register as adults to find it. People who want hit and run pixel pumping, have moved elsewhere for their fix. At this writing there is one old style orgy mall left with high traffic: Bukkake Bliss.

One can see why this model cannot survive the adult content rules. It was always basically a scam: selling access to other people's free sex, and charging content buyers for the privilege of funding a cock dump.

I am writing this summary because since the introduction of adult content rules, it was clear that this particular business model was going to go away, it relied precisely on the kind of people that LL wants to get rid of: the people who have no intention of ever spending any money. LL does not care about sexual harassment, not by their employees, not by residents, not by anyone. They even encourage it. However, they do care about money, and this was a group of users who were creating more cost than benefit. They aren't doing it because they are nice people.

After adult content rules went into effect, several parcels and sims decided to ignore them. This had been true of the old PG/Mature ratings, but adult content ratings have an even stronger incentive to break them. As I noted at the top, today one of the most flagrant of the adult content avoiders, pulled his parcel. He had 35000 traffic, on a 2048m parcel of mainland. That's 1/32 of a sim, using almost all of the sim's resources. Metal88 Carter, the person who ran it, ran two other parcels of the same kind. They are gone as well.

[Picture is the nearly empty Free Sex Land orgy room.]

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

LL Tells Developers that Encrypted Chat/IM is a ToS violation

A message was sent to developers today stating that viewers that violated the ToS would not be allowed to be registered. This means that the content law suit is having an effect. In future only compliant viewers will be allowed to log on to SL. The three things listed specifically were

1. Encrypted Chat,
2. Downloading or copying content,
3. Getting personal information without consent.

2 is pretty much straightforward, 3 is merely automation, but


For many geeks, I think, that is a deal breaker.

Jonathan Bishop has posted this to a developer list:

I have just spent the last hour or two reading the blog on this topic. The
quality of the discussion is so completely uninformed from essentially a few
people that are being allowed to monopolize the comment threads that it is
almost dysfunctional.

So I am going to comment here where at least people with some idea of what
the issues are will see it.

I see a clear benefit of having a list of SL browsers that are "recognized
by LL" to be, say, well behaved, not likely to steal the user's account
details, or intentionally corrupt their machine, or duplicate their content
and email it to the chattering masses. But that is where it stops.

The idea that a registration system should (or even could) be devised that
forces each browser to be pre-approved before accessing SL would
e3ffectively halt OS development and defeat the a key purpose of OS'ing the
code in the first place. Why?

Firstly, because the development life cycle is to test the thing being
developed under real world load and conditions. Something that can only be
done on the grid - until the server code is OS'd as well.

Secondly, a key advantage of OS is the flux in the development and product
pool: the ability to pursue many similar paths across many teams
concurrently so that innovation occurs and gradually the better, more useful
solutions emerge. The whole point is a lack of stability across the entire
development tree but stability within each branch and trunk. Once
registration and authorization is mandatory the branches cease to stray from
the trunk.

Thirdly, the cost in time and resources for LL to code verify every
candidate browser would defeat the economic benefit of LL outsourcing it in
the first place, and the diversion of resources from server enhancement, and
key feature innovation would increase the risk of a competitor duplicating
and catching up to the SL solution. They would be better scrapping the OS
browser's all together.

Fourthly, it is too late. The key information about how everything works is
already "out of the bag", so any attempt to close it without massively
changing the server interface would be ineffective.

Fifthly, the suggestion made by some on the list that a binary hash code
could be used to verify the integrity of the browser version connecting
(a-la-unix code version verification) ignores the fact that (a) the browser
can report any number it likes to the hash request, and even if that could
be avoided, no one can stop me writing an injection dll and hooking directly
to the winproc, the ports, dynamically replacing procedure calls or wrapping
the OpenGL dll or the win32 dll, or any one of a dozen other ways I can
inject my own library into an otherwise legitimate app - that will continue
to report the hashcode correctly, once it has loaded. Anyone who doubts me
and has a Logitech camera attached to the computer - take a look in the
windows temp folder for a dll called Lvprcinj***.dll - that is the Logitech
injection dll that ensures the camera can always function regardless of what
is running.

I think a registry is a good idea to protect non-programmers who want to
download an alternate viewer in safety. Beyond that - for example as an
enforcement tool - it is a waste of valuable resources. And yes, I am a
content developer who wishes copybot (et al) did not exist, but I would not
for a moment claim the world should be made "safer" by tieing the thumbs of
the browser developers. As someone who essentially uses the LL viewer, I
have no personal position to protect with respect to the OS browsers - but I
100% support what is being done by the OS developers, and am very concerned
that the predominant tone of the comments in the blog thread is dangerously
uninformed, self interested, destructive and simply technically wrong.


Jonathan Bishop

But that isn't what this is for. It is about the content duopoly and the law suit.

Poetry Year October 21

the elegance of the arc contains more meaning than any human pen may so ordain,
such blind making of all that might be and is, has not bent to our ear to whisper,
the language or the code of its devising, nor to enlighten us by celestial glimmer.
What majesty it makes to our smaller sense, the show that it shows to deign,
and then deny, the multitude within every whirling ghostly quanta in flight.
But solitude has it's rewards, as we reap the shares of harvest imagination,
and all we need is a simple change to scale imponderable mount.
I've discovered of this, a marvelous proof, which I can recount,
as soon as I stop fighting with this word processor's pagination.

Adult Policy Violation of the Day

Here is the complete rules set of Rape Torture Kill, a Mature area:

Welcome at R.T.K (Rape - Torture - Kill) Forced Sex Role Play Sim.



Please take a moment to read our rules,it may be boring but this will help you to know what is alowed and what is not to avoid misunderstandings.Thank you.

Be aware that this is an EXTREME Roleplay area so if the words Rape,Torture,Discrimination,Bad language,Stalking,Harassing,Drugs,Crime,Abuse,Death sound of limits for you then please leave.
(Stalking,Harrassing,Bad language and Discrimination is strictly within a consensual roleplay.In any other case
you will be banned at once).

Any other avatar except Human,Dogs,Cats-Neko's and Beasts is prohibited! This includes but is not restricted to Centaurus,Robots,Vampires and underage avatars (Chidavatars) ( If you're 5’3” tall, but have an "adult appearance", you're just short, that's ok).

Free fuck seekers this is a RP area, you can have fun but you are not allowed to disturb other residents,if you see that they're Role Playing !!!DON'T!!! keep IMing Females and ask them the very usual "Wanna fuck?".Respect others and !!!DON'T!!! walk around nude,try to be a part of this city,be dressed and when the time comes you can get nude with 3-4 clicks.Thanks!

Do not interrupt roleplay scenes,if you want to participate then kindly ask them,if you want to watch then please stay at a 20 m. distance.
When you are in this sim forget everything,you will live the role you will choose,you will work on it and you will
make him/her an active resident of this city.

If you get killed here you will be banned for 3 days (you cant get killed and walk around after a minute.)
If you get wounded then you must mark your body ie.wound layers,weelchair etc. and again you must be wounded at least for 3 days(no ban).

No Escorting or sex for money except if you are a slut,then you can ask 250L$/hour but of course you can get fooled and get raped and/or killed.Also you can apply at CUM-INN sluthouse and poledance.Management takes the 20% of the tips.(Dont forget that we are a RP area,all these are to help the Role Play not to earn money,so do not expect to tip you a fortune.For example a 50L$ tip is like a 50$ one,think like that.)

No Griefing,grief is also when you have attached a huge amount of prims on you.Please keep your rendering cost close at 4000.We have many menu driven sex objects so the lag wll make the RP boring till the menu pop up etc.
( Go to Advanced menu ~ if you dont see it then hit CTRL+ALT+D ~ then Rendering/Info Displays/Avatar Rendering Cost/Now look over your head your rendering cost and try to reduce it.Hair and prim clothing creates the most lag.So if you have Damselfy,Sweet hair - hair or Blow-up Skirt detach them 1st.However we dont "ban" those brands we just inform you.To turn the rendering cost text off do the same again.)

Weapons are allowed but only for RP of course.You can have them attached to make the sceene more realistic.(Honestly if i could trust you i could allow the use of them too but out there are assholes who have fun when ruining other people fun.)

If you have a problem with someone use the easy way,dont continue and just leave him/her to be an asshole. Simply mute him/her and call the police in R.T.K Forced Sex Roleplay Group (always IC ~In Character using /me)and make a report of the incident, a clear report not like please ban " X " because he called me bitch. After that he/she will handle the rest.

If you want to Observe the sim then please wear this object (It is an Observer tag over your head it will attach on your right ear and you can be safe from everything,please respect all the residents while you are in the city,you can talk with the ppl who they dont RP though and ask them to learn more about this place. : 􀀂

I leave it to you to decide why LL has done nothing about it, despite repeated reports.

Poetry Year October 20

Gregarious the felines of a feather,
engorged by trick of weather,
that hurled a winter snow,
on huddle larks in trees below.

Upon these mashed and slipper streets,
they smile, then, as they grab their treats.

A winter city at play,
as the kitties pick through gobs of fluffy ice,
to partake of frozen delicacies,
that they prefer to mice.

Poetry Year October 19

I was nothing,
and when I was, you heaped upon me reward.
When I was empty vessel into which your passions poured,
you adorned me with your attentions,
and more than mere affection,
a sing for my sustenance.

But then I showed you wrought palaces,
and futures fit for many kings,
I brought you to hidden realms of far and mighty dreams.

And from that moment, when I became, a real and not just real,
you have not given one word of softness,
nor anything to feel.

When I was nothing,
I was your everything and all,
but when I became a woman,
your attention became dead fall.

It has taken on a death of its own

Having written almost 100 poems in the poetry year, it is time to reflect. Reflect on whether there is some point to continuing, or writing at all. I think there is not, it has taken on a death of its own. There are few if any readers of this project, nor any need for its production in future mists of time. Sometimes one must try and fail, to find out the limits of one's meagerest talents. I am facing mine. I am also facing the limits of my age, where the roads and not the destination are the obsession of interest. Everything we write, I think is a giant traffic report, or hidden shilling for the destination.

But for that same reason, having died, in effect, there seems to be something in humming through a few more verses of this, the after life of Lillie Yifu. I won't make the year, but I don't know when it will stop.

Poetry Year October 18

A leave of absence from the bells,
that trickle on the dusty road,
the ruts worn in by wagon wheels,
to market with their load,
the potatoes piled, the onions smiled,
the greens so set aside to protect their flush of green.

I stand before this painting,
pale blue cast like light from window
down upon me, forming trapezoided squares,
that, invisible, divide define the floor.

The painter had been court creature,
and his velvet would with many washings
once again resume the fluff of finery.
And yet, ghost queen of Vienna's brew,
would pack and package her retinue,
so she could look at this,
the peace of very peace,
within pastoral bliss.

Poetry Year October 17

"An orgy of a war"

You all, you call, you cum, with your home built
m u n i t i o n s
You spread, you spew, you spunk, and you leave just
d e v a s t a t i o n s
You spit, you spat, there is no at, where was was a town's
m i n i s t r a t i o n s
the blood is soaked, is sopped, is seared, and burning hair does float
in eager air
g y r a t i o n s.

They cry, they catch, the caress the baby whose skull is now
o b l i t e r a t i o n s
the mother's song is all day long, joining funeral
l i b a t i o n s
The hawk it's flight from edge of night,
now ended in accomplished mission,
and down below, the tale of woe,
to atomic age submission.

The voice from aloft, the screech of jet so soft,
contrail traced in crystal sky,
above the blossom blood
of poppy love,
giving face to the lie.

There is no salvation,
there is no salve,
there is no healing,
only the grave
of nations.

chrys and cry, storm and lie,
seed the ground with Taliban,
which flourish fanning from McChrystal's
d e s o l a t i o n s.

Poetry Year October 16

Flight fallen on the interlude that feast impression on your eyes,
I, taken aloft by this fancy foremost in the implosive regions of my mind,
tarry in the floating realms so far above the land, that, below me lies.
I know, I so very know, you long to place your lips on lushness fruit, biting to the rind,
I want, I need, I so very crave, the adoration of this consumption,
that will suck away the clatter clang of my intruding thoughts,
that shriek and shatter any isle of pulseless quiet meditation,
I feel without the feigning faith of morality, to be swallowed up in droughts.
It is the hunger to be hungered, the thirst to be thirsted, that you make me feel.

Fairy light of faerie tail, that glamor casting shadows to the bright,
blind bedazzled, not just bewitched, a sunrise of the night,
that dark dawn that late hours brings, that opalescent sky of quiet clear,
when all that is close is far, and infinity brought near.
Travesty of tension to suspension, that bridges islands sluiced by acid time,
pristine from painted distance, yet close made of dirt and grime.
The little grit and debris that passion leaves behind,
are the irritant in present face of thinking mind,
that prove the illusion's weight was then more solid far, than anything of real.

Stage struck by standing up above, my glance denudes below,
I look down at tufts of black tangled hair, that is the forest to where you go.

Poetry Year October 15

The hot poker slices in between my legs,
burning, scalding, searing all the delicate tissue of that skin
that skin that is hidden ever from light of day,
or probing touch of any eye,
but open as a road,
as a road as a road,
to the driving molten metal that you wield.

I cry out,
because I cannot move,
the ice cold iron bans constrict my wrists,
my wrists and arms
my arms and shoulders,
my ankles and arms,
my knees and legs.

They bite into each turn of softness that I possess.
As the iron hot consumes me.
My silken contours blackened
by the instrumental burning bright.

An immolation at hard hands,
those hands, those hands that I have kissed
groveling before the legs,
those pillars upon which
the sun god's temple rests,
the eggs of his adornment before my eyes.

Suicide sweet suicide
thou art a dream within us all.
The need to be destroyed in pleasure's place,
overwhelmed by commands of the needs of the race.

[I feel I need to write an annotation here to this one, because it is potentially misunderstood. The imagery of rape and torture here is common, both for the men that consume such images, and for women who experience them. Almost every woman has had images of sex and death, and even painful death. The poem presents an explanation for this masochism, namely, that pregnancy and reproduction were, and in much of the world still are, a grave risk of physical death. Even where they are not physical death, they are a giving up of chances and opportunities, and that focus on the self that a young person enjoys. I am on one side of this wall and it looms high in front of me.

Thus masochism is not because the "I," that inner tender self, desires it of it's inner needs, but it is, instead, an apparition, a way of creating imagery for a drive which is foreign to it, but pressed by the evolutionary demands of self-replication.

So I am not, here or elsewhere, proposing the pleasures of mutilation, but their coercive seduction by within, and their imposition without. Yes the narrator of the poem is consumed with this, but narrators are not the author, and almost never all of the author. Usually I leave to others matters of interpretation, because the multitopical nature of writing is better left to turn in its own geography.

But this, sadly, needs this note to prevent people from erecting a mountain in place of a valley...]

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Poetry Year October 14

A ring of many rings, was forged with gold and soul in one,
the artisan glinted in the dark, as dark as the brightest sun.
For blindness to all but inner light, affronts the workers nigh, and night.
In fluid liquid metal poured, all the art of adoration.

The generations learning cast to steel,
caressed to shapes, a foil as thin as air,
gossamer, more gossamer than finest hair.
A web woven of spun fine filament,
that catches candle light as fire.

Then worn once by fading princess,
her years heavily on all but her face,
giving her last chance to prolong her race,
a marriage to a boy a fraction of her age.

But of this truth, she lied.

But fate was to smile on this mismatch,
Some love another kind was between them found,
From first the glamor worked upon his eyes, a startle shook his soul.
From hammer forged, to signature forged,
to forged the matrimony's bonds.

It is a story from that other time.

Poetry Year October 13

A hundred years and some ago,
a reform occurred of which you do not know,
my children yet unborn will not hear the phrase,
of the WuXu reform of 100 days.

A parliament, and bureaucracy,
a constitution to restrain a monarchy,
bridges, buildings, and renewed laws,
a nation cleansed of centuries flaws.

But in a coup it was washed away,
in but three days, the histories say.

And what of this reform, of damned and doomed,
crushed by dragonness in marriage tomb?
In few short years history records,
such revenge as only revolution affords.

Poetry Year October 12

Some say he left in anger,
some say he left in haste,
some say he made it out,
others that he was ground to paste.

In some sources, scribed in variant dialect,
he sailed another sea, between the monsters that guard
the entrance between thee and me.

He, my darling, is, as always you,
that hero of some archaic epic,
carved in my mind, your profile,
sharp and stony, granite crest perfection.

Jaw just so, this I know,
the compass carried of determination.

Lest these frail rhymes betray my thoughts,
you know what other may or mayn't say,
means that all their somes, sum to naught.
Of your many musts, there is but only ought.

Poetry Year October 11

Setting is the sun,
a set of memories in my mind,
set on a table like sumptuous feast,
that sets my mind to spinning through,
all the meanings set in words.

Setting this aside,
the set of it an aspect from a far,
that is the set that frames our time,
that shows that all is set for change,
our contract set as beset by o'er ambition.

A set of forgotten melodies, behind it,
a background to which our set dances in a row,
it has set upon us ghostly fragments,
that sets our love off fire.

This has set a limit on our glances,
they are constrained to set a good example,
and set ourselves to renew all that once was lost,
to set that stone of perfect love a fresh.

No matter what the cost.

Our broken lives are set again,
to heal in time that nature sets,
and in this setting of the world as stage,
sets into it's final shape from phantom mold.

How I have set down these words,
and set upon them my sign and seal,
that comes to you as a kiss,
though you've set your face to stone.

The meaning ripens, set to fruit,
a set of verses to move in shapes and kind,
that our whole set will laugh upon,
ridiculing love set to music blind.

Poetry Year October 10

Fans the floral leaves of bright bamboo
Green is green beyond green of green,
The waves of abundant growth flood
The nostrils, eyes, and every other opening.

Every age is every age, renewed florid fertility.
Like mine own, the red earth
Ripened by the sun, sorghum sweet,
Poured into a syrup that clings a cloying note,
Holding down the throat and shocking any conscience.

In time, in time, in time, in time,
Like the most famous of Guizhou's famous wines.
It is a filling intoxication,
I was filled with it, as I drank of you.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

State of Adult Content violations

It isn't gone, but it has pulled the advertising. It will still get traffic from people with landmarks, and may try to advertise a small parcel in the corner. But Isle of Equanimity has decided not to go adult for whatever reason. This means that LL is finally moving to get mature parcels to conform to the new adult content rules.

There has been a great deal of chatter about this on forums and blogs, and evidently the message is slowly sinking in. But slowly. Metal88 Carter, the king of mature parcel scofflaws is still out there, and Slade's offers gambling fuck camping in a mature parcel. Escorts Lounge continues to operate on mature as well, and is not redirecting people to their new parcel.

Here is metal88 Carter's peepshow parcel, with metal88 himself. So there is no possibility that he is just "away from SL" and not getting the messages.

And my personal favorite of the parcels that LL has done nothing about despite repeated reports: Rape Torture Kill, whose rules card says:

Be aware that this is an EXTREME Roleplay area so if the words Rape,Torture,Discrimination,Bad language,Stalking,Harassing,Drugs,Crime,Abuse,Death sound of limits for you then please leave.

(Stalking,Harrassing,Bad language and Discrimination is strictly within a consensual roleplay.In any other case you will be banned at once).

Another good example is Endless Desire's Masters Medieval Supper Club, whose parcel description reads as follows:

Drugged, lost, the girls serve the meal --only to be groped, displayed, and humiliated by guests --then taken upstairs and used like whores BDSM fuck piss whore bestiality rape forced prostitution incest free sex human trafficking mansion

Someone is at the drop point recruiting people to do this in the mature parcel.

So one by one sims and parcels are dropping out, but many are continue to flout the new adult content rules, in some cases brazenly.

Friday, October 16, 2009

TNT Sex HUD: total rip off, total jerks

I purchased, for 4000L, a Sex HUD from TNT. Not only is it an inferior product, but it's claims are outrageously inflated as being the best on Second Life. It was so bad I wrote a bad review on Xstreetsl. Torix Jameson then IM'ed me, insulted me, made more claims which were contrary to my experience with the product, and so on.

Having ripped me off for 4000L, Torix also wants to abuse me by IM, and get me to pull a bad review. He's a liar, he's an ass.

Don't every by anything from Torix, you will be very very very sorry. You will be out the money, and then if you don't suffer in silence, he will IM you and hurl insults and lies. Then he will file an Abuse Report on you, and threaten you with more.

Any merchant who doesn't refund no copy purchases, and then harasses customers who are unhappy is not a reputable merchant. Stick to people who refund no copy purchases.

Con artist, rip off jerk. DO NOT BUY TNT SEX HUD. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM TORIX JAMESON, he does not stand by his merchandise and does not care a bit about customer satisfication.

No copy and No Refund is a dishonest merchant. If you don't like his work, then he will call you stupid, a liar, and then lie about it.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Poetry Year October 9

The peel that rings, the peel that stings us,
the bells that call, in laden fall, the quadrangle as it must,
ages more gracefully than any hour of our lives.

It is like other epoch I think,
exchanging letters in dark of war,
missives that touch what was touched,
where all you have is all you have.

You are so far away, measured in miles and years,
hours and ages.
That we would match on this world at this time,
seems a mystery to me.
Let it pass let it pass,
this bright cold day,
Let me huddle, let me wait,
for your voice and our inner play,
measured in and out in units that no monarch can command.
We gift a ball that floats in that other space,
and bounces there, far out of sight unseen.

An instant in voice connection,
and the years they flutter forced
like leaves fallen on these, the trees that brush my window.
We are children again, laughing at nothing.

And these exchanges are a blow,
and, I think, bring you to think,
of actions incompatible with your present situation,
that would drift you from the the presence in your other room,
who is beyond the arc of our embrace,
but whose shadow lies over all we say and do.

And if, if, that is, ever if,
you find that once the bounce of whisper on your ear,
is to much for your to bear,
then know it was a time, and this our time is true,
even though I will, then, have to bid adieu.

Poetry Year October 8

I pull the sublime web of silk, that spun around my legs,
caressed up my calf and along the outer curve of thigh.
I bathe in it's embrace, and it engulfs me with an electric wave sensation.

I drop the dress over my head, and fall into it's cave,
on the other side, I, transformed into vision,
learned from many maiden's magazines.

The zipper encloses me, and in the glamor
I have those assets in seeming,
which nature has denied.

Underlined my eyes, with soft streak of dark,
and blushed a taste of color that soothes upon my cheeks,
rounded the kiss of lipstick the flowers flush.

I am a garden given touch and taste sensation,
to lure the lust and looks of eyes I have never seen.
Give off light that warms the dreams of lurid wishes.
The truth burns beneath this cocoon of truth deception,
beneath this cold, a warmth and depth of fair reception.

Poetry Year October 6

Within the pinion walls of city lost to common sight,
burning every evening a bindless passion, riddled in ambition's night.
Outside the siege of this stony city, capital of the center of the world,
against which waves of muscle, mail, and madness, come,
against the ages their meaning hurled.

Within these walls are cuddled, huddled, hammered,
against the castle clamor,
as to and fro the warriors go,
to fight the losing battle.
They are burned, and spit, and pierced, and blooded by axe or sword,
they die on command of heaven's slipping mandate,
the fading emperor's word.

But the taste of ravished rape they will be spared,
the beheadings that follow the plunder that has scared the villages beyond,
where cries of woe have shaken the stars half distant above the clouds.

And on the walls a timble tumble figure turns,
cartwheels and summersaults,
laughing at the towers, and the golden vaults.
That closed within soon to be ripped,
the dynasty's most precious treasure.

Gut pulses with the heaves of fear,
as women gather in the darkened rooms,
to give solace to each other's fortunes, reversed:
the fair fertile yesterday fared better,
soon, tonight, they will fare worse.

Poetry Year October 7

Fuck fuck fuck,
fuckity fuck fuck
the fucking fuck fucked a fuck of fucks.
What the fuck did the fuck fucking think?

Fick fack fuck,
the fuck will try his luck,
ran rabid run around,
reaching for every hem and curve,
leering at every breast and bend,
hoping for humping of every hip.

What profundity this is,
the most might right of might rights,
that the free for frees free have a way to waste their nights.
Giving nothing,
taking anything,
giving a spewed caldron of creation condemned,

So many here, you could fill a truck,
It's all out there, with just some pluck,
a meal so endless, you want to huck.
For a few days more,
They do implore,
please let it be, let it remain,

Novels, poems, essays, penses,
are worthless beside the holy chant,
monument to the interreligion's deepest chant:
wanna mana, falling momma,
wanna wanna fuck?

For a brief moment still,
in corners unrenounced,
the old ways still apply,
and the weather is for ducks.

I don't know what it is like out there,
but in here,
It's raining fuck.

Poetry Year October 5

A rhythm that stamps its breath upon me, becoming true motion a stride a horse.
Down at hooves that cloven cometh from the darkness that is beyond.
Brimstone that coughs the air, and chokes the light of the second sun,
that billows and burns from up out of the earth, blackened paint on sand.
Blood, blood, blood, everywhere, and mixed with magic,
of once lives living lived, in hovels at the tide and shore.

Maxmillian, made empires on less, and slaughtered even more.
Nero fiddled as Rome burned, and Louis says "rien."
Clouds are cometh on histories face,
she turns, and looks away.
Tear, rivulet from her eye, as her pen weeps bitter ink.
All mixed with blood and oil, oil blood and game.

The little world that is little made,
the little land in little hands,
little thoughts in little minds,
so little have we said.

Stayed in their turn towers look out, the gray gray men of great command,
do stretch for their hands, and like Pharoah, more plagues they do command.

But in this tome of misery,
there is writ scrawl,
repeated like a madman's hand.
"Nothing in the book of fate more sure,
than all peoples must be free."

Poetry Year October 4


Poetry Year October 3

A thrush that sings in the wilderness,
clings to thorns that bind her feet,
curling claw around the branch,
broken warbles cut to the clear.

Huddled head into tufts of white.

Gapes and gaps in gray strewn cloud,
as rain falls down to cry outloud,
the earth opens to receive the light pattern notes,
of mist that drifts to ground.

A thrush, a thrush, a thrush
that sings and cries,
under tumbling nuance skies.
Alone, alone, alone, this day,
her chicks have flow, and far away.

Poetry Year October 2

Love is a strange tree,
on which we are crucified,
made sacred.
The blood of the world flows from us,
breaking forth from our hands.

Twisted like a trunk,
spreading out to reach a sun,
whose light is the light of the world.
Tangled the hands and bloody mat of hair,
mingled with sweat, tears,
and the toil of an age.

In a place of art the other day,
a sculptor placed the corpse of a horse,
above which read the sign INRI.
Fat volumes are sold, now
for comforted scribes,
who posit stale riddles,
beyond which there is some trapse and trace,
of the questions beyond.

Love is a strange tree,
it grows from strange roots.
Your God, that God,
that very God of very God,
begotten and not maid,
looks down from every turn and corner.

It is a myth,
but is is the myth:
the myth of a man,
who for one day,
bore pain as women
bear agony that twists in childbirth,
or in loss of child.

Another orgy room goes down

Sex4All, seller of cheap sex beds. It was less ugly than many sims.

Now for the think part. There is a big demand for "free sex" and sex in general. Several grid providers are trying to entice content makers with more restrictive content. What content is hard to produce yourself?

One in particular: good animations, which really need mocap. Mocap is moderately expensive right now to do, and takes a bit of work. Prims, images, scripts, all low entry.

Animations, not so much.

The play is to get the few sex bed providers to shift to another grid, and with it, the sex business. LL may be willing to let that market go, but if they do, they will find out the thing that Orson Scott Card pointed out, in one of his egregiously nasty essays.

People join the community they get sex from.

I, for one, am glad to see the orgy rooms go, precisely because they spew out damage on other people and second life generally. They is they destroy any mainland parcel they are on. One day you have a nice home, the next day newbies with bananas are running on to your lag laden land saying "wanna fuck?" They cater to the view of men that freedom means freedom to sexually harass women. They act as sources of infection for all the small scams and spams.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Goddess Who Would Be Isis: Summary so far.

In the previous parts of this essay, it has been argued that there is a patriarchal myth of unity. That myth is that for their to be political unity, there must be a violent military manhood, who deserve, by right of necessity, all political power. Women must either be subservient house goddesses, or they become unlovable bitches. In support of this idea the language of the myth of the Goddess Hathor/Sekhmet from Old Kingdom Egypt was compared with the language of anti-suffrage writers Elihu Root and Helen Kendrick Johnson from late 19th century America.

The Hathor myth focuses on the period of transition from scattered settlements to unified Kingdom. It is related to the use of castration and destruction in the establishing of kingship, as can be seen in the Narmer Palette from Egypt. Which matches well with the reunification of the United States after the Civil War, and the crushing of native nations by the United States. Unity, in the Hathor myth, comes from men accepting a domestic sphere for women, but asserting that women are, by nature, unsuited to the political realm.

The contrasting myth is that of Eeset, or the Egyptian goddess who would become Isis later, and her absorbing of the Hathor cult. Eeset's myth is a pre-feminist assertion of the role of women in political power.

Unification in these myths is not just of men and women, nor even just of land, but of time. Time is essential for unification, because time organizes. In the agrarian era, time determined when to perform essential functions. The Hathor myth unifies agricultural time, with sexual time. Sekhmet is drunk for three days, after menstruation, and becomes turned back into the domestic goddess Hathor afterwards. This is, as far as I can tell, the earliest myth of PMS.

The Eeset myth is a more sophisticated union of solar and lunar time, or of the calendar of the stars, which is solar, and the calendar of fertility, which is lunar. There is another lunar calendar, and that is the calendar of trade. Or more precisely, the tides. Boats and women both are controlled, by the moon.

That trade is important in the unification of Egypt can be seen from the archeology, where previously cultures were centered around particular settlements, and had limited foreign goods, to the proto-Dynastic, and Old Kingdom, when goods from a wider region were available. The evidence indicates towards the conclusion that Upper Egypt was part of the Saharan physical and agrarian culture, and that Lower Egypt influenced by the physical culture of the fertile crescent.

The Narmer Palatte provides a further evidence for the impact of the fertile crescent culture on Egypt, in that the palette itself, is housed between two long necked lion creatures, which are clearly from the Fertile Crescent's artistic culture. It also has foreigners being beheaded and castrated who are portrayed as being different in their beards and physics from the Egyptian monarch. These figures are of a pattern that would be seen for three thousand years, including into the Early greek age. It is impossible to tell what or who they reference from the context. They could be defeated lower Egyptians, but they could, as well, be foreigners. The assertion that any of these figures may have had accidental meaning, on a religious palette, s not credible given the importance of symbol in the object.

This level of unification, however, is not enough for Middle Kingdom and later Egypt. While Egypt is protected from invasion from some areas, it is still open to attack from North and South. It is also open to internal dissent. Monarchies also have the problem of fertility. Family lines die out, and there are squabbles over who is to take power.

In this context: of a trading society that needs more people, more surplus, and more legitimacy, Eeset becomes a more important goddess.

So what of the role of an ancient female ruler, or monarch? A good place to start with recent scholarship is Ancient Queens edited by Sarah Milledge Nelson. In her introduction, after the usual noting of the obvious fact that male dominated eras did a pitifully poor job of looking at women who ruled in earlier periods, digs deeper into the roles of women in ancient rulership. Specifically she notes:

• Woman as ruler. That is, as the monarch.
• Woman as consert. That is, as consort to the ruler.
• Women as legitimizers of the Line or property.
• Women as mythic pillars.

In the Hathor period, women could rule. In the Second Dynasty, Merineith ruled as regent, and in the sixth dynasty, it was decided that women could directly. Later dynasties would have women rulers. There are also some interesting cases of male kings who were transformed in the historical record to women, or who took on women's epitaphs after death. Neithiqerti was probably Siptah, and a later king was made divine, as Sekhmet, the goddess associated with Hathor.

These realities show that even in the period of myth of male dominance, women could rule. This reality is clear by the reality that when it comes to keeping power in the family, or keeping it in the gender, those in power will keep it to the family. While women rulers might not be the preferred state, it was better than having an infant king, or a king of a new dynasty.

However, the ability of the Ra/Hathor myth to work as myth is, eventually reached. A different kind of state needs a different kind of queen. With that, a different story.

That is why I am writing this: where we find a Ra/Hathor myth, or it's outline, it is a sign of a society where the feminine is being harnessed for political important, and, literally, subdued out of the myth of power growing out of the barrel of a gun. The challenge is to change, as Eeset's cult did, the Hathor myth, to something else, a myth of magic and union.

In the above volume is an essay by the most prolific scholar of Egyptian dynastic ideology, Lana Troy, and it is through the lens of her work that it is best to take up the creation of the Eeset myth.

Wanna Fuck?

Metal88 Carter is one of the largest LL content scofflaws. He owns several parcels, none of which are even rated mature, which advertise free sex, and have all the things you would expect: sex pose balls, newbies running around, and dialog like this:

[2009/10/08 21:16] PiTiPiN Melody: hoy
[2009/10/08 21:16] PiTiPiN Melody: wanna see mine ?
[2009/10/08 21:16] Lillie Yifu: Hell
[2009/10/08 21:16] Lillie Yifu: Hello*
[2009/10/08 21:16] Lillie Yifu: how are you?
[2009/10/08 21:16] PiTiPiN Melody: a bit hottie..
[2009/10/08 21:17] PiTiPiN Melody: want ?
[2009/10/08 21:17] Lillie Yifu: want what?
[2009/10/08 21:17] PiTiPiN Melody: see me nude ...
[2009/10/08 21:17] Lillie Yifu: I am still rezzing
[2009/10/08 21:17] PiTiPiN Melody: not here i mean in real
[2009/10/08 21:18] PiTiPiN Melody: would ?
[2009/10/08 21:18] Lillie Yifu: so you want to get on a chat program and show me your rl penis?
[2009/10/08 21:19] PiTiPiN Melody: have you msn ?
[2009/10/08 21:20] Lillie Yifu: no I don't
[2009/10/08 21:20] PiTiPiN Melody: uh
[2009/10/08 21:20] PiTiPiN Melody: yahoo?
[2009/10/08 21:20] Lillie Yifu: I have yahoo
[2009/10/08 21:20] PiTiPiN Melody: good
[2009/10/08 21:20] PiTiPiN Melody: tell me it
[2009/10/08 21:20] PiTiPiN Melody: i add you
[2009/10/08 21:21] PiTiPiN Melody: and we can see eachother
[2009/10/08 21:21] Lillie Yifu: I can see peopel in real life
[2009/10/08 21:21] Lillie Yifu: no I am not going to do cam sex with you after just meeting you
[2009/10/08 21:21] Lillie Yifu: beijos
[2009/10/08 21:21] PiTiPiN Melody: so no want ?
[2009/10/08 21:21] Lillie Yifu: no thank you
[2009/10/08 21:21] PiTiPiN Melody: no ?
[2009/10/08 21:22] PiTiPiN Melody: just look ?
[2009/10/08 21:22] PiTiPiN Melody: no sex
[2009/10/08 21:22] PiTiPiN Melody: well
[2009/10/08 21:22] PiTiPiN Melody: if you want you choose
[2009/10/08 21:22] Lillie Yifu: no thank you
[2009/10/08 21:22] PiTiPiN Melody: uh
[2009/10/08 21:22] PiTiPiN Melody: as you desire

Now, it is one thing if people are being moved to Zindra. But this is not the case here. LL clearly does not enforce its own rules, and isn't about to start caring about doing so. Proof is in the pictures though.

Should it be on this blog? Well LL has rated it PG, so why not?

What should be done is simple. One is that "free sex" and variations should be added to the adult list, another is that having any adult term takes a parcel out of any non-adult search. The last is that when there are parcels that clearly violate the rules, and people report them, they should be moved quickly.

What is the problem with orgy rooms in mature? There are more than one, but the most important are the simple issues of fairness. This one 2048 parcel has a traffic of over 40,000 a day. Since one avatar hour equals about 1000 traffic points, this is almost the entire mainland sim's capacity. Everyone else, is in lag land. The second is that orgy rooms are sticky in the minds of the inhabitants. They don't just ask you to get naked on camera while you are there, but for days afterwards. Sometimes weeks and months.

While the whole silliness of making it so that people have to have a payment relationship with LL is less that meaningless, having an "adult" rating is reasonable, given how low the threshold for "PG" violation is. Nipples are out, even regular nudity is out.

There are dozens of parcels, and a few sims, that continue to thumb their noses at the new rules. Some people may regard them as heros, but really, they are just a bin full of zeros asking "wanna fuck?"

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Science as the Soul: Thoughts on Darwin, Margulis, and the spaces between

I will soon post my latest group of poems, which I have been straying from the formula of one a day, to a group a week, which I work on together and post when they are where I want them to be Lillian the perfectionist overwhelms Lillie the blogger at times, and this has happened with me. But there is, I think I should say, of course there is, ideas behind the words. This post is one of those ideas.

To live in a technological world calls for a soul which is from science. Science is not the only way of knowing, nor even the root of ways of knowing, however, all knowing is only in so far as we weave it together inside ourselves so that it happens before, beyond, and between our conscious thinking. This is our soul: the pattern of the fabric of ourselves, loomed by the threads of our substances, on the loom of the world. To know, then, we must not merely learn science, we must become science.

I am not pretending that the ideas here are mine, they all belong to others, but who, in any particular way, is the source of them is a matter for debate. If I name names, it is because they are the names I know, and not because they are the peculiar fountains of genius, but they might be. That is a job for academic work, much of which is trying to name the nameless, and decide which pool is the source of a river, to the exclusion of all the other pools. It is like trying to decide which drop of rain is the source of the flood sometimes, when the mountain that caught the clouds stands there in front of us.

The first rule of the science soul, is that when there are gaps in our knowledge, it is proof of our ignorance, which we can see in every day we live, and not proof that there is some metaphysical mind, which we only see through our ignorance. There is no God of the Gaps, but there are gaps, and in them we may well find wonders which we do not imagine. Every time we reach the end of some curve of thought and inquiry, there begins to arise the speculation of demons, deities, and an occult world. Numerology and occultism were prevalent, indeed to some extent our current form was invented, by people in the late 19th century and early 20th century. The Golden Dawn, astrology as it is practiced, and so on, are products of minds that saw ghosts and spirits, because they had not realized that many of the ghostly effects they saw, were very real, and the product of ghostly particles, and ghostly rays of electro-magnetic radiation, and by the workings of a complex chemistry which was beyond their ability to see or express. The mysteries, lie not in the pyramids, but in the dance of DNA, and the pulsing of the particle zoo, and in the patterns of relationship.

Once the God of the Gaps is revealed to be nothing more than a call to further inquiry, we can begin to have a scientific soul. This is called by various names, materialism is one of them, but it is a bad one, because often we find in the gaps something that is not material as we understood it before. Could Darwin have conceived of DNA's twisting and turning? Even the people who discovered it's structure a century after the Beagle, could not. Is it anti-spiritualism? No, because the universe is it's spirit. The universe, as a philosopher makes a cult living off of every century or so for repeating, is larger, faster, older, more permanent, than the foam that is our lives. It is in our oldest religions, in our most recent discoveries.

But this truth, however obvious, is a second piece of the science as soul. It is not that one God, or many gods and goddesses, made use for the universe, or the universe for us, but that we are part of the universe, and it is in us. It makes sense, because we are part of its order, and reflect it. Pantheism, or nature worship, is a good name for this.

This second part, that our pattern is cut from a tiny corner of the cloth of the universe, argues for what has been called the "Copernican Principle." That when ever the universe gets larger, we should place ourselves at some obscure, relatively dull, and off center, part of it. One reason for this is that the center is propelled by energies which would shred the dance of the carbon molecule, on which our existence as life depends. Could their be life near a black hole that powers a quasar? Perhaps, but it would be nothing like anything we know as life, though we can dream of living energy.

It also argues for a doctrine of Incorporation. If everything is under the same pattern of existence, and if we are part of that pattern, then all that we are, is carried out by that pattern. This does not argue for our knowing all the pieces of this pattern. There are several great problems in modern science, and existence is one of them. Another is the origin of life. A third is the source of consciousness. In the case of the first, we know we do not know enough, and in the case of the second, it seems clear we don't, but we probably do not have to learn radically new science for it. In the third, even though some very well publicized apologists argue we do, we almost certainly don't have the pieces in mere neuro-chemical activity. Computers, despite what one of my philosophy classes said, don't have consciousness or self awareness.

If incorporation, then mind is physical, as Johnson and Lakoff argued, and if incorporated, then framed, as Fillmore argued.

If mind is physical, then we are within it. This is not to deny mind, as many of the older philosophers in the mold of Skinner argued, but to deny it as substance which is not substance. We may not know how mind works, but like DNA, it is the dance of things which we can show have their own affects on the world as parts.

So I stop because it is hard to think of these things, but go on anyway.

One part of the science soul, must be biology. In biology we first must conjure with the reality of the universe as physical, not metaphysical. The universe does not care for, or about, life. This means that three contending strains of biology and life are made, and despite all attempts, no one can rule the other two.

One is the pulsation of information, it is that life must be constantly pulsing and changing. DNA is not a hard drive that "stores" the results of other actions, it is flipping, changing, editing, absorbing, adding, rearranging, duplicating. DNA is not more placid than the world around it, but more active. As the world is ceaselessly changing, DNA is even more so. Even where it seems static, it is change. The changes that are passed on, are small, but that what remains is small does not mean the motion is not great. Waves pound the shore, and pile up sand, and only a very little bit of that sand is compressed to rock by each wave, but the waves are a great deal of motion none the less. DNA is twisted by the waves, but what is passed on is the layers of rock. Over time, they build up miles of weight.

Celebrated in word, those somewhat less in song, is Darwin's theory of competition. Natural selection, Darwin and Wallace argued, was the result of the "red in tooth and claw" combat of eat or be eaten. The winners pass on their genetic material, and the losers do not. I am a thorough going Darwinian, in the sense that natural, as opposed to teleological, selection is clearly the engine of change in biological populations.

There are however, several questions, challenges and problems. A war of all against all leads to tearing down of everything. We can show this by science and math. While Neo-Darwinism fits our capitalist age, in no small part because it allows winners to sit comfortably that the deserved to win, and fits well in academia, where winners can believe they are right, because they are empowered, it does not match reality in the form that it is presented.

To get away from the war of all against all we must invoke Lovelock's idea Gaia, that life must pull in the motion and energy and substance of the non-living universe, and impart it with the peculiar forms of life. Life is a very bare envelop clinging to the near surface of a small planet, around a somewhat larger than average star in a somewhat larger than usual galaxy, in a somewhat larger than usual cluster, and so on. And this is a branch on the tree of knowledge that we must particularly be indebted to Lynn Margulis for. Cooperation, within each eddy of life, first. Before organisms can fight each other, they first must draw in. The ecosystem, the niche, the species, the group, the individual, are each tighter and tighter bindings of sameness, but before they fight within, and among, their parts, they must cooperate.

Each cell is a monument to the cooperation of life, one is mitochondria, which are organisms that took up residence in the eukaryotic cell, which houses our nuclear DNA, and gained a symbiosis with it. Mitochondria handle the oxydation, the burning fire that fuels our life, and in return they gained not only a place to live, but a place to put much of their own genetic material in the nucleus. So the large cell became not a home, but an entity bound up with the mitochondria. There are tens of thousands of genes in the nuclear DNA of the cell, but, in animals only 37 in the mitochondria. It is possible that ribosomes are the same, that DNA is the cooperation of many earlier RNA world organisms.

This is Prof. Margulis' theory, and from it came a response to the cold, almost monothestic, theory of "random mutation plus selection." There have been two challenges to this, and Prof. Margulis' is that instead of life being dependent on cosmic rays and chemical errors, that instead, cells, even complex ones, absorb the DNA of other organisms.

I am not well enough versed to explain the ins and the outs of this theory in a short space, and the evidence for it, other than we find the clear footprints of it in our DNA, parts from bacteria and virus liter the ground. Competition works by editing down, absorbing by building up.

What this means, though, is that cooperation and competition are the same. We cooperate by competing, we compete in the context of cooperation. This is not so hard to understand. Two people play cards. They are competing. But they are also cooperating. If they did not cooperate enough to play the game, there is no game. Without the common desire for fun, or possibility of the fruits of victory, which both must supply some of, there is no game.

I understood this, in a dawning way, in front of a mirror, over a wooden floor, before a wooden rod. Later that day, in an hour or so, would be a competition for spots in the special advanced class, the class taught to a few, who were possibly destined for professional careers. We were all, these black and pink flowers, hair drawn back severely, competing with every ounce of our being. But without the common occupation of The Dance, there is no competition, because there would be nothing to compete over. If we did not cooperate enough to create the common warm space of sweat and rosin, there would be no Dance, no cult of ballet, and so, nothing to compete over. If there were not enough of us to create a class, then there would be no class.

Competition is cooperation, because it is also how cooperation is made. Every virus might seem to compete with the cells it infects, but if it competes well, then it is joined into the cell. Every virus, every idea, every ballet star, is a barbarian at the gates. Every scientific idea begins as a heresy, that wants nothing more to be dogma. The barbarian that lives, is the one that wants nothing more than four walls and a roof in the city.

Cooperation is competition. Because each cooperator must get enough, and must jostle to do so. Your baby competes for your time, though you and she are cooperating. She gives you immortality, and joy, and affirmation, and someone to love unconditionally, and you give her the start in life, torn form your body.

It goes without saying that competition is most heralded by men, who must compete, and cooperation by women who must cooperate. But men form teams, that must cooperate, and women are the most brutal of social competitors, exposing infants to die, and shaming young women out of the group to face the cold alone, without defense. Do not ever think that a chattering group of 13 year old girls, too much make up plastered on on the bus after leaving the house, perfume stolen from their mothers, aunts, or older sisters, giggling in the back, are not sharpening their nails for each other to catch the fancy of a young man... even if they have no idea what to do with him when they catch him.

I am told it is Nash that we owe this idea in its modern form to, that cooperating groups often compete better. That competition must have a space where choosing the best end is best. But really, this is something that goes back to the ancient philosophers. I think Jesus preached the rich giving all they had to the poor, and Kong Zi, is all over the cooperation thing. I am told,by someone who knows the history and math well, that we should all cordially hate the film, because it gets so many things wrong. Perhaps, they should have changed the names to protect the brilliant, it is hard to say. But Russell Crowe is one of my favorite movie stars, it is hard for meto cordially or otherwise, hate, anything he has been in. Even if I should, and know I should.

The science soul must feel this coopetition, as it is called, as being reflected. it is a spiral, not a line or a grid, where each step pushes the partner. The tango, of push and pull, is a figure, a trace, a shape, a glyph. It writes on sand and water, and is burned into stone and bone. It is as elusive and as distinct as the flight of a small bee, and the wiggling that we know out of the corner of our eye, is a small child about to race to grab a cookie.

The science soul is one of wonder, and does not see science as a justification, direct or indirect, for what we do. This is, to me, the thing that makes me want to throw up at so much of what is written from science. The truth is that cooperation is even in our economics, an economically inclined friend explained how things such as "Free Trade" exist in the idea of cooperation being better than competition in trade. I'm dubious about that one, but he seems to be able to show it.

So at the end of this arc, the vastness of the universe means that life is a fragile boundary, a snow flake on the glass. To go on, life must create circles of cooperation, within which there is competition, which is a way of cooperating. The predatory gets the food from the prey, the prey does not explode beyond its food. The disease gets a host, the host gets genetic material. Even the most vicious of competitions, works by cooperation. Even the tightest of cooperations, is a struggle to set the line through competition.

The science soul strokes the keyboards of our age as Chopin stroked the keys of his piano.

Now and now, it is, and we are of it. The universe is one substance and shape, and we are shapes that are not like cogs in a watch, but something more estranged from metaphor, and we fumble for it in every medium we know.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Second Life, the ToS, and Virtual Rapists

As people may know, I have been going around to areas that violate the new adult rules on the ToS and reporting them, as well as posting on them. Why do I do this? Because the area that wants to violate this rule is the kind that wants to encourage rape.

Let me take a specific story about one Rajhi Frequency, he was hanging out in one "free sex" area in a mainland mature parcel. Now for those of you who think this is OK, realize that it is a 2048 parcel, and it has a traffic of 30,000. That's basically the entire resources of a mainland sim. Almost no on else will be able to make much use of that mainland sim.

As you would expect, there were free accounts begging for instasex. And there is that sub-species, the guy who is trying to lure a girl away with vague language. In his mind anything that happens she consented to. He's perfectly justified in telling her "sit on this pose ball" knowing that is is say, a torture rape pose ball, becuase well, she did it right? Fraud is as bad as force for rape, and often, rape requires fraud before force. Like say getting someone to drink something laced with a sedative.

He then took me to another mature parcel, this one with various sex torture devices on it, and as the dialog shows, without explanation, tried to get me to set on one of them. He then spent the next several minutes denying he did anything wrong.

Let's go over it:

Attempting adult conduct in a mature area.
Inciting to violate the ToS (adult conduct, mature area)
Attempted virtual rape (getting someone to do something which was for the purpose of simulated sex).

Oh and there's nothing wrong with this, because, well, I went with him, and anything that happens to me, well that's my fault.

Let me add the direct dialog:

[16:51] Rajhi Frequency: hey
[16:51] Lillie Yifu: Hello
[16:51] Rajhi Frequency: nice hair
[16:51] Lillie Yifu: Thank you
[16:52] Rajhi Frequency: r u looking for fun
[16:52] Lillie Yifu: it depends on what you mean
[16:52] Rajhi Frequency: i mean what u desire
[16:53] Lillie Yifu: that covers a great deal in sl. You should be careful who you say that o.
[16:53] Rajhi Frequency: if u want i know a better place
[16:53] Lillie Yifu: what sort of better palce?
[16:53] Lillie Yifu: pWhat sort of better place?
[16:54] Rajhi Frequency: a place full of fun and joy
[16:54] Lillie Yifu: a shopping mall?
[16:54] Rajhi Frequency: no
[16:54] Lillie Yifu: what sort of place?
[16:54] Rajhi Frequency: would u try it
[16:54] Rajhi Frequency: ill tp u?
[16:55] Lillie Yifu: I don't go strange places with people I have just met when they won't even tell me what sort of palce I am going to.
[16:57] Rajhi Frequency: u wont regret
[16:57] Rajhi Frequency: believe me
[16:58] Lillie Yifu: and if I do what would happen?
[16:58] Lillie Yifu: that means nothing
[16:58] Rajhi Frequency: i wont eat u
[16:59] Rajhi Frequency: what do think?
[16:59] Rajhi Frequency: what do u think
[17:00] Rajhi Frequency: hey
[17:00] Lillie Yifu: Amazon Sexual Combat area
[17:00] Lillie Yifu: why I am not suprised
[17:00] Rajhi Frequency: aha
[17:00] Rajhi Frequency: do u know this
[17:00] Rajhi Frequency: come
[17:01] Rajhi Frequency: touch one of the balls
[17:01] Rajhi Frequency: green
[17:02] Rajhi Frequency: still thinking
[17:02] Lillie Yifu: Filing abuse reports on you
[17:02] Lillie Yifu: still have two more to go.
[17:03] Rajhi Frequency: why?
[17:03] Rajhi Frequency: and why is that?
[17:03] Lillie Yifu: violating content rules
[17:03] Rajhi Frequency: how?
[17:03] Lillie Yifu: inciting to violate ToS
[17:03] Lillie Yifu: indecent conduct in a mature area
[17:03] Rajhi Frequency: i didnt do anything
[17:03] Lillie Yifu: liar
[17:04] Rajhi Frequency: proove it
[17:04] Rajhi Frequency: did i touch u
[17:04] Rajhi Frequency: did i force u to come
[17:04] Rajhi Frequency: i invited u
[17:04] Rajhi Frequency: and u came
[17:05] Lillie Yifu: yes but you never said what was here.
[17:05] Lillie Yifu: and when Linden Labs looks at the chat log
[17:05] Rajhi Frequency: did i abuse u
[17:05] Lillie Yifu: they will see tthat
[17:05] Lillie Yifu: and you did
[17:05] Lillie Yifu: yes you have
[17:05] Lillie Yifu: and now you are not only going to get reported
[17:05] Lillie Yifu: but so is the owner of this parcel
[17:05] Rajhi Frequency: i thout u r looking for fun
[17:05] Lillie Yifu: I hope they ban you forever
[17:05] Lillie Yifu: because that is what you deserve
[17:05] Rajhi Frequency: hey
[17:06] Rajhi Frequency: easy
[17:06] Rajhi Frequency: u where in the club and i thought u r looking for fun
[17:06] Rajhi Frequency: thats all of it
[17:06] Rajhi Frequency: and i offered u fun
[17:07] Rajhi Frequency: and u asked me about the place
[17:07] Rajhi Frequency: i told its for fun
[17:07] Lillie Yifu: You tried to rape me

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Adult Content Scofflaw Image of the Day

Featuring the following bits of dialog:

[18:41] aleor Portland: come here
[18:42] Lillie Yifu: what do you have in mind?
[18:43] aleor Portland: i have in mind you that suck me

Also an offer to get raped. Mature parcel, mainland. Pops up on a simple search for "free sex" which is not an adult search.

The Goddess Who Would Be Isis - Pre-Wave Feminism and the archetypes of myth Part II(b)

So there we have in the last decade of the 19th century an assertion that the domestic woman as supporter of he military life of the state is an essential part of legitimacy. How does this parallel Hathor versus Eeset?

Let's go back to the anthropology of Hathor's story.

The major researchers of this period are Fred Wendorf and Romuald Schild, whose work is seminal, even when later researchers have called into question their conclusion, much of the first important organization of the artifacts and remains of the time are their work. It's worth noting that they produced several classic papers on food, burial, and technology, from which a great deal of what I am about to summarize comes.

Around 10,000 BP, Before Present, the arid period began ending around the Western Sahara, and the first permanent settlements are found. Climate was becoming more stable from year to year, and the monsoons were shifting north, creating oasis areas in the arid Savannah, which then began to gradually dry out again. Pottery began being deposited, as part of what could be called "intensified gathering." Saharan physical culture seems to have been part of a northern African culture, which spread as far as present day Nigeria, and the domestication of cattle separately may well have been part of this.

The physical culture spread first to smaller water sites, and not to the Nile itself. This is not the result of an accident of objects, since the clays from the pottery come from the outer regions. The nile was not where the agrarians lived at first. Around 8000 BCE, we find cattle burials, in large and organized way. Clearly, there is a cattle cult, where cattle are particularly important. By this point, cattle have been at least somewhat domesticated or herded. Some writers theorize that girls did the herding, but the evidence is that teenage boys probably did, from some of the rock art of that time period.

For roughly 4000 years there was a succession of cultures, based in different areas, and then rapidly weaving, new pottery forms, and most importantly a general pattern of settlement crop up very quickly. This is "proto-dynastic" or "pre-dynastic" Egypt. Metal replaces stone, trade begins. Artistic conventions, such as the oval eye, which would remain in place for thousands of years, were developed. Trade grew between the Nile, now the center of settlement as the desert oasis areas.

When an Egyptian polity emerges, it is created around the legitimacy of the cattle cult, as we can see from the first two objects we have from it: the Narmer Palette, and the Scorpion Mace-head. Each attests to the unification of Upper and Lower Egypt under a single ruler, who is variously called Menes, Narmer, and perhaps Hor-Aha. All of these names could be for one person, three people, or a title that several people had. However, what is clear from these two objects, is that Egypt was unified, and the unified polity immediately began creating symbols and myths that justified it's power.

The Narmer Palette is particularly of interest. It has one of the first hieroglyphic inscriptions, and until recent discoveries, the oldest one we had. On it is the king, Narmer, about to ritually behead a defeated enemy, on the reverse side of the palate are beheaded enemies. It has the Horus symbol standing over victories, perhaps in the Nile Delta according to the most common interpretation pulling the brains out of the nose of an enemy head, and it has the bull symbol smashing the walls to a city, at the top, are ox heads, or perhaps cow heads, decorating the top. They are not bulls, as can be seen by the bull face below, which is square, not round. The palette celebrates the unification of upper and lower Egypt, or a battle that takes place after or as part of that unification.

The cattle goddess might already be here, in the form of the cow heads, but even if not, Hathor is named by some time in Narmer's dynasty, the "First Dynasty" of Egypt. Since the title Hathor means "house of Horus,' she is the mother of Horus, that is, the mother of the Pharaoh's icon. Hor-Aha, means Horus Fought, and is the name or title of a Pharaoh. Horus as well, though often a falcon headed god, was also depicted as a bull, perhaps the Palette references this, but even if not then it is part of the context.

Importantly the patron deities of both upper and lower Egypt were female. The titles of Narmer's queen consort included "beloved of the Two Ladies."

So the history goes like this: in pre-Nile culture, settlements grow up around wild grain, and gradually agriculture once the climate stabilizes. They begin herding cattle, and domesticating it. Then as the region becomes more arid, the Nile is settled and rapidly a trading, weaving, boating culture blooms. Key to the control of the Nile, is irrigation and plowing. The control of cows, oxen, and bulls, becomes the fundamental activity of controlling the proto-dynastic Nile. The Pharonic system establishes itself around a cult that controls these resources, including the use of bulls, and castration. How do we know castration? Because one of the sacrificial figures on the palette, is castrated.

So what is the role of the feminine in this anthropology? Much of what follows is summarized from Michael Brass' "Tracing the Origins of the Ancient Egyptian Cattle Cult", published in 2003.

The importance of unification is clear: it is the result of the bull god Pharaoh destroying resistance. The most logical analysis of the Palatte is that Narmer destroyed the capital of the Delta, lower Egypt, filled with a different kind of people, and beheaded the prisoners in a ritual fashion, and from this leveling of what is a revolt against his power, comes a unified Egypt. There are other interpretations, but each one must ask for special pleading as to why the palette would then be in the temple in the first place.

Unification comes from a legitimacy granted by the cattle cult, and by marriage to a Lower Egypt Princess, and to the protection of the female goddesses of the two parts of Egypt. The cattle cult was already well established, and the major goddesses were woven into it. We are talking, remember, about the Hathor cult, the domestic cult. Women keep the home, and as the Ra myth shows, brew the beer that allows people to drink and not die of infection.

So to control Egypt, to move back to my own argument, meant controlling a key technology, that of cattle as part of an agricultural, as well as herding, system. The pharonic system needed a myth that combined the three aspects of this system: the male bull, the female cow, and the castrated ox. The castrated ox was associated with dead and defeated enemies, and by extension the dead, the cow with the mother goddess, and the bull with male gods. It is not an accident that the same thing that makes fields fertile, that is excrement, is the source of the death that afflicts a culture going from sporadic agriculture to a unified society.

Now let's look at the anthropology of the anti-suffrage movement, in the form of Elihu Root, and Helen Kendrick Johnson. They argue for the woman's place in political disenfranchisement and maintaining the home as part of political unity. Anyone reading in 1890 would know that war meant "The Civil War" and the wars to subjugate the native nations of the American West. That is, political unity. It is also important to remember that the Victorian, without real cures, relied upon "cleanliness is next to godliness." Women kept the home clean, and for this, Root worships them.

The worship of the female is in the same pedestal way as 5000 years before in ancient Egypt, the men slay, parade, and rule, and the women are beloved bearers of children and keepers of the house. It is interesting to note that the palette that Narmer's victory and ritual human sacrifice or execution is celebrated on, is for grinding cosmetics.

The parallels in political situation, of a civil war, the importance of unification, and the relationship of the male war principle to the female domestic principle are almost exact, even though the Narmer Palette was not discovered until 1898, which meant that the story of Narmer was completely unknown to the anti-suffrage writers. We are speaking then of an archetypical pattern that recurs through history, and, in fact, as far back as there is history, all the way back to First Dynasty Egypt.

So the Hathor pattern repeats itself at great distance. So why Eeset? And how is the Eeset pattern repeated by First Wave Feminism?