Saturday, October 17, 2009

State of Adult Content violations

It isn't gone, but it has pulled the advertising. It will still get traffic from people with landmarks, and may try to advertise a small parcel in the corner. But Isle of Equanimity has decided not to go adult for whatever reason. This means that LL is finally moving to get mature parcels to conform to the new adult content rules.

There has been a great deal of chatter about this on forums and blogs, and evidently the message is slowly sinking in. But slowly. Metal88 Carter, the king of mature parcel scofflaws is still out there, and Slade's offers gambling fuck camping in a mature parcel. Escorts Lounge continues to operate on mature as well, and is not redirecting people to their new parcel.

Here is metal88 Carter's peepshow parcel, with metal88 himself. So there is no possibility that he is just "away from SL" and not getting the messages.

And my personal favorite of the parcels that LL has done nothing about despite repeated reports: Rape Torture Kill, whose rules card says:

Be aware that this is an EXTREME Roleplay area so if the words Rape,Torture,Discrimination,Bad language,Stalking,Harassing,Drugs,Crime,Abuse,Death sound of limits for you then please leave.

(Stalking,Harrassing,Bad language and Discrimination is strictly within a consensual roleplay.In any other case you will be banned at once).

Another good example is Endless Desire's Masters Medieval Supper Club, whose parcel description reads as follows:

Drugged, lost, the girls serve the meal --only to be groped, displayed, and humiliated by guests --then taken upstairs and used like whores BDSM fuck piss whore bestiality rape forced prostitution incest free sex human trafficking mansion

Someone is at the drop point recruiting people to do this in the mature parcel.

So one by one sims and parcels are dropping out, but many are continue to flout the new adult content rules, in some cases brazenly.


  1. get a life. you got nothing better to report LL adult content violations? seriously.

  2. Well, to fight the adult content violation is a good thing BUT the problem comes out when you have to do with someone whom broadcast fake information. Let's get started...

    As you all noticed this topic is old, the reason that i decided to reply on that now is because i don't have anything else to do, thus I'm bored and that she didn't respected me when i IMed her in world to ask her what's all these about and to remove the R.T.K Forced Sex Roleplay asap from her blog because what she claims are fake. But what you expect from a 'wannabe' journalist? Anyways...

    R.T.K first SIM was on a homestead SIM under Serena Estates ownership, i was paying the tiers. For instance, if someone wants to open a serious job then s/he must respect the TOS and especially when we are talking about an extreme role play area. So, obviously before i set up the SIM -we- (Serena Estates and R.T.K Management)made sure that everything are OK. Which means the following: We met and we discussed for what reason i wanted the SIM, i said that i want it to be (Adult) and of course a serious real estate co. like Serena Estates would never let someone run a SIM that they own, under of violation of TOS. period.

    As many of you already might know when you request a (Mature) Sim to change into an (Adult) SIM it takes a day to two. Linden Lab did they job and they moved the SIM to an (Adult) server and all ready to go.

    The next part is more tricky.
    I've read to other posts about R.T.K from the same person (I won't say her name due to her lack of respect even if I'm posting in her blog) that Linden Lab closed the SIM finally because of violating of TOS.
    Okay, let me clear this out then real quick.

    As i said above the SIM was in Serena Estates. Something that nobody of us can be ready for happened to me. Yes, real life has surprises some times for everyone. I had a very bad car accident and i was in hospital for 1 month +.

    Thank God, I'm great and healthy;)

    When i log in back after a month and a half the last location was of course my SIM, so i log in there. Guess what?

    My SIM were belong to Serena Management now, ran under a GM of Serena estates. All my items were back in my inventory and the funny part was that they changed the name from R.T.K Forced Sex Roleplay to BnB Forced Sex Roleplay but this is an other issue :P

    All these made me to take a very important decision. To close my shop which it was under construction in a full SIM, pack it in my inventory and start building R.T.K FSR again.

    And there we go. Now the SIM is "again" in an (Adult) rated area on a full SIM.

    The funny part of the whole post of this girl is that she mentioned several if not many reports to Linden Labs, so...will you dance with me? Show me proof as you showing proof for some other things you posting around your blog and i will close R.T.K tomorrow.

    Let's see if you are a good dancer :P

    Also by the way honey some if not ALL of the SIM 's you saying that they closed, they are up and running!

    Fake info isn't a good thing and i will kindly request from you once again, in public this time, to shut down every article that has my SIM in it spreading fake info. Thank you;

    ((This post will be also published to the other articles that they include R.T.K in it))

    "Monique Sauber"