Saturday, October 10, 2009

Poetry Year October 8

I pull the sublime web of silk, that spun around my legs,
caressed up my calf and along the outer curve of thigh.
I bathe in it's embrace, and it engulfs me with an electric wave sensation.

I drop the dress over my head, and fall into it's cave,
on the other side, I, transformed into vision,
learned from many maiden's magazines.

The zipper encloses me, and in the glamor
I have those assets in seeming,
which nature has denied.

Underlined my eyes, with soft streak of dark,
and blushed a taste of color that soothes upon my cheeks,
rounded the kiss of lipstick the flowers flush.

I am a garden given touch and taste sensation,
to lure the lust and looks of eyes I have never seen.
Give off light that warms the dreams of lurid wishes.
The truth burns beneath this cocoon of truth deception,
beneath this cold, a warmth and depth of fair reception.

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