Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Few Things That Mark You as a Creep

Guys, many of you are creeps. Icky slimy and stupid.

You don't have to be.

So herewith or whatever they said back in the 18th century, are a few pieces of advice.

Don't Go Around Ugly Propositioning Beautiful

I'm going to say this several times, but the basic truth of creeps is they are only concerned with their own pleasure, and they feel a sense of entitlement to having their cravings instantly gratified for free. In Second Life, more even than the real world, to be good looking takes time, money, or both. A person, we will leave aside his or her gender, who has taken the time and trouble to look good, is going to judge other people on a scale that combines how they look, with their own consciousness of it. People who have default avatars, but who are aware of it, are given a good deal of grace, people who are ugly and pushy, less so.

It is not as bad as it was two years ago, when ugly was really pitifully so, but it is not that good now. If someone looks good, she worked at it, or he worked at it even more so. If you wouldn't want to fuck you, why should we?

"Wanna Fuck?" Is not a synonym for "Hello" in any language.

This is perhaps the simplest marker of an egotistical creep. While it might seem that such pleasantries as "How are you?" and so on are time wasting, both in real life and in Second Life, they give someone time to focus on the interlocutor, and away from everything else. They also tell a great deal about how the person is going to be in bed.

It may be a surprise to the male population, but there is no switch on a woman's back which makes her wet and ready to be penetrated instantly. In sex, it can be down right painful if the man tries to jam himself through the outer labia, the inner labia, and entrance to the vagina before there is proper arousal and lubrication.

Wanna fuck, is the conversational marker that that is just what the guy is going to try to do.

If It Is All About You, Go Have A Date With Vaseline

The essence of creephood, is that it is all about the creep. He's not doing this to find anything with anyone, but to prove his inner image as the great hawt lov-air by having women respond to his life of attack. A creep talks about himself, his cock, how hard it is, about how bored he is and needs release.

The longer you go on about what you need, and how you need it right now, the more you confirm yourself as a creep.

Don't Be Impatient

A reality of Second Life, is delay. Lag, Real World Interuptions, Other Conversations. You did not just call a customer support line. I am not on the job being required to answer your call, and answer your questions as they avalanche in. If I have not replied immediately, don't assume anything, except, perhaps, that I have something else to do.

Don't Ask For Information, Without Reciprocation

Another habit of creeps is to pepper a woman with personal questions from the start: age, location, what she looks like, and most particularly, not saying anything about himself. This is an outgrowth of the creep's all about himself mentality. He's interviewing her for a job as his sex appliance. It's particularly annoying, especially when the woman asks for details in return, or doesn't provide enough specificity for the creep's tastes.

Don't Just Ask Me What My Desire Is.

Because this is like asking what you have to say to get me to drop my panties right away. What every woman is looking for, is a man who wants the same things she does, in a genuine way. The sophisticated creep is good at guessing, the obvious creep... asks, some how expecting reward.

Don't Ask For the Truth Unless You Are Willing to Hear It.

One of the hallmarks of the creep, is that he asks for the truth, and then gets very angry when he hears it. When a woman implies that you don't want to hear the truth, guess what, you probably don't. It isn't that we don't have our moments when we don't have a confession of passion or love that needs to be dragged out of us, but it is not going to happen within a few minutes of meeting you. So you can guess that if the woman you are talking to has something she thinks you don't want to hear, say good bye politely and move on.

Purge ;) from your vocabulary.

One of the habits of creeps is saying something to pressure for sex or intimacy, only in a just barely veiled way, and following it with a lame ass covering statement. This includes, but is not limited to wink smilies, "just kidding" and all of the other statements that pretend that you didn't mean what you said, or that it wasn't said with a leer.

Don't Hurl Invective After You Get "Shot Out of the Saddle."

One reality about us is that we put up with guys being creeps for an awful long time. It is the reality of being a woman in this culture that we have to do this, because the penalties for not doing so are rather larger than people admit to. Men who are pressuring for a grab of our ass, are often also willing to trash our transcripts, bash our job ratings, or bad mouth our writing. So when a woman finally does get tired of repeated unwanted advances, and usually we've said no politely several times, when the slam comes, it hurts a great deal.

The reason, creep, is because you got several grades of "no" previously. To then hurl invective because your egotistical self-image as some kind of killer lover has been dented, only confirms that yes, you are a clod, and that yes, it would be a very bad idea for any woman to have anything to do with you. This is because in a relationship there are going to be many occasions when the woman will subtly hint to the man that he's headed in the wrong direction.

If invective, such as "you bitch" or whatever is what we would get when finally drawing the line, then that is a recipe for an abusive relationship.


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