Sunday, October 4, 2009

Second Life, the ToS, and Virtual Rapists

As people may know, I have been going around to areas that violate the new adult rules on the ToS and reporting them, as well as posting on them. Why do I do this? Because the area that wants to violate this rule is the kind that wants to encourage rape.

Let me take a specific story about one Rajhi Frequency, he was hanging out in one "free sex" area in a mainland mature parcel. Now for those of you who think this is OK, realize that it is a 2048 parcel, and it has a traffic of 30,000. That's basically the entire resources of a mainland sim. Almost no on else will be able to make much use of that mainland sim.

As you would expect, there were free accounts begging for instasex. And there is that sub-species, the guy who is trying to lure a girl away with vague language. In his mind anything that happens she consented to. He's perfectly justified in telling her "sit on this pose ball" knowing that is is say, a torture rape pose ball, becuase well, she did it right? Fraud is as bad as force for rape, and often, rape requires fraud before force. Like say getting someone to drink something laced with a sedative.

He then took me to another mature parcel, this one with various sex torture devices on it, and as the dialog shows, without explanation, tried to get me to set on one of them. He then spent the next several minutes denying he did anything wrong.

Let's go over it:

Attempting adult conduct in a mature area.
Inciting to violate the ToS (adult conduct, mature area)
Attempted virtual rape (getting someone to do something which was for the purpose of simulated sex).

Oh and there's nothing wrong with this, because, well, I went with him, and anything that happens to me, well that's my fault.

Let me add the direct dialog:

[16:51] Rajhi Frequency: hey
[16:51] Lillie Yifu: Hello
[16:51] Rajhi Frequency: nice hair
[16:51] Lillie Yifu: Thank you
[16:52] Rajhi Frequency: r u looking for fun
[16:52] Lillie Yifu: it depends on what you mean
[16:52] Rajhi Frequency: i mean what u desire
[16:53] Lillie Yifu: that covers a great deal in sl. You should be careful who you say that o.
[16:53] Rajhi Frequency: if u want i know a better place
[16:53] Lillie Yifu: what sort of better palce?
[16:53] Lillie Yifu: pWhat sort of better place?
[16:54] Rajhi Frequency: a place full of fun and joy
[16:54] Lillie Yifu: a shopping mall?
[16:54] Rajhi Frequency: no
[16:54] Lillie Yifu: what sort of place?
[16:54] Rajhi Frequency: would u try it
[16:54] Rajhi Frequency: ill tp u?
[16:55] Lillie Yifu: I don't go strange places with people I have just met when they won't even tell me what sort of palce I am going to.
[16:57] Rajhi Frequency: u wont regret
[16:57] Rajhi Frequency: believe me
[16:58] Lillie Yifu: and if I do what would happen?
[16:58] Lillie Yifu: that means nothing
[16:58] Rajhi Frequency: i wont eat u
[16:59] Rajhi Frequency: what do think?
[16:59] Rajhi Frequency: what do u think
[17:00] Rajhi Frequency: hey
[17:00] Lillie Yifu: Amazon Sexual Combat area
[17:00] Lillie Yifu: why I am not suprised
[17:00] Rajhi Frequency: aha
[17:00] Rajhi Frequency: do u know this
[17:00] Rajhi Frequency: come
[17:01] Rajhi Frequency: touch one of the balls
[17:01] Rajhi Frequency: green
[17:02] Rajhi Frequency: still thinking
[17:02] Lillie Yifu: Filing abuse reports on you
[17:02] Lillie Yifu: still have two more to go.
[17:03] Rajhi Frequency: why?
[17:03] Rajhi Frequency: and why is that?
[17:03] Lillie Yifu: violating content rules
[17:03] Rajhi Frequency: how?
[17:03] Lillie Yifu: inciting to violate ToS
[17:03] Lillie Yifu: indecent conduct in a mature area
[17:03] Rajhi Frequency: i didnt do anything
[17:03] Lillie Yifu: liar
[17:04] Rajhi Frequency: proove it
[17:04] Rajhi Frequency: did i touch u
[17:04] Rajhi Frequency: did i force u to come
[17:04] Rajhi Frequency: i invited u
[17:04] Rajhi Frequency: and u came
[17:05] Lillie Yifu: yes but you never said what was here.
[17:05] Lillie Yifu: and when Linden Labs looks at the chat log
[17:05] Rajhi Frequency: did i abuse u
[17:05] Lillie Yifu: they will see tthat
[17:05] Lillie Yifu: and you did
[17:05] Lillie Yifu: yes you have
[17:05] Lillie Yifu: and now you are not only going to get reported
[17:05] Lillie Yifu: but so is the owner of this parcel
[17:05] Rajhi Frequency: i thout u r looking for fun
[17:05] Lillie Yifu: I hope they ban you forever
[17:05] Lillie Yifu: because that is what you deserve
[17:05] Rajhi Frequency: hey
[17:06] Rajhi Frequency: easy
[17:06] Rajhi Frequency: u where in the club and i thought u r looking for fun
[17:06] Rajhi Frequency: thats all of it
[17:06] Rajhi Frequency: and i offered u fun
[17:07] Rajhi Frequency: and u asked me about the place
[17:07] Rajhi Frequency: i told its for fun
[17:07] Lillie Yifu: You tried to rape me

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