Thursday, October 8, 2009

Wanna Fuck?

Metal88 Carter is one of the largest LL content scofflaws. He owns several parcels, none of which are even rated mature, which advertise free sex, and have all the things you would expect: sex pose balls, newbies running around, and dialog like this:

[2009/10/08 21:16] PiTiPiN Melody: hoy
[2009/10/08 21:16] PiTiPiN Melody: wanna see mine ?
[2009/10/08 21:16] Lillie Yifu: Hell
[2009/10/08 21:16] Lillie Yifu: Hello*
[2009/10/08 21:16] Lillie Yifu: how are you?
[2009/10/08 21:16] PiTiPiN Melody: a bit hottie..
[2009/10/08 21:17] PiTiPiN Melody: want ?
[2009/10/08 21:17] Lillie Yifu: want what?
[2009/10/08 21:17] PiTiPiN Melody: see me nude ...
[2009/10/08 21:17] Lillie Yifu: I am still rezzing
[2009/10/08 21:17] PiTiPiN Melody: not here i mean in real
[2009/10/08 21:18] PiTiPiN Melody: would ?
[2009/10/08 21:18] Lillie Yifu: so you want to get on a chat program and show me your rl penis?
[2009/10/08 21:19] PiTiPiN Melody: have you msn ?
[2009/10/08 21:20] Lillie Yifu: no I don't
[2009/10/08 21:20] PiTiPiN Melody: uh
[2009/10/08 21:20] PiTiPiN Melody: yahoo?
[2009/10/08 21:20] Lillie Yifu: I have yahoo
[2009/10/08 21:20] PiTiPiN Melody: good
[2009/10/08 21:20] PiTiPiN Melody: tell me it
[2009/10/08 21:20] PiTiPiN Melody: i add you
[2009/10/08 21:21] PiTiPiN Melody: and we can see eachother
[2009/10/08 21:21] Lillie Yifu: I can see peopel in real life
[2009/10/08 21:21] Lillie Yifu: no I am not going to do cam sex with you after just meeting you
[2009/10/08 21:21] Lillie Yifu: beijos
[2009/10/08 21:21] PiTiPiN Melody: so no want ?
[2009/10/08 21:21] Lillie Yifu: no thank you
[2009/10/08 21:21] PiTiPiN Melody: no ?
[2009/10/08 21:22] PiTiPiN Melody: just look ?
[2009/10/08 21:22] PiTiPiN Melody: no sex
[2009/10/08 21:22] PiTiPiN Melody: well
[2009/10/08 21:22] PiTiPiN Melody: if you want you choose
[2009/10/08 21:22] Lillie Yifu: no thank you
[2009/10/08 21:22] PiTiPiN Melody: uh
[2009/10/08 21:22] PiTiPiN Melody: as you desire

Now, it is one thing if people are being moved to Zindra. But this is not the case here. LL clearly does not enforce its own rules, and isn't about to start caring about doing so. Proof is in the pictures though.

Should it be on this blog? Well LL has rated it PG, so why not?

What should be done is simple. One is that "free sex" and variations should be added to the adult list, another is that having any adult term takes a parcel out of any non-adult search. The last is that when there are parcels that clearly violate the rules, and people report them, they should be moved quickly.

What is the problem with orgy rooms in mature? There are more than one, but the most important are the simple issues of fairness. This one 2048 parcel has a traffic of over 40,000 a day. Since one avatar hour equals about 1000 traffic points, this is almost the entire mainland sim's capacity. Everyone else, is in lag land. The second is that orgy rooms are sticky in the minds of the inhabitants. They don't just ask you to get naked on camera while you are there, but for days afterwards. Sometimes weeks and months.

While the whole silliness of making it so that people have to have a payment relationship with LL is less that meaningless, having an "adult" rating is reasonable, given how low the threshold for "PG" violation is. Nipples are out, even regular nudity is out.

There are dozens of parcels, and a few sims, that continue to thumb their noses at the new rules. Some people may regard them as heros, but really, they are just a bin full of zeros asking "wanna fuck?"

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