Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Adult Policy Violation of the Day

Here is the complete rules set of Rape Torture Kill, a Mature area:

Welcome at R.T.K (Rape - Torture - Kill) Forced Sex Role Play Sim.



Please take a moment to read our rules,it may be boring but this will help you to know what is alowed and what is not to avoid misunderstandings.Thank you.

Be aware that this is an EXTREME Roleplay area so if the words Rape,Torture,Discrimination,Bad language,Stalking,Harassing,Drugs,Crime,Abuse,Death sound of limits for you then please leave.
(Stalking,Harrassing,Bad language and Discrimination is strictly within a consensual roleplay.In any other case
you will be banned at once).

Any other avatar except Human,Dogs,Cats-Neko's and Beasts is prohibited! This includes but is not restricted to Centaurus,Robots,Vampires and underage avatars (Chidavatars) ( If you're 5’3” tall, but have an "adult appearance", you're just short, that's ok).

Free fuck seekers this is a RP area, you can have fun but you are not allowed to disturb other residents,if you see that they're Role Playing !!!DON'T!!! keep IMing Females and ask them the very usual "Wanna fuck?".Respect others and !!!DON'T!!! walk around nude,try to be a part of this city,be dressed and when the time comes you can get nude with 3-4 clicks.Thanks!

Do not interrupt roleplay scenes,if you want to participate then kindly ask them,if you want to watch then please stay at a 20 m. distance.
When you are in this sim forget everything,you will live the role you will choose,you will work on it and you will
make him/her an active resident of this city.

If you get killed here you will be banned for 3 days (you cant get killed and walk around after a minute.)
If you get wounded then you must mark your body ie.wound layers,weelchair etc. and again you must be wounded at least for 3 days(no ban).

No Escorting or sex for money except if you are a slut,then you can ask 250L$/hour but of course you can get fooled and get raped and/or killed.Also you can apply at CUM-INN sluthouse and poledance.Management takes the 20% of the tips.(Dont forget that we are a RP area,all these are to help the Role Play not to earn money,so do not expect to tip you a fortune.For example a 50L$ tip is like a 50$ one,think like that.)

No Griefing,grief is also when you have attached a huge amount of prims on you.Please keep your rendering cost close at 4000.We have many menu driven sex objects so the lag wll make the RP boring till the menu pop up etc.
( Go to Advanced menu ~ if you dont see it then hit CTRL+ALT+D ~ then Rendering/Info Displays/Avatar Rendering Cost/Now look over your head your rendering cost and try to reduce it.Hair and prim clothing creates the most lag.So if you have Damselfy,Sweet hair - hair or Blow-up Skirt detach them 1st.However we dont "ban" those brands we just inform you.To turn the rendering cost text off do the same again.)

Weapons are allowed but only for RP of course.You can have them attached to make the sceene more realistic.(Honestly if i could trust you i could allow the use of them too but out there are assholes who have fun when ruining other people fun.)

If you have a problem with someone use the easy way,dont continue and just leave him/her to be an asshole. Simply mute him/her and call the police in R.T.K Forced Sex Roleplay Group (always IC ~In Character using /me)and make a report of the incident, a clear report not like please ban " X " because he called me bitch. After that he/she will handle the rest.

If you want to Observe the sim then please wear this object (It is an Observer tag over your head it will attach on your right ear and you can be safe from everything,please respect all the residents while you are in the city,you can talk with the ppl who they dont RP though and ask them to learn more about this place. : 􀀂

I leave it to you to decide why LL has done nothing about it, despite repeated reports.


  1. Well, to fight the adult content violation is a good thing BUT the problem comes out when you have to do with someone whom broadcast fake information. Let's get started...

    As you all noticed this topic is old, the reason that i decided to reply on that now is because i don't have anything else to do, thus I'm bored and that she didn't respected me when i IMed her in world to ask her what's all these about and to remove the R.T.K Forced Sex Roleplay asap from her blog because what she claims are fake. But what you expect from a 'wannabe' journalist? Anyways...

    R.T.K first SIM was on a homestead SIM under Serena Estates ownership, i was paying the tiers. For instance, if someone wants to open a serious job then s/he must respect the TOS and especially when we are talking about an extreme role play area. So, obviously before i set up the SIM -we- (Serena Estates and R.T.K Management)made sure that everything are OK. Which means the following: We met and we discussed for what reason i wanted the SIM, i said that i want it to be (Adult) and of course a serious real estate co. like Serena Estates would never let someone run a SIM that they own, under of violation of TOS. period.

    As many of you already might know when you request a (Mature) Sim to change into an (Adult) SIM it takes a day to two. Linden Lab did they job and they moved the SIM to an (Adult) server and all ready to go.

    The next part is more tricky.
    I've read to other posts about R.T.K from the same person (I won't say her name due to her lack of respect even if I'm posting in her blog) that Linden Lab closed the SIM finally because of violating of TOS.
    Okay, let me clear this out then real quick.

    As i said above the SIM was in Serena Estates. Something that nobody of us can be ready for happened to me. Yes, real life has surprises some times for everyone. I had a very bad car accident and i was in hospital for 1 month +.

    Thank God, I'm great and healthy;)

    When i log in back after a month and a half the last location was of course my SIM, so i log in there. Guess what?

    My SIM were belong to Serena Management now, ran under a GM of Serena estates. All my items were back in my inventory and the funny part was that they changed the name from R.T.K Forced Sex Roleplay to BnB Forced Sex Roleplay but this is an other issue :P

    All these made me to take a very important decision. To close my shop which it was under construction in a full SIM, pack it in my inventory and start building R.T.K FSR again.

    And there we go. Now the SIM is "again" in an (Adult) rated area on a full SIM.

    The funny part of the whole post of this girl is that she mentioned several if not many reports to Linden Labs, so...will you dance with me? Show me proof as you showing proof for some other things you posting around your blog and i will close R.T.K tomorrow.

    Let's see if you are a good dancer :P

    Also by the way honey some if not ALL of the SIM 's you saying that they closed, they are up and running!

    Fake info isn't a good thing and i will kindly request from you once again, in public this time, to shut down every article that has my SIM in it spreading fake info. Thank you;

    ((This post will be also published to the other articles that they include R.T.K in it))

    "Monique Sauber"

  2. By the way you should update the rules, we updating them every month :P

    I have a question for you though. Did you used the .950 version of Emerald viewer when you were visiting the SIM? If so, then let me inform you that the viewer had a bug and it wasn't showing the (Adult) rating on the top of your screen but only when you were searching the place through the search engine. A very old known bug; Or...you hadn't anything else to finish your ink at? :)

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