Friday, October 16, 2009

TNT Sex HUD: total rip off, total jerks

I purchased, for 4000L, a Sex HUD from TNT. Not only is it an inferior product, but it's claims are outrageously inflated as being the best on Second Life. It was so bad I wrote a bad review on Xstreetsl. Torix Jameson then IM'ed me, insulted me, made more claims which were contrary to my experience with the product, and so on.

Having ripped me off for 4000L, Torix also wants to abuse me by IM, and get me to pull a bad review. He's a liar, he's an ass.

Don't every by anything from Torix, you will be very very very sorry. You will be out the money, and then if you don't suffer in silence, he will IM you and hurl insults and lies. Then he will file an Abuse Report on you, and threaten you with more.

Any merchant who doesn't refund no copy purchases, and then harasses customers who are unhappy is not a reputable merchant. Stick to people who refund no copy purchases.

Con artist, rip off jerk. DO NOT BUY TNT SEX HUD. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM TORIX JAMESON, he does not stand by his merchandise and does not care a bit about customer satisfication.

No copy and No Refund is a dishonest merchant. If you don't like his work, then he will call you stupid, a liar, and then lie about it.

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