Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sky Fixes

Note that the moon is now in front of, not behind, the stars. Note that the stars now cluster along a "galactic equator" and have a more realistic scatter. None of this was hard to do... an art major pixel prostitute could figure it out.

Next step is larger: the moon moving relative to the sun, and having phases. This is harder than it looks because LL assumes the two are on opposite sides, and there are some lighting things to deal with. There is also the problem that old code hasn't been cleaned out, even though it is not actually used.

More later.


  1. I've always been perturbed by the fake SL night sky, and thought that the real stars could easily be reproduced with open-source "planetarium" program code and data bases. You could even assign a lat/long coordinate to each sim, so that our friends from the Southern Hemisphere could see their sky in the right part of the Grid.

  2. If the night sky was server side, that might be able to be done. As it's client side everyone sees it different.
    I suppose it's possible to have a star database that all viewers could sync their location, and get a proper night sky.

  3. One way would be to have a texture, but max texture sizes don't look good drawn dome scale.

    Another is a text file database, and people can select it. That is the route I am taking.