Thursday, October 22, 2009

Examples of Sexual Harassment in Second Life

In Egypt, the BBC reports, a sizable minority of women are victims of "phone stalking." Men call, often at random, and demand to know the woman's name, and then often demand sex or threaten for sex. Women do not report, because often these violations are not taken seriously. Egypt is passing tougher laws.

Linden Labs pro-sexual harassment policies place them behind Egypt on the scale of enlightenment. In Second Life women are expected to submit to sexual harassment constantly, by people who are knowingly violating the terms of service. One reason that no company in its right mind should do business with Linden Lab is that doing so indicates your support of sexual harassment and sexism. Having followed abuse reports of sexual harassment, I know what almost every sexual harasser on Second Life knows: that there is no penalty for doing it, so why not do it?

Consider this dialog from an illegal sex sim in a mature region:

[7:12] Olsin Skute: you look very pretty dear..are you taken?
[7:12] Lillie Yifu: Hello
[7:14] Olsin Skute: you are not interested?
[7:14] Lillie Yifu: in what?
[7:14] Olsin Skute: in getting to know me better..;)
[7:14] Olsin Skute: i stand behind you
[7:14] Lillie Yifu: it depends on what you mean.
[7:15] Olsin Skute: well....i mean that i find your av quite beautifull and i would like to talk more with you....maybe eventually ending up where we may become more intimate
[7:16] Lillie Yifu: No thank you, I am just here reporting the sim for ToS violations
[7:17] Olsin Skute chuckles.....
[7:17] Olsin Skute: andf you dressed that way...really now dear....
[7:18] Lillie Yifu: so?
[7:21] Olsin Skute: so.....this is a sim for adult fun...everyone knows that and that is why most come here.......if you want to simply look and observe then thats fine although plucking silly excuses out of the air only works with the youngsters here..not me....enjoy yourself dear however that may be..
[7:21] Lillie Yifu: thank you for coming out and violating the ToS , I will report you now.
[7:21] Lillie Yifu: beijos
[7:22] Olsin Skute: as you wish....says olsin with a soft smile on his face and a chuckle in his throat

Olsin knows there is no penalty. His RL is untouchable, he won't be so much as warned by Linden Labs, no matter how flagrantly he sexually harasses women.

Linden Labs is objectively pro-rape, objectively pro-sexual harassment, objectively sexist. They are a company that sells the ability to sexually harass women to men who want to do it.

From now on I am going to look up companies and politicians doing business with LL, and start publicizing, in a larger forum than this, their pro-sexist ties, and support for sexual harassment and violence against women.


  1. You have got to fucking be kidding me. That conversation has NO sexual harrasment overtones at all. He said "intimate" sure but thats no reason to report him you said no and he backed off.

    maybe second life would be a better place if we didnt have such whiners like you women.

    oh and by the way just how the hell can you get "raped" in second life. its poseballs and if your caught in a situation you dont like TELEPORT OUT OF IT!

    God you women act like your soo weak but its half the time you women are the one that lead us guys on.

    and sexual content is allowed in adult sims.

    get over it. IF you dont like it then stop freaking playing second life.

    bye now.

  2. u r an asshole!!!!fucker who da heck do u think u r 2 talk about women like dat...u don't know how sick it feels 2 have all eyes on u at alltimes.hope u b born as a sexually harassed woman in ur "second life"!!!!!

  3. This is absolutely ridiculous. There was no sexual harassment whatsoever. You were on a mature sim specifically for the purpose of adult roleplay. When you said you weren't interested, he left you alone and he was polite throughout the entire conversation, despite your threats to report him. Even had this exchange taken place on a PG sim, one would be hard pressed to find fault with his methods. He was not vulgar or obscene. Are you just looking for something to complain about? Yes, there are legitimate issues facing women today and they should be taken seriously, but you detract from them when you post drivel like this.

    And Linden Labs has a "pro-sexual harassment" policy? No man or woman can be forced to do anything they don't wish to do in a virtual world. As Evenios stated, it's as simple as teleporting away or logging out.

    I also notice in the title of your blog you refer to yourself as a “virtual escort”. How hypocritical of you then to complain about being approached in a mature-region sex sim. Your efforts to shed light on so-called sexual harassment in Second Life are misguided at best. If anyone has been wronged here, it is the man you’ve falsely labeled as a sexual deviant and erroneously reported for ToS violations. It certainly isn’t you.

  4. Ok...i can't help it. Read your blog and I have to say something...

    but where to start? wow....

    I do get "sexually harassed" in world often....ok..ALL the time. I could be sitting in my home sim, minding my own business and get smacked with the most offensive IMs....

    What the gentleman above said to a sex sim mind you...was mild if not completely sedate. I didn't find anything he said to be all. In fact...he was very polite and showed interest in RPing with someone who happened to be in a SEX RP sim.....

    I'm trying to figure out what the problem I read over that conversation again and no...still can't see it. And I kind of find your actions the more deplorable between the two...

    Why would you go to a sex sim to report TOS violations? Why does it matter to you specifically? Has LL hired you to do so? Or is this something you do for fun? Have you nothing better to do then to spy on adults doing what ADULTS do? Can't you find some fun on your own?

    You are a self proclaimed escort..and altho I fully agree that a woman doesn't deserve harassment simply because of their job...I have to say that you should have expected such. I too use to escort...I too use to dance....and i too got hit with the nastiest comments that just don't leave your head once they are there...and if this guyhere is the worst you have ever are quite lucky. And I would advise you maybe choosing another SL profession..or get a thicker skin. Man up and mute...don't post their names for all of the SL world to see simply because you got your feelings hurt.......There is so much out there in SL to enjoy....

    I have to say that you are quite insulting to those who have a legitimate bitch about this topic. There are those out there that GENUINELY get visually assaulted by nasty IMs while doing the most innocent of things such as building or shopping...SL isn't PRO rape.....SL is pro people having a choice to do what they want in a safe enviroment free of judgement.....and what gives you the right to hop in do just that? When you GO TO A SEX SIM and get approached, then report them....well...that's not harassement...that's you acting like a child.

    If you can't deal with the occasional jerk, then maybe SL isn't the place for you......and I'm sorry to say, that fellah up there wasn't a jerk.

  5. SL is about choice.

    If someone wants to run a buisness SL provides an enviroment in which they can do so.

    If someone wants to make friends SL provides an enviroment in which they can do so.

    If someone wants to relive a childhood SL provides an enviroment in which they can do so.

    If someone wants to experiance altnative sexual practices safely SL provides an enviroment in which they can do so.

    You have a choice in SL to do what you want, if you dont want to sexual advance why go go to an adult forced sex sim? people go there because they want to be forced into sex.

    BTW, by publising the above conversation and naming the person you were speaking to without their express permission you are the one in breach of TOS!

  6. I'm sorry but the simply is no such thing as rape in second life. No avatar can be made to do anything without consent. You consent when you sit on the posebasll or accept the request to animate your avatar. Using RLV you consent the minute you log in using it or open up your RLV relay or collar.
    Olsin did and said absolutlely nothing wrong. There was no sexual content in his conversdation merely he expressed a desire to get to know you better. Intimate can mean any number of things and given the nature of the sim we all know what he meant but it was not overtly sexual. I was IM'd by a guy who clicked on me on mini map when I was at my home with a friend chatting, he expressed very explicitly his wish to have sex with me and impregnate and was most persistant on the point even asking me to teleport to my home there and then for sex. Had that happened to the blogger I believe she might have cause for complaint. Did I threaten to report this guy no, because at the end of the day had he not stopped I know where the mute button is.
    To my mind it is the blogger who has violated ToS and should be reprted to LL but as she knows full well they don't act if IM's are posted for all to read outside SL, only had she circulated it within SL. So you have to wonder who's really flagrantly ignoring the spirit of ToS, the gentleman who complimented the blooger on her avatar and asked to get know her better or the blooger that posted it and screamed sexual harrassment?

  7. I have to agree with the majority of the comments here. The man who sent you the IM's was polite, and when you said no, he backed off. Even if he had been offensive (which, in my opinion, he wasn't) that would be expected, considering you were in a Forced Sex RP sim. If you go there, others will, rightfully, assume that you are there to participate. This man didn't curse you out, he didn't verbally abuse you, he just politely asked if you were interested. By posting the IM conversation, you actually proved that YOU are the one who is disrespectful.

  8. I think I can do something to help you Lillie. Next time you get an approach of this kind, don't get flustered: just send the offender to me and my friends and we'll flagrantly show him what intimate is.

    Bisous! (giggles insanely).

  9. Shut up you fucking bitch! So what if you are being harass. The way I see it you deserve it for being such a prude!!!!!!

  10. So a virtual scort... into a forced sex rp sim... complains because a polite man approaches her to what's supposed to do in the sim, always in a nice way, and says she's been harrased...


  11. I think the above comments speak for themselves about the rampant hate that exists in Second Life towards women. It isn't worth correctly the lies that this person, or these people, tell.

    But it is a good warning on what the reality is.

  12. Hate towards women? The majority of people who responded to your blog are women. And if you'll step back from the edge and see reason, you might understand why they chose to respond as they did, some more passionately than others. And are these posts not worthy of a response because they disagree with you? In truth, I doubt if they care whether you respond or not. I fail to see how having opposing viewpoints makes them liars. My comments were based on your own words here. You come across as delusional, immature, and as stated previously, hypocritical. You have no one but yourself to blame for the scorn cast upon you.

    Lastly, I was previously unacquainted with Olsin before your tirade. I have since spoken with him in SL and found him to be friendly, witty, and free of malice. You might be happier if you followed his example. And with that, I'm done with your skewered, attention-seeking blog.

  13. A position which requires the kind of volcanic rage to attempt to silence a writer, no matter who supports it, is not worthy of serious consideration.

    The arrogance, and violence, behind your words reeks, and it reeks in ways that stink through the page.

  14. "volcanic rage to attempt to silence a writer"


    Sure, we're preventing you from writing, that's the reason why your blog is empty. Oh, wait... Who's writing here, then, if you're being silenced?

    Attention seeker, as someone stated before. Fun, first five minutes.

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