Thursday, April 30, 2009

Downloading Lillie

I've been asked why I am doing this project, of documenting the sleaziness of so many males in Second Life. I have a simple answer: Philip Markoff. For those of you who do not follow the real world closely, Philip Markoff is a 23 year old Medical Student at Boston University. He is handsome, if a bit dorkish and socially clumsy. He has a pretty fiance.

He also beats up and kills sex workers for a hobby, after contacting them through Craigslist. Hence his name, the CraigsList killer. He not only robbed victims, he kept trophies, such as panties. Irl I am not Philip's type, but in second life, as the tall often blonde escort, I am. His victim and Lillie, are of the same mold of male fantasy. If I were really Lillie, I'd exactly what Philip Markoff looks for in a victim.

Now, how does this connect with people like Pain Xeno, zebentino Alecto, and mally Rajal. Let me tell you in as few words as I can manage: they have the same view of women. Women are to be beaten into their little script, and their own ego forced upon her. Women exist to immediately serve their needs, and women who have the termity to say no are to be attacked. In each of the cases of these men, they approached me, and then demanded access to my virtual sex, and often, my rl details. In each case, they became upset when I would not follow their script. I don't think I am alone in thinking that an ugly man who believes there is something wrong with a woman for not instantly wanting to perform anal sex with him, is sick. Sick.

Second Life does not create this sickness. Nor is this sickness isolated to the United States. I have examples in English, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Arabic, Turkish, and a few languages of India. It is too broad for any simple explanation, to widespread to be localized, to endemic to be glibbing analyzed by critical theory or pop psychology. It is part, as far as I can tell, of the human condition.

However the electronic media allow for individuals to act in ways that create means of finding victims. And that is what Pain Xeno, Zebentino Alecto, mally Rajal have in common with Philip Markoff: they're players are using Second Life to find victims. They feed an ego so intense that if it were displayed in the real world, they would be in jail. That is what would happen to a man who exposes himself randomly on the street like zebentino did. That is what would happen to Pain Xeno if he walked up to women and demanded anal sex. And yet each of these men believes that his behavior is normal and any woman who does not comply is confused, sad, or wrong.

I've known about the evil beneath the surface. It is not a realization which is unique to me. It is the subject of a very dark film about a woman who decides to kill herself by finding a man to do it on the internet: Downloading Nancy. I've faced it in my time in Second Life. I have secrets that I am not going to divulge about the drives that lie beneath faces and names that are not invisible or completely unknown

This is why the ASLFers are not merely an annoyance, but a fog within which people like Philip Markoff hide. The more dangerous ones to rl are the ones who are just a bit more suave, more careful. Who have a bit of a wink in their eye. But make no mistake: Markoff exists because of all the other men who have the same fantasy of being able to impose their cock on a woman, and being able to impose the waste of their search on everyone. After all, they can ask 100 women to find the one they need, only if none of the 99 are uncomfortable enough to tell them that the search is unacceptable. We hear in the news about "toxic waste" assets, well these men generate toxic waste in their quest for girl with slut fantasy who wants to submit to them right now.

I document this, because it is getting worse, just as there are people more visibly age playing now than before. Second Life, having been crushed of a future of wide open vistas and individual islands, is not rushing head long into the dark of trying to grab people and throw them around like numbers. It isn't working, because the underbelly of LL's vision is age players, aslferians, and a breeding ground for the kind of darkness that the Philip Markoffs of this world use to their advantage.

In some sense the world of the orgy room is going to die soon. Having to identify will rapidly change the nature of behavior, because a complaint will go to the root of the rl person. We are seeing the last volcanic eruption of a passing place.

But what created it will still be there, and will find another medium to express itself. So that is why I do this, because I've seen the fuzzy eyes of a killer in real life, and have a feeling for how he acts when he wants to impose himself on a female flesh that he thinks should be at his disposal.

If you don't like your ass f*cked then Pain Xeno will do something bad to you

[2009/04/30 1:06] Lillie Yifu: your just another jerk off the newbot asembly line
[2009/04/30 1:06] Pain Xeno: ok baby
[2009/04/30 1:06] Lillie Yifu: now wait for a slut or vamp to come along
[2009/04/30 1:06] Pain Xeno: huh
[2009/04/30 1:06] Lillie Yifu: and stop bothering me
[2009/04/30 1:06] Pain Xeno: have a nice day
[2009/04/30 1:06] Pain Xeno: and thanks for the nice words
[2009/04/30 1:06] Lillie Yifu: listen jerk
[2009/04/30 1:07] Pain Xeno: baby
[2009/04/30 1:07] Pain Xeno: u know
[2009/04/30 1:07] Lillie Yifu: you are bad mannered and egotistical
[2009/04/30 1:07] Pain Xeno: who talk like that
[2009/04/30 1:07] Lillie Yifu: inflict yourslef on someone else
[2009/04/30 1:07] Pain Xeno: fell like that
[2009/04/30 1:07] Lillie Yifu: I don't know
[2009/04/30 1:07] Pain Xeno: sp
[2009/04/30 1:07] Pain Xeno: so
[2009/04/30 1:07] Lillie Yifu: do you run around your home town with your cock out saying "can I use your ass?"
[2009/04/30 1:07] Lillie Yifu: And every woman just jumps on your cock and loves it right?
[2009/04/30 1:07] Lillie Yifu: please
[2009/04/30 1:08] Lillie Yifu: I'm tlkaing to you the way people really talk
[2009/04/30 1:08] Lillie Yifu: ]
[2009/04/30 1:08] Pain Xeno: ok u have a hard day
[2009/04/30 1:08] Pain Xeno: tray to realx baby
[2009/04/30 1:08] Lillie Yifu: it is you that is wandering around in some perverted little haze about your own worth and importance
[2009/04/30 1:08] Pain Xeno: its sl
[2009/04/30 1:08] Pain Xeno: not rl
[2009/04/30 1:08] Pain Xeno: tray to realx here
[2009/04/30 1:08] Lillie Yifu: I'm relaxed
[2009/04/30 1:08] Lillie Yifu: I told you I wasn't interested
[2009/04/30 1:08] Pain Xeno: check that gril
[2009/04/30 1:08] Pain Xeno: waw
[2009/04/30 1:08] Lillie Yifu: and you deided to be a jerk
[2009/04/30 1:09] Pain Xeno: its ok baby
[2009/04/30 1:09] Pain Xeno: i told u
[2009/04/30 1:09] Lillie Yifu: it will be when you go away and stop bothering me
[2009/04/30 1:09] Pain Xeno: ok have a nice day baby
-- Instant message logging enabled --
[1:09] Pain Xeno: and try to log out
[1:09] Lillie Yifu: see
[1:10] Lillie Yifu: you are a jerk
[1:10] Pain Xeno: hahahahahaha
[1:10] Pain Xeno: breath baby
[1:10] Pain Xeno: tray to realx
[1:10] Lillie Yifu: I think you need to have your words posted on the ineternt
[1:10] Lillie Yifu: welcome to gogole jerk
[1:10] Pain Xeno: or somthing bad will happen to u
[1:11] Lillie Yifu: You do that
[1:11] Pain Xeno: baby is that the way u talk to people in rl
[1:11] Pain Xeno: i'm sure its a lonly life u have
[1:11] Pain Xeno: i fell sorry for u

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The phase of the moon

There is something going on. Up until now, in ages of escorting and exploring sl sex, I had very rarely seen a child avatar in an public orgy room, and never on a sex pose ball. I've encountered real pedophiles, or people who sent that creep alert in my skull. They all do a very elaborate dance, because they know the consequences. The do hidden things. They speak what I call, the "Lolita Language." It is a code of that includes scenarios of incest, requests of very particular kinds. Obsession with adult women who work with children irl. It's creepy because it is clear they know what they want to do is wrong, and they have engaged their whole intellect to doing it anyway. Even sting operations are more careful that what I have been seeing: several age players in a short space of time, culminating in a not work safe picture that I will put on the raise the red lantern blog shortly.

This incident involving an avatar 123kayy123 shieldmaiden began at 11:16 AM sl in one of second life's largest orgy rooms. I saw 123kayy123 Shieldmaiden drop in. Now there is short and flat chested, and there is child. The differences in proportion are evident to the eye. Humans learn them quickly - the large head, the body proportions. This avatar, as you can see from the picture, is done with some care. This is someone who, if they don't know what they are doing, knows enough to ask around for the appropriate material.

After two warnings, 123kayy123 led me on a chase around the first floor of the orgy room, and finally jumped on a bukake pose ball, that is, one with a series of male poseballs around it that masturbate at the female, but don't actually touch it. She stayed there for several minutes. At different moments during that time two male avatars jumped on pose balls and stayed there for more than a minute each.

123kayy123 Shieldmaiden left the area, and then returned, ran around the entire first floor again, and returned to the bukkake spot. Another male avatar asked "why is the kid here" to me in IM. I shouted out for people to report the avatar. Someone asked me how to do that, and I said by Help->Report Abuse.

This is off the scale unusual. My thoughts are varied as to what the player of 123kayy123 Shieldmaiden is. Sting? Extortion? Incredible stupidity? Something awful type prank? Attempting to prove that orgy males will try and have pixel sex with anything (which is true...) ?

I don't know, but it comes on a wave of similar incidents, and is therefore more suspicious because there have been more than one.

This makes the rather garden variety misbehavior of zebentino Alecto (not work safe, has a blurred version of what he sent!) seem almost tame. He spammed me a very large picture of his naked cock. Moments later he sent:

[11:43] zebentino Alecto: i wanna fuck with you
[11:43] zebentino Alecto: come here
[11:44] zebentino Alecto: suck my dick
[11:45] zebentino Alecto: do you wanna more pictures

He then spent several minutes trying to tell me that I am confused, he did not mean it. This is a lie because while the picture could... very remotely ... have been dropped by accident, though someone sending a picture of his erect penis is, in my experience, a great deal more careful about making sure the right person gets it, the follow up indicates that he was not with the person who he was intending to send the picture to, because he said "come here." Which also shows he didn't know the person, but was still in that "come fuck" mode of communication.

A long stream of lies later, I finally told him that I was going to post on this. He's been reported to Linden Lab, but the odds are only 50/50 that they will do anything about him. (And dropping, he's still around after over an hour. Obviously it is not a violation of the Terms of Service to spam pictures of your real world erect penis to people. Good to know that.)

bald fix

We almost all wear a bald almost all of the time. However many of the common baldies leave the default hair texture in place. This gives your "ruth wings" around your ears. Bad. So what to do? Wear your bald base, if it has ruth wings, then go to edit appearance, and select hair. There will be a texture. The default is a white spidery thing. Click on that, and replace it with the transparent texture from the library. Make copies from that bald base.

Designers... you should do this too with your bald bases. Most do, some don't.

AV Vlodovic has a steal for 1L.

AV has a blog and a store with some nice things here and right now, a very good 1L argyle sweater skirt in purple. There are also two lucky boards (which I usually avoid) one with matching argyle pumps, one with argyle stockings. Didn't get the pumps, but the stockings add to the outfit's appeal. Don't know her, don't work for her, but do like the store and the outfit.

No meaning

No meaning, no measure, no minute of pleasure.
No witness, no willing, no wanting, no waiting.
No power, no place, no peace, no province.
No meaning, no measure, no minute to treasure.

They come upon us like a wave,
The call it fun, they call it play,
the do not know the bed they crud,
their first free fucks, paid for in blood.

After that they think they've learned
that within all of us a fire burns,
to be used and then tossed aside,
another notch on their freebie pride.

It's a lesson that we all must take,
that greed leaves contempt,
for women,
in it's wake.

Poems are made by fools like me,
but money is made by the patriarchy.

The Third Life of Lillie Yifu

I am back to blogging and writing. My RL is in transition, and I've come here to help with that. I don't expect to make money in SL, simply because I don't want to be the only thing that would make any money for me here: voice escort. I know that it would make money, because I've already gotten offers. That's Second Life, its a cesspool, and getting worse.

So why return? As one of my professor's best lectures noted, the value of any software, eventually, becomes the cost of getting out of it. My data is a prisoner on Second Life, and until I can, at least quasi-legally, move it off, here I am.

So why return? Because this is the place where I learned about real people. Not the people you read about it books, nor the people you think you meet, but the reality of people. We are a sick world. Americans often think that America has a unique sickness, but that is not true, the whole of the developed world has a sickness. The name of that disease is imprisonment. We are imprisoned in the analog world. Even the nasty nitwits running around demanding instasex, are sufferers too. They just happen to want to inflict their suffering on others.

The first thing I've done on my return is put the older poems into an SL book. It is sort of dull, and I have been thinking about doing something that will make it a more SL experience. I will put out a vendor for it sometime, free, and on my tiny 512.

The second project is the novels. I have two. One is a coming of age story, the other is the story of a nurse who goes to Iraq and participates in torture there. I started both in 2006, but I suppose readers weren't ready for either, and I wasn't able to write either as well as needed to be. That's changed, I hope. So expect me to put the first chapter of both in SL, and a link to the kindle book.

Sorry to be so abrupt and cold sounding, but my fingers fly over the keys now with a purity of contempt that they have never had before. The past has frozen to a bitter ice, that is harder than steel, and colder than the frost on the poles of Mars. We have decided to ignore past, present, and future, and live in a kind of never never land that floats above all of them.

I suppose I have found a calling, and that calling is to write the deep truths. There are two: there is the enormous, soaring, arcing, vaulting beauty of the human spirit, erotic, intellectual and emotional; there is the vileness of the abusive relationships that we have created and pour people into. If I have a subject, it is the collision of that heaven, and this hell.

First life: escort. Second life: fool. Third life.

I don't have a name for it yet, but wait a moment, it will come to me.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

There I was,dancing on the beach.. with come clothes on even when....

[23:30] Mally Rajal: hey
[23:38] Lillie Yifu: Hello
[23:39] Mally Rajal: how zit goin
[23:39] Lillie Yifu: Well.
[23:39] Mally Rajal: u need some company ;-)
[23:40] Lillie Yifu: It depends on what kind
[23:40] Mally Rajal: what do u have in mind
[23:41] Lillie Yifu: I wasn't the one who talked to you.
[23:41] Mally Rajal: lol
[23:41] Mally Rajal: i agree
[23:41] Mally Rajal: u still in the beach
[23:41] Lillie Yifu: I am over by the dance pavilian
[23:41] Lillie Yifu: pavilion
[23:42] Mally Rajal: ok... i will be there
[23:45] Mally Rajal: do u knw a place we could go
[23:45] Mally Rajal: this place is too slow
[23:45] Mally Rajal: i am having a hard time controlling my
[23:45] Lillie Yifu: places with epople are laggy
[23:45] Lillie Yifu: part of the price of meeting people
[23:46] Mally Rajal: yeah .. very laggy indeed
[23:46] Mally Rajal: where are u
[23:46] Mally Rajal: could u tp me pls
[23:47] Mally Rajal: u r dancing
[23:47] Lillie Yifu: yes
[23:47] Mally Rajal: dont u know of places we could go and have fun
[23:48] Mally Rajal: shall we go
[23:48] Lillie Yifu: it depends on what you mean by having fun
[23:48] Mally Rajal: well... sex of course
[23:48] Lillie Yifu: dear if wanna fuck
[23:48] Lillie Yifu: was all it took to get me to have sex
[23:48] Lillie Yifu: I would be doing it with 30 guys a day
[23:48] Lillie Yifu: I'm not a vampire
[23:49] Lillie Yifu: I'm nt an escort
[23:49] Mally Rajal: lol
[23:49] Lillie Yifu: and I am not your bitch
[23:49] Mally Rajal: hey easy now
[23:49] Lillie Yifu: now get out of my face you creep
[23:49] Mally Rajal: if you want to say No... just say NO... u dumbas
[23:49] Mally Rajal: idont want ur lecture
[23:51] Lillie Yifu: listen slime bag
[23:51] Lillie Yifu: you should make a new avatar
[23:51] Lillie Yifu: because taht one is about to develop a reputaiton
[23:51] Lillie Yifu: a bad reputation
[23:51] Lillie Yifu: good bye
[23:51] Mally Rajal: hey u fuckin bitch
[23:52] Mally Rajal: u cannot say or do anything to me u scumbag
[23:52] Lillie Yifu: actually I can
[23:52] Lillie Yifu: and am about to
[23:53] Mally Rajal: whatever.. !!!

No Second Life has not gotten any better. They can't get the XXX continent going fast enough for my taste.

Now, given that this is pretty much the typical reaction of a guy demanding free isntatn sex, is it any wonder why they don't get any? They hate women. It's pretty obvious.

Yes, I have documented this a great deal, no it isn't news. But this is the Second Life we lead.

MIME types Voting. Short form.

SignpostMarv's original JIRA is to support MIME types other than text/plain and HTML what we need are the xml families and json. JSON is important because it is much less verbose than xml, and we have to work with small chunks.

Please vote this one on.

Help bring Twitter to Second Life

Second Life's resident community needs your help.

The problem is old, but it is reaching a critical point where it needs to be addressed, and the only way for that to happen is for people to say so. What is the problem? Why no generally available twitter tool in second life? It's simple, but a bit tangled to explain, because there is a lot of geek involved.

You are reading this blog in a browser. The browser does not get a picture of the website from the server, but a series of instructions on how to build the website: HTML. It then "renders" the page by grabbing the needed pictures, programs, and text. The language that it gets is HTML, and it is carried over the HTTP protocol. The protocol is how the information is transmitted, and HTML is what is in the message. However, there are many other languages that are used to communicate. One common one is XML (bleah, but necessary, more later), another is JSON. These are sent, however, in plain text. That's like the alphabet of this whole thing. Just like in the real world, very similar alphabets can carry many different languages. JSON and XML both are usually transmitted in plain text, just like HTML.

So protocol carries messages written in a language. The language is identified by what is called the mime type. The mime type is like saying a book is written in English, or French. It tells the receiving program how to interpret the text. However the data, the character set, is the same. There's no difference between the kind of data in an XML document, and the kind of data in an HTML document in terms of characters.

Get it? Got it? Good.

XML and JSON are used to transmit information of different kinds, including ways to talk to popular services like Twitter. Many services publish what is called an "API" or Application Programming Interface. That is a fancy way of saying the way to send commands in, and interpret the information that comes out. HTTP is the protocol, and plain text is way of storing the data, but the language is often XML or JSON.

LSL, that is Linden Scripting Language, is the language used to make objects do things. Particles, spinning, flying vehicles, HUDs, all run on scripts that are written in LSL. LSL has the ability to send requests to outside services by using the HTTP protocol. So a script can send a request and get back an answer.

Problem. Even though XML and JSON are in plain text, which the HTTP request knows how to interpret, LSL returns an error. That would be like returning an error just because a web page is in French or German. The characters are the same, but the content is different.

The present work around is to have a "man in the middle" or intermediary, that does the actual talking, and the LSL gadget talks to it.

That's where Marvin comes in. Almost two years ago he put up This JIRA to accept other MIME types in to Second Life. However, nothing has been done. I think I will guess why. This is a really useful function. But because of that, it will be used. Bandwidth is not free. The present system limits the kinds of interfaces that can be used. For example, if there were a free twitter gadget, people would start to twitter. That would use bandwidth, and LL would have to pay for that bandwidth (since it goes from server to second life and then to client.)

So I offer the following thought: Babbage Linden has said there will be "memory throttling" in the future for scripts. That is an avatar can only use so much memory in scripts, and a parcel can only use so much. What is needed to balance this function is something very simple: pay for the privilege. Right now there is a sort of rough justice: if you are willing to pay for the bandwidth to do something, then LL figures that that limits how much you will use. However, this is bad all the way round, since one way to pay for that bandwidth, is to steal the passwords that people use. Marvin, and others, who have used intermediaries are way way way too honest to do this, but not everyone is their high standard, and they code is sitting there...

So what is the solution? Put into LSL a simple test on certain kinds of resources: has the avatar or parcel paid for them. There could be a simple check box, say 30L a week (worth it for your twitter addiction?) for an avatar. There could be bandwidth limits per parcel (because that way people won't by a minimum parcel and chatter all day long on gadgets). Premium accounts would get use free (they are paying for the privilege already). Not premium accounts could be charged "a la carte." There could be high, but reasonable, limits to prevent botting on the minimum charge, and to encourage good gadget writing.

So first step would be to open this up. It won't kill LL at first for cost, and it will allow people to write the gadgets. LL collects data on what "reasonable" use looks like, and can price it accordingly.

But give us the ability to talk to the outside world. Even the truncated 2048 bites are enough for us to do something that is beneficial for Second Life, namely get the word out to our Web 2.0 networks of friends.

So log in and vote for Marv's JIRA to bring data into second life. This place was billed as the future of the web, it is time it started talking to the rest of the web.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Above us Circles

Above circles a hawk, found place in metropolis
it peers down with a gaze more felt that seen.
It judges us not fit for it's consumption,
but strikes for mouse that wandered from country
sought fit to seize the day.

Above circles of clouds, that swirl
and find a place between the hot humid high,
and the stern low that guards above us,
and see fit to strike us with a dreary rain.
It is cold, cold to my fingers,
even as they clench an umbrella.
It affords scant protection from the wind.

Above us, circles. Circles of power,
of men,
of mice that make decisions for us,
to be peered upon by time and tide,
and washed away in history's rain.

Monday, April 13, 2009

How little I know

I've been reflecting on how little I understand certain things about men. One of them is when they misbehave in little ways that are almost sure to cause problems. Like, for example, not calling and being very late. I'm late a great deal. Punctuality is not one of my special gifts in this world. So I call ahead. Or try to send email. However, men often seem to not call. Then when asked about it, there is this stupid look. I know they thought of it.

One of my friends is involved in a larger version of this. He's promised to tell people about what happened with a project - and has not. Even when he knows he should. Even when he has been reminded, gently.

It is this kind of thing that I don't understand. What are you guys thinking. Is it that you realize, too late, that you are too late, and that, in itself, makes you delay even more?

I ran into a newbie jerk. He demanded sex, and then when told no, he asked why. He kept pushing and attacking, and I finally lost my temper and told him the truth. His name is Kenji Bohemian, and if you don't fuck him immediately - he calls it "making love" - then he will call you an idiot and stupid and demand to know why.

OK, what goes through a guys head when he does this? Doesn't he realize that piling on the attacks only shoes that he was a liar from the beginning?

Now, for my own misbehavior, I often understand the naughty effect quite well. But this whole doing something that is wrong, and gets nothing - what would it hurt to call? Or apologize? Or something.

How little I still understand. I need to reflect on some things, because they are in my fiction. Writing believable male characters is hard, because it seems that there are so many patterns of behavior that exist, but not in words.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Cold Spring

This is the cold spring, the cold spring.
The cold spring after cold winter,
after many cold hours,
where men gathered and waited for morning coffee,
and set themselves to work, by standing in line,
their hands clench and unclench,
no longer having tools to hold.
This is the cold spring, which coils around their hearts,
and tells them that they are not needed any more.

In a year not long ago the hot winds did torque and blow,
and a city, one that we all by memory know
was marked by map to be half of what it was.

Now another city of singing percussion finds,
that it is tossed out and the present grinds,
grinds it to dust. Not to die in firey water,
but drowned in icy lose of wanderlust.

This is the cold spring,
from which will spring
a new generation, that shall have a faith
that is faithless to a past,
that now freezes us out of all hope and hurry.
And leaves us now, with debt and worry.

This is the cold spring,
from a place that was once, covered in green,
false green, so we've seen.
And from this spring we fly,
and hope, perchance, to land,
on some new land,
which will not torment,
between over heated fever dream,
and burning cold mornings
short of coffee,
while we watch once busy men,

Rez Day

I am online working on something, and have some loose ends to clean up. RL is getting better, while SL seems to be slowing down. Still lots of lovely people here, but it is weighed down by it's rulers and the accumulated grime in the sewers.

Perhaps it is time to write again abit. I think I will do that.