Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The phase of the moon

There is something going on. Up until now, in ages of escorting and exploring sl sex, I had very rarely seen a child avatar in an public orgy room, and never on a sex pose ball. I've encountered real pedophiles, or people who sent that creep alert in my skull. They all do a very elaborate dance, because they know the consequences. The do hidden things. They speak what I call, the "Lolita Language." It is a code of that includes scenarios of incest, requests of very particular kinds. Obsession with adult women who work with children irl. It's creepy because it is clear they know what they want to do is wrong, and they have engaged their whole intellect to doing it anyway. Even sting operations are more careful that what I have been seeing: several age players in a short space of time, culminating in a not work safe picture that I will put on the raise the red lantern blog shortly.

This incident involving an avatar 123kayy123 shieldmaiden began at 11:16 AM sl in one of second life's largest orgy rooms. I saw 123kayy123 Shieldmaiden drop in. Now there is short and flat chested, and there is child. The differences in proportion are evident to the eye. Humans learn them quickly - the large head, the body proportions. This avatar, as you can see from the picture, is done with some care. This is someone who, if they don't know what they are doing, knows enough to ask around for the appropriate material.

After two warnings, 123kayy123 led me on a chase around the first floor of the orgy room, and finally jumped on a bukake pose ball, that is, one with a series of male poseballs around it that masturbate at the female, but don't actually touch it. She stayed there for several minutes. At different moments during that time two male avatars jumped on pose balls and stayed there for more than a minute each.

123kayy123 Shieldmaiden left the area, and then returned, ran around the entire first floor again, and returned to the bukkake spot. Another male avatar asked "why is the kid here" to me in IM. I shouted out for people to report the avatar. Someone asked me how to do that, and I said by Help->Report Abuse.

This is off the scale unusual. My thoughts are varied as to what the player of 123kayy123 Shieldmaiden is. Sting? Extortion? Incredible stupidity? Something awful type prank? Attempting to prove that orgy males will try and have pixel sex with anything (which is true...) ?

I don't know, but it comes on a wave of similar incidents, and is therefore more suspicious because there have been more than one.

This makes the rather garden variety misbehavior of zebentino Alecto (not work safe, has a blurred version of what he sent!) seem almost tame. He spammed me a very large picture of his naked cock. Moments later he sent:

[11:43] zebentino Alecto: i wanna fuck with you
[11:43] zebentino Alecto: come here
[11:44] zebentino Alecto: suck my dick
[11:45] zebentino Alecto: do you wanna more pictures

He then spent several minutes trying to tell me that I am confused, he did not mean it. This is a lie because while the picture could... very remotely ... have been dropped by accident, though someone sending a picture of his erect penis is, in my experience, a great deal more careful about making sure the right person gets it, the follow up indicates that he was not with the person who he was intending to send the picture to, because he said "come here." Which also shows he didn't know the person, but was still in that "come fuck" mode of communication.

A long stream of lies later, I finally told him that I was going to post on this. He's been reported to Linden Lab, but the odds are only 50/50 that they will do anything about him. (And dropping, he's still around after over an hour. Obviously it is not a violation of the Terms of Service to spam pictures of your real world erect penis to people. Good to know that.)

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