Thursday, April 30, 2009

Downloading Lillie

I've been asked why I am doing this project, of documenting the sleaziness of so many males in Second Life. I have a simple answer: Philip Markoff. For those of you who do not follow the real world closely, Philip Markoff is a 23 year old Medical Student at Boston University. He is handsome, if a bit dorkish and socially clumsy. He has a pretty fiance.

He also beats up and kills sex workers for a hobby, after contacting them through Craigslist. Hence his name, the CraigsList killer. He not only robbed victims, he kept trophies, such as panties. Irl I am not Philip's type, but in second life, as the tall often blonde escort, I am. His victim and Lillie, are of the same mold of male fantasy. If I were really Lillie, I'd exactly what Philip Markoff looks for in a victim.

Now, how does this connect with people like Pain Xeno, zebentino Alecto, and mally Rajal. Let me tell you in as few words as I can manage: they have the same view of women. Women are to be beaten into their little script, and their own ego forced upon her. Women exist to immediately serve their needs, and women who have the termity to say no are to be attacked. In each of the cases of these men, they approached me, and then demanded access to my virtual sex, and often, my rl details. In each case, they became upset when I would not follow their script. I don't think I am alone in thinking that an ugly man who believes there is something wrong with a woman for not instantly wanting to perform anal sex with him, is sick. Sick.

Second Life does not create this sickness. Nor is this sickness isolated to the United States. I have examples in English, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Arabic, Turkish, and a few languages of India. It is too broad for any simple explanation, to widespread to be localized, to endemic to be glibbing analyzed by critical theory or pop psychology. It is part, as far as I can tell, of the human condition.

However the electronic media allow for individuals to act in ways that create means of finding victims. And that is what Pain Xeno, Zebentino Alecto, mally Rajal have in common with Philip Markoff: they're players are using Second Life to find victims. They feed an ego so intense that if it were displayed in the real world, they would be in jail. That is what would happen to a man who exposes himself randomly on the street like zebentino did. That is what would happen to Pain Xeno if he walked up to women and demanded anal sex. And yet each of these men believes that his behavior is normal and any woman who does not comply is confused, sad, or wrong.

I've known about the evil beneath the surface. It is not a realization which is unique to me. It is the subject of a very dark film about a woman who decides to kill herself by finding a man to do it on the internet: Downloading Nancy. I've faced it in my time in Second Life. I have secrets that I am not going to divulge about the drives that lie beneath faces and names that are not invisible or completely unknown

This is why the ASLFers are not merely an annoyance, but a fog within which people like Philip Markoff hide. The more dangerous ones to rl are the ones who are just a bit more suave, more careful. Who have a bit of a wink in their eye. But make no mistake: Markoff exists because of all the other men who have the same fantasy of being able to impose their cock on a woman, and being able to impose the waste of their search on everyone. After all, they can ask 100 women to find the one they need, only if none of the 99 are uncomfortable enough to tell them that the search is unacceptable. We hear in the news about "toxic waste" assets, well these men generate toxic waste in their quest for girl with slut fantasy who wants to submit to them right now.

I document this, because it is getting worse, just as there are people more visibly age playing now than before. Second Life, having been crushed of a future of wide open vistas and individual islands, is not rushing head long into the dark of trying to grab people and throw them around like numbers. It isn't working, because the underbelly of LL's vision is age players, aslferians, and a breeding ground for the kind of darkness that the Philip Markoffs of this world use to their advantage.

In some sense the world of the orgy room is going to die soon. Having to identify will rapidly change the nature of behavior, because a complaint will go to the root of the rl person. We are seeing the last volcanic eruption of a passing place.

But what created it will still be there, and will find another medium to express itself. So that is why I do this, because I've seen the fuzzy eyes of a killer in real life, and have a feeling for how he acts when he wants to impose himself on a female flesh that he thinks should be at his disposal.

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