Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Message From a Second Lie Christian

My guess is that this is an alt of the person who harassed me. They are deep in sl techie circles. I am not sure why there is such pervasive misogyny among techies, but it seems to be a fact of life.

[2010/01/19 20:33] Morgan Lavarock: you need to get a life. i saw your blog and a post where you were on a egypt site and "claim" a guy was harrassing you he did not ask for sex he was polite and when you said no he stopped bothering you. maybe if you spent less time wasting time with that and more time ...oh having a life. you woudnt run into trouble.
[2010/01/19 20:33] Morgan Lavarock: and by the way no one can actually be "raped" in second life
[2010/01/19 20:33] Morgan Lavarock: unless its role play
[2010/01/19 20:33] Morgan Lavarock: you can tp out
[2010/01/19 20:33] Morgan Lavarock: or log out or .. run away
[2010/01/19 20:33] Morgan Lavarock: so if anyone says they were :raped" on second life without permission . thats just crazy.
[2010/01/19 20:34] Morgan Lavarock: anyways im sure you'll report me for sayin that. go right ahead. i need a new aavie anyways.
[2010/01/19 20:34] Morgan Lavarock: i wonder if anyone actually ever reads your blog
[2010/01/19 20:34] Morgan Lavarock: i notice your reicent posts have no comments
[2010/01/19 20:35] Morgan Lavarock: bye now
[2010/01/19 20:36] Morgan Lavarock: maybe if you were a christian fantatic your blogs woud make since
[2010/01/19 20:36] Morgan Lavarock: but your an escort?
[2010/01/19 20:36] Morgan Lavarock: and you reported a guy for iming you when your an escort/ wow how two faced
[2010/01/19 20:36] Morgan Lavarock: get a life.
-- Instant message logging enabled --
[9:17] Morgan Lavarock: (Saved Tue Jan 19 20:37:24 2010) you talk about degrading women . how is escroting not degrading women? laughs.
[9:17] Morgan Lavarock: (Saved Tue Jan 19 20:37:37 2010) oh thats right log off nothing to say? we supposed to listen to your whineing and yet you have nothing to say?
[9:17] Morgan Lavarock: (Saved Tue Jan 19 20:37:38 2010) wow.
[9:17] Morgan Lavarock: (Saved Tue Jan 19 20:37:39 2010) yeah
[9:17] Morgan Lavarock: (Saved Tue Jan 19 20:37:49 2010) ok fuck u hoe.l no one gives a shit about yoru stupid blogs
[9:17] Morgan Lavarock: (Saved Tue Jan 19 20:37:50 2010) byeeee


  1. It seems to be a general rule that techies don't really "get" people.

  2. He seems to be one of those people who likes to emotionally hurt others, particularly women, but only so long as he can remain beyond reach. His anonymity needs anonymity.

  3. Funny how some limp-pizzle sack o' weasel turds like this cockchafer tells you to "get a life" but he's evidently got time on his hands (probably something else IN his hands too) to just randomly wander around SL trying to annoy people.

    Pathetic but amusing.

    Well, it's probably either some 14 year old basement-dwelling, pimple-fest with nothing better to do, or one of those unemployable pissbuckets who has issues with women because of a dysfunctional relationship with his mama. I assume he doesn't have the balls to post here because he's afraid of being tracked.

    Guys like this are good for comic relief and not much else in society.

  4. It's sad. Pathetic, ignorant, uneducated and sad.

  5. He's got time to leave comments on my blog, so he can't be that busy.

  6. ok first i think you have some issues you need to deal with. you was on a sim that RP that which you are accusing someone of doing to you what did you expect to happen did you think that a guy was just going to walk up to you and just have a convo with you? Second the sim clearly states it is a RP sim you have no complaint if you was on that sim and standing there you knew what the sim was when you landed there you cant play stupid and hello sl is a adult site so yes you are going to see that there now if there was kids on that sim and that took place then you would have a leget reason for being upset. and third i think you need to go back and re read tos cause you have just broken it twice by posting private ims here on your blog you are very lucky the 2 ims you have posted the owners have not filed an ar against you. This will probly not make it on your post or you will say i am an alt of your harraser just so you know i am femail not an alt of your so called harrasser its women like you that give all women a bad name and make it hard for the good guys to approch us get some help lady cause you realy need it.

  7. you knowe I'd really like to see your side of the conversation, you seem far too opininated not to have responded to him in some way yet you choose not to post that. Had I been on the recieving end of that and chosen not to respond then there would have been nothing after the first few lines because he would have been muted. But since you've actually posted 2 conversations its clear you didn't mute him after the first one so can you really complain? So are you brave enough to be completely open and let us see your side?
    I seriously doubt it!

  8. Why is it that the worst attacks on Second Life come from the people who could never be bothered to embrace education? It's a text-based environment!

    And I am beyond sick of the attitude that because someone escorts, obviously they deserve nothing resembling fair treatment, understanding or even simple human tolerance.


  9. Well raine, that is both sides. I said nothing.