Monday, November 2, 2009

Escort Oasis. Adult Content Rules? What R Thoz?

From their parcel description:

Escort Oasis tm sm is a diffrent kind of place. It is a busy freelance club, lots of hot girls and guys. dancers and escorts keep 100% of their tips. Free ad boards, 12 free private skyboxes, 20 dance poles, freebies, MALL and shops. o

Looks like another example of how LL allows people to flagrantly violate adult content rules.

Why should any business owner follow them? Several large businesses clearly don't.


  1. Escort Oasis was adult on the first day it was required They were in full compliance.
    what happened then ..... As you mgiht expect, theres more to this.

    Escort Oasis's traffic dropped to 30% and seemed that no one else followed the rules.
    so, the owner removed all the sex poseballs and real life photos in The club, and made it mature again.
    The owner informed linden labs that this was being done and Linden Labs said fine, and if they see a problem they would let the owner know what needs to change.
    Once they got most of the sims cooperating, they contacted the owenr and had her switch it to adult.

    In this exaple, any voilation of rules was done with linden labs knowledge.

    If you take linden labs perspective on this, it does them no good to have a club the size of Escort Oasis fail because of the adult changes. That would have been a big black eye for sure.

    Interesting back story. not all things are as they seem.

    I see that linden is finaly getting on top of things though.

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