Thursday, October 18, 2007

Huge Prims Update

Not Possible IRL has been running a good series on Huge Prims loaded with wonderful pictures about how Huge Prims contribute to life. Of course Prokybot is going around spewing outright nonsense about "the culling issue." As with most things out of the slander factory that is Proky Neva the culling issue is a smoke screen for Proky Neva's wallet. Proky is a land baroness, and as such has an interest in forcing people to spend more money on prims. Culling does not need to be "fixed," and there are hard numbers to show that more lag is generated by physical rotating prims than by the additional distance of huge prims. In fact, the biggest lag generator is an avatar, easily so, whether visible or not.

There is no "culling issue," other than there being differing resources used by different objects. If we would all build SL completely out of 1x1x1 cubes, then each additional prim would use the same resources.

Banning camping would do more to reduce lag than any other single action that could be taken, since it would get rid of all of the zombie log ins.

Not Possible IRL also reports that Andrew Linden has stated that there is no way that huge prims will be "nerfed."

The land barons and ad farmers are losing this one, but it is essential both to keep up the pressure,and conversely make sure that people use huge prims responsibly. That means, as with most things: phantom if you don't need the object to act as a barrier, don't lay down prims larger than your parcel, don't overlap someone else's parcel, don't spin them physical.

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