Monday, October 1, 2007

Lucifer's Again

I finally got to see Lucifer's in its swinging mode. Every sex oriented club in SL is one one of a few models. One type is the boutique club, which is about the regulars hanging out and being in character. It is the favorite of BDSM clubs, yiffies, and any other club that caters to a more specific range of desires. There is the orgy room, which is about tossing pose balls everywhere and hoping that people come and camp for free in hopes of getting free sex. There is the camping farm, which has just enough of a club to draw people in to over charge them for bad content.

But among big clubs that have actual content, there are three models essentially. The first is the BG's model: packing people just above the orgy room into a loud churn of noise and push and make they are next to something baaaad that is about to happen, in fact everything is very controlled. The second model is the Sensual Elements Clubbers Club, which gives people more room and space and focuses on the quality of events. It is more relaxed that BGs. The third model is the Arsehba model which focuses on the quality of the dancing and the interaction between people and patron.

Having seen Lucifer's in action I can say that it is squarely aimed at the GoL model. It neither pushes nor instructs people. If you are a clubber and know how the SL club game goes, Lucifer's, when there are events, is running just that. On the other hand, they expect you to know the game and be able to participate. The pushes are a bit vulgar, the music a bit obvious, but the space is open, they don't get on about wearing your AO or prim this and that, and the event staff crisply rounds all the corners on taking requests, keeping things moving, making noise and being generally on top of things.

Enough room fora laggy club that focuses on giving the clubbers space? Their mall is already filling up, so that bodes well for them being able to stay in the game.

I've been wrong on predicting who would become an institution before, partially because it has a lot to do with how much money the rl owners of a club have to actually put up to get things moving, but Lucifer's is certainly resentingas if they have the linden's to spread around.

Ummm... just don't go there for the dancers, that's not, perhaps not yet, what Lucifer's is offering.

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