Sunday, October 7, 2007

Jazon Beck has left us

I know that part of Jazon's creative process is to knock over what he has done, and begin again. He has gone back to his first life, and there, I hope he finds that measure of fuller happiness. Part of me hopes he can return, but more of me hopes that he finds his last shore, to stagger from his boat one last time, and there to found a fair, far kingdom, with towers that shine like the Sun. I certainly hope to see more chapters of The Apostles and to one day hold it in my hands, having just had him sign my copy.

Good by sweet prince, you will never be far away from us, even if we do not see you on these shores again.

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  1. Hi all, yes I've left SL for good this time, to focus more on the more dangerous game of First Life. I'm still blogging on my Myspace page which can be found here

    Thank all for reading