Sunday, September 14, 2008



Away he was, there was nothing to do.
Taking away, away his precious eyes,
ambrosia blue distilled.
Taking away his contours,
that my softness filled.
Away away a wall a wall of you,
I slammed into that dream,
each night, each moment I fell,
from sleeping to morning dew.

Away, away, you sailed on sea,
of tumbled need and fate.
To where ever travels took you,
to the edge of morning's late,
the places where the moon hangs,
above quietude in night,
when even cities sleep,
and the streets are given over to bats,
and all the owls.

Away away, a wall of distance true,
that I scratched upon in long phone calls,
crying forr your retrun.
Lashing you with my tongue,
to make you feel the pain I felt at your long absence from my sight.

Those times when I,
would ban my head against the handy wall,
or force my face into embracing
for there to bleed my tears of aching heart.
Or flail my nails to scratch the wood of ancient bed post.
Or kick my heel to close every door,
in rumination of rage at the door
you closed behind you when you lef,
not looking at me,
but I could see,
at the prospect fo a short span of future that you were soon to taste.

In lonely, in less, in lieu of you,
I had only other diversions.


Away, a wish, a return.
And everything is new.

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