Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Major Security Hole in New Land Store

This feature creates a major security hole.

How the hole works is this:

1. Land baron #1 sells island with EO rights to another person. The EO is approved by LL, but the Land baron remains payor.

2. Tenant goes to Land Baron #2, adds them to allowed residents list.

3. Land baron #2 drops islands around the first island, thus reducing the value of the island.

4. Tenant goes to Land baron #1 and extorts rent decrease.

There needs to be a check in this feature to make sure that the person who has EO is also payor.


  1. Danger, Will Robinson.
    Thank you, Lillie.

  2. Any movement on this since you began paying attention? Given the importance of this issue, I wonder how much ink it's getting and if there has been any actual progress from LL.