Friday, September 26, 2008

The Vampires

Child my child, you must understand,
why I brought you in, to this troubled land.
Child my child, I know that you cry,
as you listen to excuses, and lie after lie.
I know that you can't see what once was green land,
I know that you curse me for the burdens at hand.

Child my child, it was not this way before,
it all really started, with a worship of war.
And then as Gods are, he demanded a tithe,
bloody boot war, under which we did writhe.

When we were bled and could be bled no more,
they gave all of the future, to the financiers of war.
We, the foolish, eager to be led,
Voted for more, instead of instead.

And just when sense seemed to break out,
the O-hole came forward, with a scream and a shout,
courageous in battle like a hero of old,
to make sure into slavery all the rest of us were sold.

It's over, it's over, it's over you'll see.
We are now slaves, not the land of the free.
And every, mean every, representative stood,
for promoting the evil, and killing the good.

For today and tomorrow, you will still reel,
under the yoke of the debt,
that comes from this deal.

Child my child my child, as long as you live,
understand we were weak, and try to forgive.

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