Wednesday, August 13, 2008

How Mysogyny Happens

For a long time I belonged to the Free Sex Community Group. Not to get free sex, but because every scammer and spammer in sl would sooner or later see a large group, realize it was unattended, and spam it. It was also a good meter of incoming men to Second Life. Recently its creator Pleasure Semple came back to SL. A conversation with him showed me how misogny happens. Pleasure is one of those pompous individuals who first attacks, and then, when shown he is wrong and doesn't have the facts, airly dismisses them saying that just because the facts are as they are, doesn't mean anything.

Pleasure you see, is looking for free whores willing to work for his aggrandizement. Like most people who use women for their own advancement, he calls this "free." Free Sex, is the means he creates he importance, and offering access to other women's free sex is his means to power. Like most people who abuse others for their own egos, he calls this "freedom." It is, for him.

The heart of the problem is that there is no such thing, as free sex. Pleasure Simple denies this, because what he wants is people willing to give out free sex, so that he can run his free sex community and be important. He wants to rise in importance by crushing his boots into the women doing the work beneath him. So long as the women offer it up for free, then it is "free."

No, the cost is that they are degrading themselves for his importance. SL doesn't need another cock dump. And who knows, she might even be good at running a cock dump. Of course, that means the rest of us have to pay for his cock dump, because it becomes a locus for scams, spam and other things. And it becomes a school for bad manners. Which means that other SL residents pay by having to deal with the infection. But as long as Pleasure Semple does not have to pay his whores, he doesn't care.

The reality is that there is a tremendous need for ways for people to meet for personal and erotic pleasure. However, they must lie between the male desire to have foreplay consist of attaching a penis and saying "hey babe, wanna have fun!" and the feminine desire for too many rules. A salon de sex would be a welcome addition to Second Life, but there is a reason why such places are very very very private: there is no such thing as free sex.

In the case of open sexual communities in Second Life, that cost is paid by carefully screening members, maintaining codes of behavior, and usually, the members paying some of hte upkeep of the community and its land. People don't pay for the sex act itself, but they do pay to create the community.

Now Pleasure has shown that he doesn't want to do the work of creating a community of like minded people, what he wants is to get a cock dump going so that he can be important again. And have free whores. God forbid that the woman be able to pay for decent hair.

So any free whores out there who want to work so that someone else can get all the credit? Oh right, you are all ready found, or will be soon enough. Because that's another reality. A woman willing to offer up her sexuality without barriers to be used by others is rare. Most soon discover their value, and trade that value for their own needs, or they get scooped up by abusive masters and mistresses, who understand that if someone is willing to degrade themselves for Pleasure Semple, they are willing to do oh so much more for someone else.

Pleasure Semple, just another mysogynist pimple looking for his free hos.


  1. There is no free sex....hopefully somewhere there is eroticism shared by both. Since each person has their own many ways sex is self fulfilled by nature. It's when those who come together realize and help fulfill each others desires self is fulfilled. When it goes past that point it becomes selfish. Using people is always selfish. Exploring eroticism together is self fulfilling. (ok...I repeated some stuff too many's late)

  2. I find it extremely judgemental of you to assume that any woman who participates in FSCG is "degrading herself". For whatever reason she decides to do so, whether for her own entertainment of to boost the self esteem of Mr. Simple, it is an excercise of her own free will to make it.

    Pleasure may in fact be a cad, and a misogynist -- I have no idea. But how does insulting the willing female participants in his little scheme prove your point?

  3. Plenty of people do stupid things for stupid reasons out of their own free will.

    I find it amusing that you entitle yourself to your actions, but deny that to others. That's a sure sign of an egomaniac: a person who wants nothing more than to be free of what other people think of them.

    Pleasure's a good example too. He kept using the word "we" after having begged for help.

    There is no we there, just pleasure and his hoes. Now if that is your fantasy, that's up to you, but there's no philosophy here, just some people trying to pressure others into being free whores.

    Which is sad.

  4. kabaka, if orgy rooms were filled with men and women who were mutually interested in thoughtful adult roleplay, I could see your point. However, the typical orgy room is typically popluated by a bunch of horny juveniles of all ages, who barely have passable appearances and language skills, but who expect women to suck their dicks and cheerfully divulge their real life information via pics, voice, and cam, because it's supposed to be "fun". In this regard, I have more respect for Gorean "masters" than orgy roomers, because even they understand that even the dimmest kajirae won't respond to a wooden noob cock and "u fuck whit me now".