Thursday, September 24, 2009

Poetry Year Links and Titles

  1. Ages, Epochs, Time without Mind
  2. The Inferior Soul
  3. Taking after Michael Taormina, and finding hidden poetry among the prose
  4. Poetics of elegance
  5. Nine
  6. Ink Is Now Archaic
  7. Bright embroidery we make of our memories
  8. The city falls on city falls
  9. but only paint
  10. For Annie Le
  11. Narcissus thy flower blooms
  12. Call Me
  13. The ageless age
  14. Enraptured of a dream
  15. September
  16. generated generations
  17. Consumed by a muse of fire and other begendings. (apologies the words are not my own)
  18. Silence
  19. The White Day
  20. For a Dead Musical
  21. Annointed by tears
  22. Brocades of silk entwine my hair
  23. The carol of spam
  24. There are seventeen lines left,
    in this life, this life
  25. Omnipossible bondage made...
  26. No Vacancy
  27. Gracious Airs
  28. Sleek forms, blazoned in blood
  29. The Listening Room
  30. For Senator Edward Kennedy, After Bob Dylan
  31. The Listening Room
  32. After Reading Too Much Tang Poetry at a Sitting
  33. On Watching Flight
  34. Postcard to Some Indonesian Island
  35. Don't Open The Door
  36. After Several Tang Poems
  37. The Year Star
  38. Idylls in the Field of Flowers
  39. Winged Victory
  40. The Option of the Public
  41. The Ladies of the Red Light Quarter
  42. The Burning Globe
  43. Winter In The Kyber Pass
  44. IED
  45. "You Spat on Me, and Called Me a Whore"
  46. The Dying Times
  47. The Angel Weeps
  48. Every Poem It's Own Day
  49. Not Flesh and Blood
  50. The City of Sails
  51. A Distant Comet
  52. Lyrics of Thin Air
  53. Twist My Body
  54. I Know Nothing
  55. War is death, transmuted to golden glory
  56. That Rich Earth
  57. A Pit of Torture's Devising
  58. I Miss You So
  59. Let Me Linger in my Dream
  60. The Sanctity of Hearts Design
  61. "The aching of the heart is mere cliche, would that I could dispense with it,"
  62. "Far far away, in the lands that are green rolling fields,"
  63. These Rhymes Pile Up on My Fingers
  64. "Fine the strand of gossamer,"
  65. "It wishes for an age of fire,"
  66. The Grand Illusion
  67. "I fly without wings, and come to you in a vision."
  68. A man, a figure, a form, a fury, a feeling
  69. This Tempest of Words
  70. The Gates of a Fallen City
  71. The Once and Future Sunlit Lands

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