Thursday, September 24, 2009

Another stellar example of how adult content rules are being flouted

Note the rating "mature" and not "adult." Note the sex pose balls. There's dozens of them.

While mainland parcels can be AR'd and are removing pose balls, private sims, rating is whatever the owner wants it to be. For businesses concerned about employees seeing adult content... all they have to do is search for "free sex" and a great deal of it will turn up.

This is right now just a scam to get the adult content owners to pony up for a private sim, no more, no less. LL is not at all enforcing adult ratings, and a cursory glance through search makes that clear.

Sample dialog:

[20:53] jbb Aeon: hello
[20:53] jbb Aeon: how are you?:)
[20:54] jbb Aeon: are u busy?:)
[20:55] jbb Aeon: sorry,np,bye
[20:56] jbb Aeon: come andsuck pls

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