Sunday, November 18, 2007

I, We, Thee, Us

I take a finger and twirl my hair
and feel the pulling on my skin,
it is a welling from within,
a wish for your fingers to run through my locks,
and caress away the wounds of life unfair,
dreams broken on the days hard rocks.

I take my hands and make a braid
while I fume at was left unsaid.
It makes my features more severe
and hides that gnawing inner fear.
It presents a face to open air,
that I wish you could boldly kiss,
but you are not there.

It is your eyes gazing on me that I miss,
your absence makes my world remiss.

I take the scissors and cut away,
the straight strands that I bound today,
and expose my neck to other eyes.
Inviting those forward looking spies,
to invade this surface that you once mapped.

I wash my head of all my sin,
I know as we argued my ear was of tin.
I did not hear your cries of need,
to save hearts that now alone bleed,
and in our cages of sullen pride are trapped.

I walk into the teaming crowd,
wishing I could swoon for you aloud,
rather then repent and let you go.

I pray to angels who cannot be,
to take the and I back into we.
I pray to imagined gods up above,
that I without you can find my place in love.

[And two others on raise the red lantern:
Whoregasm and The Dance of Three.. It isn't that I am feeling bad about men right now, in fact two of these poems were started some time ago, it has just been a day for getting things finished....]

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  1. Hi Buddy!

    I really enjoyed "whoregasm" the best but I really enjoyed the others as well. One of the things I enjoy about escorting is knowing that my clients get the gift of true companionship and my full attention when they are with me. Since there are fees involved, 'gift of' may not be exactly true though.

    I would imagine most of my clients are either or curious, but mostly lonely. I enjoy knowing that my clients go away feeling better about themselves.