Thursday, November 15, 2007

A love letter to Veryon

Veryon looks at her relationships.

I love you Veryon. Not in a romantic way. We will never be lovers or partners or what ever the word that is placed on such unions. But I am filled with longing of you none the less. You are one of the few people on SL that I wish I could be more like, who makes me feel plain and without style when you wander by. When I have to exaplain what the world rezzilicious means, I just send them to your blog. You, dear, get it, and do so with a natural soul that can't be imitated or taught.

I know what it is to be romantically alone, and to look out across the world and wonder if there is anyone who appreciates, who understands. And perhaps to know that at this moment, there isn't and perhaps that it feels like there never can be.

But that's a passing moment, as daylight passes into dark, and low ebb tide passes into to flood. The stars like you will ever shine, to rise, to set, but perpetually returning to shimmer in heavens deep.



  1. While scrolling through my database looking for the next song to play during my set last night at Clockwork, I thought I saw angel wings hovering in the upper right of the screen.

    Could it be? Yes! It was Veyron! I was so proud that another Slelebrity came to check us out. I quickly found a tune (I forget which one), so I could see what she looked like now.

    What a Vision! Veyron was almost blinding white and glowing..she helped me tweak my graphics so I could zoom in :)

    Of course she gave us quite a show with her dance "moves". She must have a chiropractor on retainer. Then she disappeared. It was quite a rush to see (and dance with) such a unique and beautiful avatar close up.

    Now if only you can make it to Clockwork on Wednesday Lillie, you'd make this little DJ very happy. Thanks!!

  2. Oh, Lille, you are too sweet. ::blush::

    Words really escape me.

    I do want to reciprocate in saying that you are in my short list of the most interesting people I've meet in Second Life. You too are a real example of someone I admire for a set of firm convictions, style, and social skills.

    ::kiss kiss::