Saturday, November 10, 2007

Uthango fundraiser

A bike-a-thon - in second life.


We would like to request your help with [e]bizikile, the first fundraising event of UTHANGO in Second Life, in association with Charitable Hearts.

UTHANGO needs Individuals, organisations, companies, clubs or merchants that is willing to place a vendor at their premises. We plan to sell our unique African bikes to raise awareness and funds for a real-life project. We also want to emphasize the importance of bicycles in African cities and rural towns.


The [e]bizikile fundraising drive starts 15 November, continuing over the upcoming festive Season. The unique wearable, low-prim BICYCLE in four versions is only L$250 each - close to $1. These beautiful bicycles were made exclusively for us by Shukran Fahid of !BooPeRFunK! and will be the only ones that can be used next year in a grid-wide bike-a-thon that we will be organizing.

All vendors will be formally recognised at the Uthango office with a LM to your location.


Uthango Social Investments is a registered South African charity working directly with more than 12400 people living in poverty.
It is also the first African-based company and NGO officially in SL, where it will launch VIRTUAL AFRICA in 2008.

Funds from the [e]bizikile fundraising event will go to one of our real life projects that require resources; an OPPORTUNITY CENTRE based in an impoverished Cape Town community, for unemployed job seekers.

Auditors: Wilder Lockitch
SL separate bookkeeping recording via WilberForce Rau


Any SecondLifer has the opportunity to support us:

(1) by being a vendor;
(2) by spreading this notecard to friends or post it in a group;
(2) by buying one of these virtual Uthango Charitable Bikes or;
(3) by sending donations online via secure payment at our webpage:

Please get involved by joining the [e]bizikile group directly and you will stay in the know. Alternatively, IM Alanagh Recreant.

Thank you!

~Enakai Ultsch~
Erna Sittig, Executive Director
Uthango Social Investments

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  1. Thank you very much for advertising the [e]bizikile event to your readers! It is much appreciated!