Thursday, November 15, 2007

Lillie's notes on the Mean Girl's guide to escorting

If you say so....

Mistake one... this isn't escorting, it is whoring. Amsterdam is where girls who have a whore fantasy go, so you are not competing with escorts, but with amateurs, and girls so desperate for a few linden to get the basics of getting back in the trade after either a bad run or having to switch alts, that they will "do anything with anyone for any amount of money."

First rule Escorts only go to Amsterdam to rescue newbie girls and amke sure none of their friends are that hard up. Ok maybe we go there to laugh at the newbie jerks. That can be fun.

Now on to the next mistake:

Excitable John: you're a hot little bitch!
Kitty Lalonde: Why thank you!
Excitable John: need to get raped?
Kitty Lalonde: Hehe, I'm still rezzing at the minute, ask me a bit later
Excitable John: ok

Can we talk here about customers One whole category of client are people whose tastes are extreme. They come in two flavors. Those who want to find an rl partner for extreme, and they go to cheap and free places, because they aren't looking for an escort, but an rl woman who has real need to be severely abused. If this is not you, then what are you doing there? The other kind wants to sublimate or fantasize about these desires, and is willing to pay for someone who will play them out.

This means that when someone who wants to do something extreme is a potential customer, and the question is are you willing to do what they want, at a price they are willing pay. So the escorts's strategy is to both up the price and find out what they want.

"How badly do you want to rape me?"

Remember, if he thinks you are an rl pump and dump, then he is not going to pay you anything. OK, maybe the price of a postage stamp.

This will elicit a response which will both make him hornier, and tell you more about what he wants to do.

Mistake three, and the last one:

Kitty darling you are way to hot for what you were trying! No one looks as good as you do, on the rates you were charging. This means that the kind of male that has the money to buy your time figures that... well you aren't doing this because escorting is your usual gig. That means, to him, you just might be a girl with a slut whore fantasy, and if he just holds out, you might give into the heat he imagines is burning between your loins.

For someone as intelligent, as attractive and as desirable as you kitty, the thing to realize is that the man is not paying for you to have sex with him. He's paying for you not to have sex with someone else. The men who pay the best, and most consistently, are the ones who see you as a vision of loveliness, and can't bare the thought of newbie paws all over you, grunting out things like

"Fell you so good. Split you so open. Feel it cunt. Feel it."

Squirt Dick. Squirt!

And the sign off line:

"Anyone want to pay me for sex? My prices start at 5k an hour?"

For vox, that is not out of line. For cam... that is what you would get for :15. For cyber? I've made more... But if you want it, you have to work it.


  1. Hello!

    I was only charging 5k cos I thought that the going rate for a bona fide SLebrity should be a little higher. However since then I've decided to leave the escorting to the experts and instead merely stalk the rich and famous until they get so sick of me they pay me to leave them alone!

    But thank you for your advice!

  2. "Stalk rich and famous..."

    People pay me not to practice guitar...

  3. I bet they'd also pay you to do something filthy and deviant with the strings though *winks*

  4. ummmmmm

    Yes I have that in inventory...

  5. Kitty,
    I don't think you've been with Mean Girls long enough to get the USUAL "Mean Girls Mark-up." I'm sure they gave you a notecard when you joined that blog. :-)

    For now, until you do a little bit more writing there, I believe you are only able to charge an extra 10-20%.

    Oh, and congratulations on joining the Mean Girls blog. It's one of my favorites!