Thursday, November 8, 2007

Monday Deadline!

MTV's Real World could have an episode about Second Life... but only if we hurry. Here is in world producer Ben Rosen has given out the following casting call:

"I Live Another Life on the Web"

Do you sometimes feel as if you're living a double life? Are you pretending to be someone you're not? Do you have one identity in your everyday life, but a different one when you're alone and on-line? Does your virtual avatar make you feel confident behind your computer screen? Are you famous online but feel like you're invisible in real life?

Do you have trouble approaching someone for a date in person, but when you're behind the comfort of your computer, do the words just flow? Would you be afraid to be yourself if you were ever to come face-to-face with your online friends or companions? Do you get so caught up in the person you pretend to be on the web that you maintain that persona in person?

If you appear to be between the ages of 16 and 28, and live another life on the web, email us at: with your story.

Please be sure to include your name, location, phone number and a photo, if possible.


  1. He is obviously in search for somebody who will be a good material for a story about a loser who compensate RL in second life. Which just tells us about the MTV.

    Sorry, but though I might like reality shows, I feel fine in all my avatars including the one made of meat and bones. Beside that, me-human and me-avatar don't show up together.

  2. Or not, I think that what Ben is looking for is someone who is very very different in the two worlds, and is willing to be open about that.

    We all make our choices about how we use our different avatars, and the public should get a chance to see some of them. Personally I hope he finds someone who is doing well, but very differently, in SL versus RL and can show that.

  3. Personally, I hope he finds some who does well in both lives. Stories about RL cinderellas who become virtual princesses are so passe.

  4. If I still played I'd probably be a perfect subject, however, since I no longer even have an avatar I don't think he'd have much use for me.

  5. No Z You'd be perfect! Drop him a line! You have a great story,and you tell it well!

    yes yes yes yes yes!