Friday, December 21, 2007

The Naughty Nine

I am in a quiz mode today I guess. A friend admitted she wanted to have sl sex with me, and I thought, don't we all have our list? So why not put in a bit of order....

Name the avatar that you would most like to have sl sex with for.....

1. Their av.

2. Their mind.

3. Their poetic/mystical/creative spirit.

4. Their social success/success in sl.

5. Their libido, that is the thing they seem to want to do from how they talk and act.

6. Want to go against type for you. That is, if they are normally a top, you would want them to be your bottom, if they are straight and your same sl gender...

7. You would go against type for.

8. You would most want to do a nothing-but-sex week with, who you are not currently having sl sex with.

9. Threesome, which two. They don't have to be from the above list, but can be.

The tenth question:

"The forbidden," the one that, you'd like to publicly confess to, but the consequences would be toooooo awful. Examples would be your best friend's partner, a professional contact, someone you know rl who is here... Someone who you want, but have never been able to confess it too. Don't post... Just answer with whether they are online right at the moment that you post your answer.

Here is mine:

1. Dirk Talamasca
2. Jason Stardust or Vint Falken, depends on the day.
3. Voodoo Buwan
4. Hamlet Au.
5. TJj69 Benelli
6. Gwyneth Llewelyn. Sooo many ways: doesn't do sl sex, rl partnered, presents as straight.
7. Brandy Xeno.
8. (my forbidden, no question about it.)
9. Vint and TJ. Maybe Jason and TJ.
10. Yes.

And let's see, I am going to tag.......

Kitty, Veryon,Queen of Spain (our fingers are crossed...),Elusyve and Vint.

Veryon tagged Tiessa...
Vint tagged Evans, who talks about this isn't the way he likes to drive.

Soph gives us some hot hot hot answers...


  1. It seems I am in the starting point of a lot of memes lately; first dandellion and now you. But "Wanted to have sex with me"! That sounds so rough! I said you where one of the six persons I whould like to make love with, what it isn't the same. For a starter, you can easily have sex only once, but making love is a more complex thing and needs more dedication :-p.

    I have to admit that I've followed your meme with some interest, since there had been some results already and it is surely going to tag a lot of interesting people on the metaverse; but after giving it some thinking I notice I could only choose targets for your second question, even if I admit the first and third ones whould influenciate it. I don't know if it makes me very choosy or very simple *grins*.

    Ah, and if anybody is wondering, I didn't told who they where to all members of my six list; there is still hope for you (yes, a silly phrase, but I needed to feel sexy since NOBODY choosed me as a target in the first five follow ups I readed of this meme! *fakes a pout and winks*).

  2. /me smiles.

    Ummm actually... well like a lot of things it is complicated. But no, it wasn't our conversation that got this one started in my mind.

    It was a conversation which was a bit... hmmmm.. more direct.

  3. *laughs* If I weren't as self-centered as I am, I whould feel ashamed :-p.

  4. If you are sticking your tongue out that much London love, then you and Nat need to spend some quality time...

  5. Yes, it is a silly custom, isn't it? But I seem to have grown fond of it :-p.

    And about quality time, the problem is it needs privacy and to be consecutive, while posting a comment only need some spare minutes.

    Anyway, I just started my Christmas holidays yesterday, so don't worry too much about us, we will manage. Opps, sorry, I meaned "we will manage .-p."

    I gived some more thought about your meme and got some ideas about what and why I like some people; ideas that, of course, I'll keep for my own blog *sticks her tongue out once more time*.

  6. /me plants her lips around London's tongue and kisses her, suckling on the tongue in a hot girl kiss.

    If you are going to leave it hanging out like that....


  7. /me enjoyies the unexpected and somewhat strange kiss, accepting it as a sweet, early Christmas gift that leaved a tingling afterthough in her mouth.

    But being who I am, cannot resist the temptation to be precise... *giggles* I never leave my tongue hanging! Its tip blinks for a second at the left side of my mouth, trying to emote a combination of mischief and not taking myself too seriously; in fact, I don't even stick my tongue out at RL, but have a caracteristicaly twisted half-smile.

    Said that, I am very happy I let my tongue hang around today as much as I did *smiles warmly and hugs you*. Good night, Lillie.

  8. Mmmh should I be flattered or scared by your choice, dear Lillie?

  9. *purrs*

    Like all good kitty cats I can keep my claws off the good furniture...

  10. Why Ms. Yifu, I never knew you cared! ;)

    Great idea for a meme, and I am flattered and honoured to be on your list.

    and very glad you didn't tag me!

  11. OMG. Just NOW seeing this in my links-why on earth did it take so LONG! Curse you wordpress!

    Wow. Hard ones...giggle.

    THINKING...not to mention I need to get my butt in game more to remember more avs....hrm.....