Wednesday, December 19, 2007

To the people I miss

To Ten, who I hope will realize that her star has reached its bottom and is rising again.

To Bruthea. Words were said, but you may come back into my life as a friend on any day you choose.

To Lindarossa. My SL sister I miss our haunting the dustier corners of sl together.

To Killian, who is much too fine a man to be wasting his time or his words.

To Mystic. The nicest boss I have had on sl.

To the Sexcino wenches. Miss you all and every one.

To Serge. Who I don't entirely miss because I know he is going to be happier irl.

To Jaime. Who told me never to count on her. But I count on her being back some day.

To Veryon. Who is just never around when I am.

To others, for other reasons I dare not say.

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