Friday, December 21, 2007

Raise the Group Limit

It has reached that point that political people call "capsize" or the "tipping point." It is that place where something which has been an issue for a long time suddenly is everywhere. What is it? The need for announcement groups: groups that don't have land or accounting but are ways of spreading notices and group chat. 25 Groups has long been too few. Many of us are up to 25 all the time. One major thing driving this is the part work nature of SL. Many of us work for three or four clients. That means belonging to between 1 and 3 groups per client. Many of us freelance at four clubs. That means belonging to a group a club. Many of us have land owning groups where several people gather to pay island fees or tier. Another two groups. Add it up and 15 of an avatars 25 groups are taken up with administrivia. Leaving only 10 for groups that are for networking and interests. Throw in the must belong to professional gorups, and many of us have... two or three slots to play with.

There are petitions, and there is Veryon's campaign to push a JIRA. There are a couple of different jira's already in fact.

This is one of those things which is directly affecting (note impact is not a verb) our ability to funciton. Communication is really broken here, and the 25 group limit is making it really brokener. I know people who are creating alt free accounts just to fill up on extra groups for announcments. So it isn't as if the 25 group limit is really saving anything at this point.

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