Wednesday, July 9, 2008

It is time to start writing again

Many people are better writers than I will ever be, and many can write more than I choose to, or really can. It's also true, though, that those two things don't go together in many cases. There are a number of people who are read a great deal just because they have a stream of things to say, and people get addicted to that, even if they are not said well, or thought out clearly, or even worth while. I think the word from the 1990's, which are rapidly becoming like the 1980's were once, that once upon a time where things were different, was "filler."

There's a time for everything, and as people can guess, I needed a month away from the grind of writing about SL, and the things in it. During that time there have been several tempests in several teapots. During that time crashes have increased and bugs have crept in. During that time also, I went from being an escort on sl, to being a landlady. I've found out that they are basically the same job. You have something people want into, and the challenge is getting them to pay enough. People want into safe, warm, holes. I'm just selling different holes.

That means that there are wonders in what people make on the sims we rent. There is also a great deal of drama. It means that people expect certain things to go certain ways. Some try and abuse that.

But there are new stories for me to tell, my old life was about sex in the very direct way, and this is about the sexuality of creation in a new way. That new way is teaching me new things about people, it makes me worry, it causes trouble. It also has its own excitements and joys.

This is someone else's world, I know I am just passing through it, but Yedo is my house. As I have said since my first day here, this is a place where pain and pleasure become one. Welcome to this house.


  1. This is wonderful news... As always, I look forward to your posts.

  2. Always an inspiration.