Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Learning lessons

I am learning about the sim business. It is hard sometimes to know who is late on rent because of legitimate problems, and who is a bad person. Nicki Jie is my latest lesson. She was late the first time on rent, and then late again, and did not answer IMs. So we had her leave. Now she tells me she is renting sims at 24K per month. Now since it costs 250 USD to make a sim, 175 for fees. and 21K just to pay the rent, that means that the person renting is going to pay back a sim in ... almost 18 months. I don't believe it.

I asked her to go in peace, she demanded damages for being late, and then called me all sorts of names. This, for asking her to leave when she was late, twice, on rent, and asking her to go in peace.

I don't understand some things. LL charges for sims pretty regularly. Sometimes their billing program is slow.

Nicki has a shop, I won't shop there. Nicki is not an honest person, but in fact a vindictive dishonest person. If the new landlord/lady is willing to rent for almost nothing to her, then that is not something than I can control. I was not going to say anything, but well, someone insults you in a stream for over an hour, and then mutes, and it is a sign of an individual who is nasty and dishonest.

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