Monday, July 14, 2008

Light what is light

Light what is light, what light that comes?
What light, what lightness carries my feet in your name?
How many feet is this measure, from here to a dawn so far away?
What light? Feather light, night light, a new light?

Aid and comfort.

Every little thing, calls out
for your aid, every little thing comes calling.
Each detail I see.
For you.
Aid and comfort.

Every distance detail grows clear even as it fades,
childhoods remade.
Distance growing, images on screens once glowing.

What light, what is light?

Every memory displaced, sheets of newspaper replaced.
Every object in place, but only in the closets of a forgotten
of a time forgotten.

Oh where are you?
Darkness closed your eyes.
Calling for your aid comfort.

Sleep not memory, and I was once your muse.

Love, what love is love, what is love?
Now that you deaf to my tears,
and blind to my cries?

Love which light burned so fierce

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