Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New Policy at Yedo.

We do not rent to people who have banlink records. We've had several negative experiences with people who have banlink records, including Colin Nemeth and Bal Lubitsch. Other landlords should definitely apply for banlink, trust widely, and use it as a check as to whether someone is a problem, it is a very reliable indicator.

Also, if you do subscribe, donate. It's a great service and has proven itself time after time.


  1. Banlist! Unbelievable. You people really are second life elitists. YEDO will not get revenue to manage from people who are on a centralized banlist. I wonder if I am on the banlist. I hope I am because I want to mix with the misfits and the disenfranchised; I feel much better in the company of others like me.

  2. You mean people who commit rl fraud and have to be taken to court, people who try and crash sims, engage in sexual harassment and libel?

    Well, if those are your friends, you are welcome to them.

  3. I will also point out that Elwood dishonestly did not disclose his own mainland land business, which is a financial interest.

    St. Elwood of the scammers doesn't seem to maintain a very high regard for basic integrity.