Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Age of Rembrandt

There is a light and a darkness to the Dutch golden age. It both attracts me and repels me. On one hand, no age has a view of the human body less congenial to my own than this period. It is a suffocating cloistered time, filled with bustle and fabric. People are houses to be draped.

On the other hand, no other age has given my memory so many faces. If it is the human face that presents art in it is most intimate, I have been so often gripped by overwhelmingly private ecstasy faces with Rembrandt, always smiling behind the canvas, and his subjects. They eyes, in particular, shine out in the dark.

If you set foot in a museum only once this year. Then this is the exhibit is the one to visit.

The Age of Rembrandt, filled with vast human tension beneath a serene dark light that glows shadows. The painting by the way is be de Witte, it is "The Inside of the Old Church at Delft."

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