Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Disneyfication of the Web

If you check out Dolcett on Wikipedia, you find a blank page. Now I find his work intensely juvenile, offensive and in every respect unworthy of artistic attention, but there is no denying tha the is "notable" within the range of being pbulished and haveing a fan base. One can do a search for Dolcett on Second Life and get several sites. No Limits borthen even has a sword ctting off a breast, from two different angles, just so there is no mistaking what it is willing to allow. Manu's rooms has a Dolcett Snuff room.

Clearly this is a word, and people know what it means.

Dolcett's infantile hostility is not alone in this society: mainstream movies like the Saw and Hostel series feature dismemberment. As does the real world. The deletion log from wikipedia breaks their own rules about notability. The German wikipedia, for example, has not purged this information.

I believe that this kind of infomration should be available, if for no other reason than to warn people about what lurks in the human heart.

References in the past on second life include a story in the Second Life Herald, a reference on the now closed Second Citizen Forums, and Second Life Slut's post from August 2nd of this year.


  1. As Martha Stewart might put it --

    "Taboos. They're a GOOD thing.

  2. You could have participated in the deletion debate. It is not very useful to comment after the fact.

  3. I'm not part of your community, and I have heard enough horror stories about wikistalking and other dangerous behavior from wikipedia to know better than to participate.