Thursday, September 6, 2007

I'm so xcited.

Pixel wants to know about xcite.

As a happy xcite user, let me say that the auto cybering is the least of the reasons to have it.

The core of xcite, is the HUD. I know I have written this before, very early on in my blogging about Second Life and Sex, but let me go farther.

Xcite parts provide animations, and you can purchase sounds, the provide visuals, in the form of particles to show orgasm. These additional bits add on top of the use of the HUD as a form of communication. For sex acts, the flow of script cyber helps break up and punctuate your own typing.

So let me talk about the thing that moves me when I know it. Instead of my partner doing one handed typing, he or she is exploring my body, and my body responds. They communicate their actions, in animation, mouse click and cyber. The ability to juggle these things is... hmmm... like a man who can kiss, caress, penetrate and look into my eyes all at once rl. It says he is in control of all of his parts, and able to use his whole body and mind to make sensastion flow to me.

The very "onemorethingtodo" nature of xcite is part of what helps me imagine what the other person is like irl. You don't need xcite to sl-sex well, but once you do, the use of it as a way of drawing someone in becomes a lure, a proof of mastery.

Because while someone can be good at sl sex and not use xcite well, almost everyone who is bad at sl sex, uses xcite badly. Either as a push button trigger substitute for their own imagination

Or just not at all.

Or they will show desires y xcite that they cannot, yet, bear to type. There is a certain man who has his hands on Lady Lillie's Hips (I renamed the HUD, "Lady Lillie's Dirty Mind") and is fingering it as fast as possible. I know what he needs. The same is true with every other part, people can't keep their hands off of what they want. And in the realm of desire, that is communication.

For those who are good at using xcite, at playing my body, feeling, that imagine dfeeling, of hands roaming over my body, as his or her fingers are softly petting the mouse and probing my virtual body. Yes, that inspires the imagination, the physical imagination, which is so key to that elevated experience on sl.

Just closer your eyes right now, and imagine the spirals and traces of a lover's finger tips, tracing ornate patterns, moving form here to there, choosing options, pressing, sliding, teasing.

And imagine that as he is sliding that mouse gently, that he or she is really wishing for his or her touch on your skin, as much as you wish for his or her touch to be upon you.


  1. A beautiful post, as always from you. But I just recently gathered up courage to start commenting :)

    In theory I agree. And I do use the Override trick quite often, and I love it. And sometimes, with a right partner, and a right setting, I will intersperse my emotes with a carefully placed Xcite!ing (c)lick.

    But most often, in practice, the menu-communication bit does not work for me. An overwhelming majority of my Xcite!-friendly lovers just go to town on a click-fest. Boooring! (Well, scratch "lovers", those go right into the "one-night-stands" box.) Besides, not many people have a matching set, so "Them" does not really do all that much.

    Just yesterday, I picked up someone in a less-than-reputable place (I was in a mood for being used, serves me right), and when we got to a place with a bed, he jumped on it right into a humping pose, and his first "romantic" words to me were "click on my cock". How about a cuddle? or a teasing remark? Or even - how about making sure the place you picked actually allows scripts? :D

    In contrast, one of my so-far favourite lovers has made sweet love to me while we were both sitting, primly, without any animations except our respective AOs, on a couch, in emotes a paragraph long, for two or three hours, whereupon I had to go to sleep, mid-session. I like a bit of visual spice, but with that one, the comparison of a picture to a thousand words simply breaks down.

    With bad lovers, it's just bad. With good lovers, I don't need the Xcite!ing whispers - I know exactly what is happening.

  2. Oh, just to be clear - I am only contradicting as a student at master's feet, eager to learn from my betters. For I'm sure that my "in practice" is much less than yours. :)

    And you did say "almost everyone who is bad at sl sex, uses xcite badly", so I'm not even contradicting, really - but I am curious, how many of them with "the ability to juggle these things" have you met? Since by your descriptions, your clientele is hardly less... shall we say, colourful...

  3. Hi Lillie,
    I don't can't log in to SL and tell you, so here is the 3rd choice of contact.

    ( I don't have your email )
    Regina Lynn has a book coming out soon, and is looking for content.

    Possibly you might be able to contribute something?

  4. Yes the button clickers can be incredibly frustrating and not only with Xcite. I can't stress how much I love it when I've carefully worded exactly what I'm doing with my partner, and the feelings that go with it, only to find that I am two positions behind when I press return.

    Literally armed to the teeth here with Xcite bits, but I tend to leave them muted or numbed unless a partner takes a major interest in them. They can be a delight with a familiar partner: playing with the animations and chatter can add some laughter to it all, making a nice proxy for those embarrassing and unintended sounds etc. that happen in the real world.

    Other times (not often enough) the automatic parts can mirror the way we mix involuntary and voluntary responses in the real world. It can be distracting or fit in perfectly. But again, it takes some familiarity with the partner to make this work, or to know that the toys should be put away.

  5. Cybering was enough for many of us for a long time, and it is no surprise that cybering, alone, is still enough, even with the toys and gadgets. For me, if the text isn't good, then, still, it wasn't good for me.

  6. I have to agree with Ringo here.

    I've always found Xcite - and the use of it - to be terribly lacking in imagination. Xcite responses, however randomized, are pre-worded and offer little true flexibility. For people like me, nothing can kill the erotic tension, the frisson of expectation, brought about by a delicate and skilled interplay of words faster than seeing a line of canned green text spit out by your partner's cock.

    I suppose it's useful for people who're just beginning to plumb the possibilities of sexual roleplay. But a good lover, or connoisseur of sexual interaction in SL should be able to evoke these images and sensations without having to resort to such devices. Poseballs are preferred, but not an absolute necessity. Xcite? Only if you can't word a better response, and one that's formulated by your sexiest organ.

  7. Lillie,

    Thank you so much for your comments and explanations about the XCite products! I've had very limited experience and information about the products myself so being able to read such amazing input and personal experiences from you and everyone that has commented has been amazingly insightful. Thank you so much for helping me to understand how these products really can enhance a sexual experience! This is why it pays to have experts around! :)