Thursday, September 6, 2007

Rip Off Alert

I buy things from Kinky-O. I had a request for the Yuki brainless sex doll package, and so purchased it. It is nowhere close to worth what they are charging. It has a freebie quality shape, a freebie quality AO, with static poses that are common freebie poses, and a skin which simply does not make it. The picture implies a facial gesture it does not have, and the hair in the picture is also not there.

So I will say it: Kiny-O Yuki package, at 788L is about 100L worth of goods. Terrible. Dog. Rip-off. Enough to make me never ever ever ever want to buy anything from them again, simply because it is an expensive dog, and I now simply cannot trust their quality control.

BTW the note cards were unreadable too.

Put this under "800L Freebie rip off from Kinky-O."

There, google is now going to find it. Since we live in a second life where returns are almost unheard of, the only thing a very dissatisfied customer can do, is be like me and say "never shop from them unless you've seen the good, because their signs lie and they might well be ripping you off."

Uggh. And people wonder why SL has flattened out in growth. There's Caveat Emptor, and there is Second Life.


  1. Speaking about rip-offs.... Couple of days ago I was roaming the various shops on the mainland.... One of them, mainly sex-rugs had an interesting offer... you know the hot-tub, the freebie one, square, three half-sphere buttons red, yellow and blue one... all of us had that..... the guy changed a texture of the tub (only of the tub, not even buttons), and new texture is ugly btw... and selling it for 500L$!

  2. You're not wrong about Kinky-O. Got their supposedly great spanking stand, which was a block of wood and two terribly positioned poseballs with a script to awkwardly commence one stroke, during which the spankers shoulders disappear into the neck, and the hand ends up somewhere out in space. I think it was 400L.

  3. Hello Lillie Yifu;

    LOL! yes, I did a Google for "Kinky-O!", found your blog, 4th hit, and am delighted that I am not the only one who has had a bad experience with this 'Innovative' SL company!

    I have bought a *number* of items from them—harnesses, toys, and a scripted collar. One of the harnesses is, in my opinion, of very poor design; it is ill-fitting and textures/detail sub-standard for the price I paid—L$295—in comparison with other similar products from other companies.

    While the collar is a lovely design its Help Instructions Notecard is very non-intuitive and confusing for someone who has never used a scripted, command driven object before. Upon inquiry to owner of this company for further clarification on how-to, their 'tone' was the assumption that I had not read the Notecard; they just kept repeating what was contained in the Notecard which I and my partner had already read umpteen times.

    So, bottom line is I will not be frequenting their store any more, will not buy anything from them ever again, and will certainly pass on this information to others who are considering shopping there. Their product on average is mediocre and their Customer Service extremely lacking. Thank you for letting me vent! :)