Sunday, September 30, 2007


We have seen this a dozen times, a big build, a mall, and lots of camping in the hopes of getting attention and cracking into the stable of long running clubs. The latest challenger: Lucifer's.

The build itself is extravagant with the now de reiguer overload of sculpties, the color scheme is red and black. The mall is already filling up, and as is common, they charge a great deal for ads. I can't say whether they will be effective, I've rented one, and will report back on responses.

What is missing are dancers. I've been there several times now, and there has never been a single dancer, just campers and freelancers.

This contrasts with the Galaxy which is taking the other approach of events and social providing first , and mall second. Historically speaking, getting revenue first is more important. People often pay for bad pixels before they pay for good dancing and escorting. The content at the Lucifer shops is slightly better than run of the mill, with "Intimacy" having some tight clothes with lots of skin, which generally goes over well.

Any good? Impossible to say yet. But generally places that have all camping and no girls or boys, stay all camping and no girls or boys.

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