Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Why Xcite!

OK. There are lots of topics I could start with. Really, this is big. But since no one is reading my blog yet, why start with something really fab, and have it ignored? So I am going to write something for the other working girls who are already reading this. I'm going to write about why Xcite.

Xcite is located here. It is one of the big sex toys places on sl, and when you start getting good at sl sex, you will be introduced to it. There are better looking pieces of equipment, many men go in for sculpted cocks and other accoutrements. I have visual sets for me.

But that isn't why Xcite.

Xcite really is about the HUD. This is what makes it the indespensible sex attachment system on second life.

The wud? The HUD.

Heads Up Display. And in more than one meaning of the term.

The xcite HUD is what ties the bits together, because it is another channel of communication. That channel means that the flow of text between two people slybering (yes my word, because this is my world) can be clear for roleplay, and not for clogging on responses.

Here is what I mean. Wear the HUD. Target "Them". Now you can see their level of arousal. Big deal? Well yes, because you want things in sl to come together, to make all the inputs reinforce each other. Now click "override". You can set your level. That means if you are into something, you can up the level, or if not, lower it.

Now for the next escort trick. Lower the pace of your arousal to lowest. Now you are in complete control of how much you get aroused and when everything happens. Of course setting it way up is great for putting on a show, but low and over ride means you have a channel of communication.

And sex on SL, is all about:


That's why Xcite. I'll talk other times about how to get the most out of xcite, and post my favorite xcite hypnotizer scripts and things like that. But for now, if you have xcite, and don't have the HUD, get it. If you have the HUD, use it.

Use it well dears, it's one of the most useful toys we've got.

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