Thursday, May 17, 2007

Later, but Soon: Playdopes Anonymous

Are you in the skin you were spat out in? Spawned, born, whatever?

Then you look like hell. And these days there is no reason for it. There is enough free stuff out there to look good in one whirlwind shopping expendition. Of course putting it together takes some work, but that is what will make you, well, you.

I'm going to post this later today. In fact, they should hand you something like this when you get spat out, basically saying - "do this, and you will look good and have mastered basic second life skills."

So be prepared to join Playdopes Anonymous.

(Playdo= loudly coloured child's molding clay. Playdope is a term for clueless newbies, because if you had a clue, you wouldn't look like one.)

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