Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A Man, A Plan, A Canal: Panama

Well Hamlet shows why he's the professional, and I am just the amateur. It is flattering to be written about so nicely by someone whose craft of writing is so good: his post is so concise at jextaposing and balancing the different viewpoints.

He calls sex an isthmus that joins two economies: fashion and land. But it is also a canal between two oceans: real life, and second life. Sex is often what brings people into this world, but not just the sex act, the sex culture. A woman can't rl, wander around in slave silks. Just isn't done outside of special occasions. Here she can, and even have a little title over her head that says "Master's fine purebred slut." A man can't go bare chested in rl, can't carry a bullwhip or spank said fine purebred slut. In sl he can.

The culture of sexuality is the large sea which one enters into after the narrow canal of the act of sex itself is passed through, and from there, into the larger ocean of making clothes, land speculation and so on. I know this has been posted before, but I will do so again:

Hi! :-)

My name is Anshe Chung. I am a female escort in SecondLife. If you explored other virtual worlds you might know me from AC1, SB or SWG. Yes, it is me *giggles* :-)


If you are nice and generous to me like a real gentleman or lady I can be your private entertainer. I will be delighted to make you happy in many ways performing for you, providing you company during your travels or a tender massage in your home :-)

Since my timezone is PST+9 you can usually find me between 10 am PST and 3 pm PST or very late on saturday nights.

Some services I provide:

(PG rated - 500$/h)
o Escort/Travel
o Massage
o Conversation
o Playing games
o Introduction to Chinese language and culture
o Introduction to AV positioning
o Photo shooting

(M rated - you must be adult - starting at 1000$/h)
o Exotic Massage
o Love
o Cyberian Angel
o Black Mistress
o Ghost Control

Or just tell me what you like to do :-)


It is fine if you are human man or woman, both is nice. If you are alien or animal I can only provide company but not intimate service. I also speak Chinese, German and some French if you feel more comfortable in one of those languages or if you like to practise your foreign language skills :-)

I do not do RL meetings or any other service outside the SL world. Also please no snapshots while we are intimate. Sorry. This is an iron rule. However I have no problem to use third party age or gender verification services if that matters to you :-)


I am a material girl with a money fetish - this means I get very kinky if you give me a nice gift. I don't know why. It kinda happens. Just a reaction of my body getting very hot. Maybe because I feel you show me special appreciation. So many boys want to make love and have nice words, but not so many boys really give up something they cherrish. This is why I ask for a little tip when you meet me :-)


Anshe Chung

And out on to the greater sea indeed. I don't know what Anshe came here looking for, though her passing through so many says that she was probably looking for one where money could be made, the card itself tells what she passed through, and the rest is now history, or at least news.

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  1. It's "known" that the sex industry is one way an avatar can acquire capital to start a business.

    Heck I've been tempted myself to do something of the sort to bankroll the shopping.